05Aug 2011

Introducing Three Bargain Ways To Find Super Affiliates During A Recession!

Introducing Three Bargain Ways To Find Super Affiliates During A Recession!

  (How To Uncover And Develop Super Affiliates Without Wasting Your Valuable Time Or Spending A Fortune To Do So!)

Have you ever noticed that one of the main traits of any super successful small business owner (whether) you are talking about on or offline, is that they always have several (what some) often  refer to as either Super Affiliates and or Super JV (Joint Venture) partners.

The following three incredibly simple ways will you strategically find super affiliates, even during a recession.

For ex: take a look any of the big time online marketers that consistently earn seven & eight figures annually. And what you will discover more times than not is they have a powerful (and successful) army of affiliates and or JV (Joint Venture) partners to promote and help launch their various products and services etc..

And also mixed in with those JV & affiliate partners are some extremely successful “Super Affiliates.” These are the oh so precious few (typically) they make up about two percent or less of the online marketers total gross number of  registered affiliates or JV partners, but they usually (more times) than not, account for a staggering 80% or more of the online marketers long term affiliate sales!

These men & women are the two percent that really (for whatever) reasons, just plain get after it. And they are consistently a top the leader board in sales, commissions and other positive marketing and promotional activities.


How To Strategically Position Your Business Long Term So Your Best Super Affiliates And JV Partners Can Find You…

One of the absolute best places for you to consistently find and start to develop your best long term affiliates and possibly later on Super Affiliates and JV partners, can be found right under your nose. Huh? Try this train of thought. Take the typical (struggling) cash starved small business owner and or service provider.

Here’s what (at least) 98% of them do when it comes to trying to find a new source of business. They will spend (more) like throw an absolute fortune at desperately trying to create new first time customers, when (instead) of  wasting all that money and paying retail for that new first time customer.

They should be applying a few simple proven low cost marketing strategies like (upsells and or add on sales) and simply increase the amount of money that their current customers and clients spend each time they purchase.

Basically for two reasons.

1.) First of all, it is a statistical fact that on average, whenever the typical small business owner pays retail for that first time customer,about 60-80% of the gross profit is eaten up by the cost to create the new customer!

( Not to mention the other little known fact that you’ll typically spend a whopping 500% more to create a new or first time customer.)

2.) The other thing is this, the moment that a customer purchases anything from you, by strategically offering them a  chance to purchase something else that’s relative to their main purchase (but) with some type of market tested discounted price (upsell) you dramatically increase your chances of  a certain percentage of them purchasing the discounted product or service.

And you therefore strategically lowered your cost and simultaneously increased your overall gross profits without adding one thin dime to your overhead. That’s how you strategically move ahead. Plus, every purchase that customer or client makes from now on, is 50-80% pure gross profit!

Super Affiliates Are Typically Staring You In The Face….

Now lets turn your attention to where and how to uncover the “Super Affiliates. Whenever you or one of your (soon to be) top JV partners uses Googles AdSense program.

For those of you not familiar with this program, Google allows site owners (that want ) to monetize the traffic to their sites,  to install some code on their site and (depending) on who your target audience is, Googles robot ( often referred) to as a spider will determine which type of advertisement to place on your site.

Thus the name for the program( Adsense), because based on your sites keywords and title tags etc, Google will determine which paid advertisers will best benefit from placing their links on your site.

The advertiser basically agrees to pay both you & Google on a (PPC) pay per click basis. Meaning they will pay you & Googgle a pre agreed to amount  every time a visitor clicks on their link.

Far Too Many Online Marketers Can’t See The Forrest For The Trees!

While there are certainly a ton of (both) free and paid information products about how to cash in using Adsense. For the most part (in the beginning) 99% of the people that attempt it, earn little to no steady income!

And of those that do go on to eventually earn any type of consistent income the learning curve is enormous. Which means (in the beginning) while your learning you will probably lose money.

But all is not lost! Try this train of thought on; if a business owner has taken the time to invest their hard earned dollars into a (PPC) pay per click Google Adsense marketing campaign.

They are signaling you that they are seroius about growing and creating new business! So why not contact them and discover what else they might have to offer and see if you two might be able to inexpensively cross promote each other!

Here are three simple ways you two might be able to inexpensively help each other long term:

1.) They may already have a highly targeted on or offline subscriber list, in which case you might agree to simply mail an offer of some kind to each others list and you can either agree to profit share or you each keep 100% of any generated profits.

2.) They may also be a member in good standing in some type of respected association and or group of some kind, what Superstar Social Media Marketing Queen “Katie Freiling” likes to refer as  “Tribes.” These tribes are worth a potential back end fortune to you if you bring value to the relationship first as opposed to simply trying to extract profits from it initially!

3.) And finally;  you can always during your conversations (and emails) with them, probe to try and discover what other products or services they may need and JV with others in order to help them solve their problems and they in turn will reward you by recommending and referring you to their inner circle of contacts!

Well there you have in a nutshell Ladies & Gents! A simple low cost high powered ( mega proven) way to both discover & develop long term Super Affiliates and JV partners, without spending a fortune to do so!

(Q. Can you think of at least three more simple ways to systematically increase your gross profits by at least 25% (or more) in the next 90 days or less,using high powered low cost mega proven joint ventures and or super affiliates?

Be sure you grab your powerul free 22 step small business marketing idea kit! It’s a $97 dollar value! And for the time being,it’s free!)

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04Aug 2011

Create powerful customer loyalty programs.

Customer loyalty programs create profitable repeat customers!

(And Strategically Grow Your Long Term Money Tree Like Crazy!)

Have you noticed just how incredibly powerful and lucrative back end marketing can be once you strategically execute your plan? Which means that you can and must systematically create profitable (long term) repeat custormers in order to avoid the gigantic pitfall of constantly paying the typical  retail price of 500% to create new or first time customers.

For ex; as some of you already know, those of you that joined the ultimate VIP inner circle list. My 160 page how to text  teaches step by step how the average person (that’s dedicated) can consistently find or create investment grade “owner financed” Real Estate notes -more affectionately referred to as “paper.”

And help these private holders of these notes (property owners) of some kind, convert all or part of them back into cash. The reason for mentioning this is, as some of you no doubt already know. Mega Best selling author “Robert Allen” has authored several best selling books (recently released) in paper back editions on the subject of Internet Marketing.

And as usual they effectively layout a plan for building (or creating) online multiple streams of Internet Marketing income. And as usual old Robert over delivers. But what you need to focus on in this particular post are three incredibly powerful ways that “Robert” (or you) might go about creating incredible long term passive back end income from just a few powerful upfront activities.

Take a look and and see if this not only makes sense to you, but equally important, how you might be able to apply the exact same concepts. If not now, but (most certainly) down the road.

( How A Self Made Multi Millionaire Author’s Yet Another Blockbuster Best Selling Book Even Though He Doesn’t Have Any Expertise In This Particular Subject!)

Did you catch that real life headline? You see” Bob” knows how to make money (and lots) of it for sure. After he truly began to see the incredible lucrative “goldmine” that Internet is and will continue to be for quite some time.

He set out to uncover the real step by secrets that actually make it tick, and sense he himself was no online expert. He simply did what any serious smart entrepreneur would do.

He leveraged the knowledge of those who did (and thus) in the process created yet another mega best selling book!

He turned to people like the late great Corey Rudl, who at the time along with his partner the great Derek Gehl ran the Internet Marketing Center together. Corey took Bob under his wing and shared many proven (and little known) online marketing secrets that Corey’s best customers readily paid upwards of $5K (and more) to learn!

But why you ask? Once again. Leverage! Huh?Think about it. Suppose Bob Allens people reached out to you and  said hey,” We hear that you are one of the country’s foremost experts in Short Sales (or subject X).

My new book which is due out early next year will be covering seven of the hottest long term money making trends coming in Real Estate investing. And if you share some of your proven secrets with me, you get a full chapter to showcase your expertise to at least 6.5 million hungry readers!

( How The Ultimate Insiders Like You Can Build A Serious Long Term Passive Back End Residual Income For Peanuts!)

The pre launch of the book to our total on & offline subscriber base strongly suggests (right now) at least 6.5 million readers want to read such a book and are more than wiling invest big bucks in order to attend highly intensive 3-7 day boot camps in order to learn the proven strategies in order to finally cash in!

( At least that what 67.34% of our subscribers that responded to our survey said!)

So the point is Mr. or Mrs. Author, when you share your proven expertise with my highly targeted audience, at least three incredibly lucrative things will happen. Pay close attention here!

1.)  First, as they read your material in the chapter, they’ll quickly realize that you definitely have the expertise their looking for. And they will quickly head over to your special lead capture page and opt in to receive your powerful free seven day boot camp series on how to finally cash in on the coming “short sale” tsunami! Power List Building 101!

2.)  And a certain percentage of them will also purchase your low front end introductory info product. (So you’ll earn a little gross profit up front.)

3.) You’ll also pocket a certain percentage (keep in mine) this is not an over night process! But still in all, several of your subscribers will ultimately upsell to a more comprehensive DVD home study program, somewhere between the price range of $297 all the way up to $997. Inexpensive price testing will ultimately decide which price is best!


4.)  Until ultimately a smaller percentage will upsell to an offline three to five day $5K boot camp!Plus, you’ll be able to record the boot camp DVD’s and sell them or use them as  powerful freebie list building giveaways in the future!

5.) And don’t forget! Yet another incredibly lucrative back end producing income will be expensive coaching and mentoring programs, not to mention your paid monthly membership site.

That will have price ranges anywhere from a low of $37 dollars to $500 dollars per month!

( Just 50 people per month at $500 apiece equals $25K-$500 x 50 =$25,000  or $300K per year!)

Your Long Term Road To Wealth Is Paved With The Strategic Use Of Leverage!

And all” Bob” (or you & I ) expect is a mere 25% of any back end JV income that we help you produce as a result exposing you to 6.5 million new potential long customers and clients, that you can market to and potentially JV with from now on!

In exchange for you teaching Bob the online ropes! And that my friend is how perrial mega best selling author “Robert Allen” authored a best selling book called “Multiple Streams Of Online Income”! Even though at the time of it’s release, he was a stone cold Internet marketing newbie!

But as I mentioned in the beginning, he knows how to make money! So he simply leveraged his assets and in the process, he created yet another blockbuster book to boot!

You gotta love back end marketing! Cause it’s so darn lucrative! Don’t you agree! Don’t forget to grab your explosive 22 step small business market kit by joining the ‘inner circle’ list. It’s a $97 dollar value (and for) the time being,it’s yours free!

(Q.How will you start stategically building and marketing your businesses powerful back end,within the next 30 days or less?)

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03Aug 2011

How To Interpret And Understand Your Blog Stats And What Your Best Customers Are Saying!

How To Interpret And Understand Your Blog Stats And What Your Best Customers Are Saying!

  ( Even Though You Don’t Actually Talk To Them!)

Have you ever noticed how much you can actually determine (or intuitively sense)  from someone that you know or respect, like say your spouse, kid(s), significant other, friend, close relative and or a trusted associate of some kind? And believe it or not your best online customers blog stats can tell you a lot too.

After you really get to know them, they (or you) can actually convey a lot of unspoken information. Don’t you agree?

Well believe it or not, your relationship with your valued on or offline subscriber/customer is really no different.

Case in point. Sometimes our online visitor(s) can and will subtlety convey an absolute ton of extremely valuable information.

And this can and will have a tremendous effect on your bottom line. Just depending on:

A.) If you are savvy enough to percieve their messages.

B.) And how you proactively respond to it.

You Really Can Learn A Ton Of Insightful Information From Your Best Online Visitors …. Even If The Two Of You Actually Never Say A Word To Each Other….

Here is just one incredibly powerful (graphic ) and incredibly practical true life example to illustrate this concept.

One of my favorite business mentors/coaches and an extremely successful (full time) online marketers pointed this one simple money maker out to us recently on one of his (incredibly) popular 60 minute “No Holds Barred”  power marketing sessions.

See how (applicable) this one tiny insight might be for you as well. Recently as he was reviewing his weekly Google analytics  stats for one of his main blogs, in one of his niches.

He happen to notice that his (about me page)  receives about a third of his blogs total daily traffic! This of course is a huge insight for him, because this particular blog gets a ton of daily free (organic) traffic from both the search engines. Primarily Google of course.

And from his many JV partners constantly referencing his blog in their emails, videos and pod casts etc.

(Note: FYI, the term organic ( or free ) just refers to any free traffic that you generate from any of the major search engines, as a result of one of your websites/blogs being listed organically (free) in the search engines.

Which means that you do not have to pay for any of the traffic.24/7.)


Follow The Path Of Your Online Visitors And They Will Lead You To The Pot Of Gold….

So what he quickly decided to do in order to maximize all of this free traffic was to strategically place an opt in box on the right side of his about me page. This way he just dramatically increased his overall chances of some of his first time visitors opting in (joining) his list.       (Power List Building 101.)

There are two extremely valuable insights for you to gather from this extremely brilliant marketing ploy.

A.) First of all, he strategically placed his opt in box on his “about me” page in the upper right hand corner of his page. Not the lower left under the text written about him.

His reason being, tests have proven overwhelmingly that the vast majority of readers (read) a page or document ( on or offline) from top left to right.

And since up to one third of his enormous daily free traffic was landing on his “about me page” it only made sense for him to further capitalize off of this free traffic.

(Note: Yes you have (and will) continue to see some of the big name marketers have their opt in box, either on the top left or (below) the fold in the middle of their squeeze page or website/blog etc.

They are already established and it simply doesn’t matter as much! But in the begining stick to the proven basics!)

B.) The next smart (marketing) thing he did was to place his opt in box (above) the fold. This (seemingly) incidental strategic marketing ploy also makes a big difference. Here’s why.

Your typical (first time) online visitor will only be on your site or any given page for only a few seconds, so if you place your opt in box further down the page (below) the fold and they have to scroll  down in order to see it.

They may not stick around long enough to even see it!

Don’t forget (that) on average you only have about five seconds or less to capture your online visitors attention. And then they’re gone. Possibly for good.

Meaning- if they leave your site prematurely (for whatever reasons) and you don’t (or worse) yet, your not strategically list building by capturing their contact information (mainly) their first name and their primary email address in order to start your all important long term follow up process.

My friend, you are sacrificing a staggering 98% of your long term income! Ouch!

Because whether you realize it or not. On average, whenever a first time visitor leaves your site, ( translated- a glorified stranger, and they didn’t opt in to your list, (99%) of them aren’t coming back!

Which means (you) and all of your clueless competitors will continue to starve big time, because you’ll be trying (in vain) to earn some type of living from the remaining one percent!

The other really savvy marketing  thing he did was, his opt in box offered powerful free pre qualifying information  about one of his pricier more advanced one on one ongoing mentoring/coaching programs!

This way he knew if they opted in, they’d already be pre qualified in terms of the type of money and effort they were willing to invest upfront!

Before You Can Really Earn Consistent Money On Or Offline You Have To Know What Your Ideal Customers And Clients Really Want!

Here’s your two powerful insights:

1.) You must track your on or offline stats, but especially online. Sign up for a free Google analytics account. And whenever you notice any particular page on your blog and or multiple page website (other) than your home/index page is getting a ton of traffic.

(FYI: The term home page ( old school) or index page simply means this is the typical page your first time visitor lands on after they click on your link.)

Make sure (if your  blog theme allows it) that you place your opt in box (List Building 101) in the upper right hand corner (above) the fold. This way your visitors don’t have to scroll in order to see it!

And this strategic placement also takes advantage of the natural progression of their eyes as  they read ( more like) rapidly skim your page.

2.) The other powerful insight is this: my online marketing mentor also pointed out. Any time you notice that your “bounce back rate” ( this just means) that as soon as a visitor hits your page and immediately leaves (bounces off)  your site.

If your “bounce back rate” is above 90%.That’s a sure sign of one of two things.

A.) Either they probably aren’t your target audience to begin with (in which) case they probably shouldn’t have been on your site in the first place.

B.) Or there is something about either your copy or your sites overall layout that is turning them off big time!

Which means your probably copy writing from the client repelling I,we, me bank account draining perspective.

Or perhaps your site is just simply too hard to navigate (translated) they can’t easily find what their looking for!

Ideally, you want to have as low a “Bounce Back Rate” as poosible. Good luck with that one!

Remember, always try to write from the ultra magnetic you,your money in the bank perspective!

 So do a quick reveiw of your site(s) now!. Because just by making that slight copy writing and ease of navigation adjustments may mean the difference between earning money (long term) and continuing to starve!

(Q. What three incredibly simple insights  can you easily apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less?)

And that my friend; is how to hear and understand what your best customers are saying. Even though you don’t actually talk to them! Pretty cool! Don’t you agree? If so, please Digg this! And don’t forget to grab your free 22 step small business marketing kit! It’s a $97 dollar value!

03Aug 2011

Joint venture marketing tip- How to create 25% more long term profits using joint ventures!

Joint venture marketing tip- How to create 25% more long term profits using joint ventures!

 Four Simple Reasons Why Your Business Needs And Will Profit From Joint Venture Partners.

Can anyone continue to deny the totally awesome power of strategic alliances (aka) joint ventures?
And more importantly, can your businesses bottom line really afford to ignore (especially) during a recession this massively underutilized high profit margin producing low cost marketing strategy?
Case in point: the queen of talk shows “Oprah” and her mega successful television network conglomerate has recently partnered (Joint Ventured with) Disney Communications.Now that’s a “strategic alliance” if ever there was one!

But the real point is, everyday both on & offline, companies and other long term profit seeking entrepreneurs of every size, join forces to create some type of low cost high powered (and extremely) profitable long term (what some people) like to refer to as “strategic alliances” aka “Joint Ventures.”
And for good reasons; mainly they flat out work. There also (when done) correctly, extremely low cost and highly profitable.

Introducing Four Extremely Simple Low Cost Ways To Out Promote Your Major Big Buck Competitors And Create AT Least 25% More Gross Profit In The Next 90 Days Or Less Using Low Cost Highly Profitable Profitable Joint Ventures!

The following example will ‘clearly’ demonstrate four simple ways that an extremely small “cash strapped” struggling entrepreneur can still successfully compete in their particular niche with the deep pocket big ‘boys & girls’ and make some real money!
Without the big time corporate contacts or spending a fortune to do so!
First off, the typical small business owner and or service provider, tends to think of huge corporate entities, whenever they hear terms “joint venture or strategic alliance.”
And their first gut level reaction is to think of successful strategic alliances such as; Kinkos & Fedex or KFC & Taco Bell etc. A big and costly mistake!
Because as you are about to ‘discover’ there are several incredibly simple (low cost) mega proven ways that the average small business owner and or service provider can and should be using to take advantage of joint ventures to systematically increase their profits fast.

One such arrangement is by joint venturing with the big time article directories such as ezine articles or ideamarketers etc. Huh?

Think about it for a second. These massively successful article directories have already spent an enormous fortune to figure out how to successfully conquer (and maintain) the top listings on all of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing etc!

So they have tons of extremely targeted eyeballs eagerly navigating their sites each day (millions of daily viewers by the way), desperately searching for specific answers to whatever troubles them! Here is where a savvy entrepreneur (such as yourself) can and should leap at the chance to help fill that void and start strategically (and inexpensively) creating helpful problem solving for some long term profits for your business.

Introducing Four Simple Ways To Position Yourself As The Go To Expert And Cash In Big Time!

1.) First off; just by inexpensively sharing and demonstrating your particular expertise by way of a series of highly informative problem solving ‘how to’ articles, via squidoo lens, hubpages or more traditional articles submitted to the various article directories (previously) mentioned.
You start to proactively position yourself as a respected go to source within your particular niche!

2.) Next; you inexpensively leverage the article directories enormous reach and credibility with their audience.

Because it’s indirectly implied that (sense) your material is being published, the directory values your input and considers you as a trusted source! The net result is, you get massive relatively free positive viral marketing exposure for peanuts!

3.) You also get the extra added benefit of other extremely respected experts (both) within & outside of your niche who publish ezine newsletters and they can & will publish (syndicate) your material and expose (share) your expertise with their valued subscribers as well. And (who knows) this may also lead to some other extremely lucrative JV’s down the road.

Like a guest interview that you both record and agree to inexpensively cross promote each other etc.
4.) And finally, you can (and should) use these low cost high powered joint venture opportunities with these article directories to do (the #  one)  thing that all successful online marketers know!
And that is, at the end of each article, be it on or offline, your resource/bio box must direct your readers to your lead capture/squeeze page in order for you to capture your best long term prospects contact information.
So that you can systematically follow up with these long term prospects and strategically convert your prospects into cash generating customers! (Over time of course!)

There you have it. Four incredibly simple ways for any serious long term profit seeking ‘entrepreneur’ to cash in big time with low cost high powered money making “Joint Ventures (aka) Strategic Alliances.”

Q. How soon within the 60 days or less can you start strategically using high powered low cost joint ventures to increase your profits by at least 25% or more.

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03Aug 2011

(It Draws Your Best Customers To You like A Magnet!)

Have you ever noticed how some copy just seems to literally jump off the page and grab you by the eyeballs, while other copy seems to literally put you to sleep? Effective copy writing (whether) for business letters, postcards, websites or emails. All follow the basic proven copy  writing fundamentals.

Unfortunately, the same can be said for certain speakers that you listen to via a tele-seminar or during a live event. Don’t you agree?

The challenge seems to be that some speakers and writers just don’t seem to have any enthusiasm for what they’re doing and (sadly) that comes across as they attempt to convey their message. And the net result is their presentation comes across incredibly flat or just plain old boring.

A real yawn fest if you will. One of the reasons that happens with the printed word is because they are not writing (enough) from their readers point of view.

For ex; take the five following statements and watch how one simple change almost seems to super charge their overall effect.

How One Extremely Simple Change Can Make Your Copy At Least Twenty Five Percent More Effective..

1.) Build A Profitable WordPress Website In Just Eight Short Weeks! ( This is real headline by the way.)

2.) Create Eye Catching Auction Listings That Generate Maximum Sales! ( So is this one.)

3.) Buy Prime Vacant Land For A Huge Discount ( Even During A Crushing Recession!)

4.) Overcome Sleepless Nights Without Using Expensive Conventional Medications!

5.) Get The Expensive Five Star Hair Salon Look You So Desperately Crave! ( Without Spending A Fortune At Your Local Beauty Salon!)

Now at first glance all of these headlines are okay; they seem to target specific groups as well as offer a specific benefit,correct?

However, watch what  happens and how you can quickly transform them into incredibly powerful lead magnet special reports and or audio or video mini courses and multi page special reports and draw your best prospects, customers and clients to you like a magnet.

How you ask skeptically? What subtle little change can possibly increase the readership of these so-so statements into powerful lead magnets practically overnight?

Well, since you asked. What  are the two incredibly simple words that you constantly see all the big time on & offline  six and seven figure earner gurus & guruettes use day in and day out to make an absolute killing!

And now (finally) so can you! Simply add these two power copy writing money magnets to the mix and presto! Instant winners!

And those two magic words are “How to” do something! Think about for a second. Haven’t you seen those two magic words used practically everywhere, both on & offline? For ages! Yep!

Any idea why? You guessed it, because they flat out work like gangbusters! And (if you’ve) taken the time to notice, it really doesn’t matter what type of business, product or service that you have.

If there is something that can be demonstrated or elaborated on via  video, audio and or a powerful special report (also)  often referred to as a “white paper”.

Then by all means do so, just be sure you preface it with those two magical power marketing words.

Be Sure You Always Inexpensively Test Any Copy Writing Tactic That You Use..

And more times that not, you’ve got a proven winner. Just take a look at our revised list of headlines with the “how to” revision applied to them.

1.) How To Build A Profitable WordPress Website In Just Eight Short weeks! (Who wants to sign up for this class?0

2.) How To Create Eye Catching Auction Listings That Generate Maximum Sales!

3.) How To Buy Prime Vacant Land For A Huge Discount (Even During A Crushing Recession!)

4.) How To Overcome Sleepless Nights Without Using Expensive Conventional Medications!

5.) How To Get The Expensive Five Star Hair Salon Look You So Desperately Crave! (Without Spending A Fortune At Your Local Beauty Salon!)

In conclusion:

Those two power words really add a little extra punch, don’t you agree? In fact; take a look at this headline statement and see if you can instantly recognize this blockbuster classic.

“How To Win Friends And Influence People!” That’ s right, it’s the power headline that transformed that bland statement into a mega blockbuster! And the rest is (as they say) is history!

The bottom line is (when in doubt), turn to old faithful. “How to” do this or that.

Offer a proven step by step blue print to take them from where they are to where they want to be. You can also use the power words “Blue Print or Road map. They seem to get it done as well. Do that…

And watch (both)  your short &  long term profits soar! Seriously! Get started (today!) creating a step by step ‘how to’ guide. And use it as a free give  away lead magnet in order to build your on or offline list. ( Power list Building 101.)

It can be an audio, video or special report. Just make sure that it over delivers big time and be sure to give it some type of (reasonable) perceived value. Because if you don’t value it, nobody else it will either!

(Q. What type of powerful ‘how to’ special report and or free lead generation product will you be creating in the next 30 days or less?)

Be sure to grab your free 22 step small business marketing idea kit! It’s a $97 dollar value! But (now anyway) it’s your free when join the innner circle! Opt in now!

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31Jul 2011



On and offline, the name of the game is  list building!

Make list building your # one priority!

(Especially If Your Clueless About List Building Strategies And Your Working With An Extremely  Limited Budget!)

If you’ve been online anytime at all or you’ve read any type of reputable marketing books. Then you’ve probably already know that you should be constantly list building,right?

And you’ve heard the phrase at least a gazillion times”the money is in the list!”, correct?

Sure, everybody’s heard it. Of course you rarely get the nitty gritty details of how you actually do it. Yea, they usually only share that in their paid version of their ebooks and or pricey courses etc.

Anyway, let’s quickly explore an incredibly brain dead simple way for any serious profit seeking business owner and or service to provider to quickly build and profit from, without the use of any type of hard to understand super techie stuff!

How The Non Techie Small Business Owner And Or Service Provider Can Quickly Build A Highly Responsive List Of 50 To 500 Leads Or More! ( In The Next 90 Days Or Less!)

Say what? Sure why not! Just because you’re not a tech head or some type of marketing geek or geekette, doesn’t mean that you can’t quickly learn to apply and profit from basic proven marketing strategies, like the ones you’re about to be exposed to.

So just how does a non techie small business owner quickly create an avalanche of highly targeted leads of  potential future customers and or clients for pennies on the dollar? Especially when you don’t have time to become a small business marketing guru, your time is extremely limited and your cash resources are extremely limited and tight!

Well cadets, one of the simplest  and most effective ways for you to quickly create a highly valuable responsive lists of future potential customers and or long range clients that you can systematically follow up with from now on, for pennies on the dollar.

It’s so obvious that you probably will discount this powerful strategy.Word of advice,don’t! All you have to do to create an avalanche of highly targeted leads is to create a special free drawing!

Think about it for a second. Would you enter a free drawing to win $500 dollars worth of good old Gansta rap cd’s, if  you didn’t truly like that type of music? Bingo!

Which means that the only people (potential leads) that will enter your free drawings are the ones truly interested in your particular business, product or service.

Nows heres the best part; only one or two people can be your grand prize winners! Any idea what you might do with all the runner ups? That’s right! You offer all the rest of your entrants some type of extremely limited time, nice incentive based discount to sample your products and or services.

And you can continue to systematically follow up with them over time (via) offline snail mail and or low cost inexpensive email follow ups, or telephone calls etc.

The other way  that a savvy non techie small business owner and or service provider can capitalize on free drawings (even if) you didn’t sponsor the free drawing yourself.

Strategically Cross Promoting Your Business On Or Offline Can Literally Explode Your Bottom Line For Peanuts!

Start strategically creating a list of at least twenty other cash starved struggling small business owners that are non competitive to yours.

Start with the ones that you already currently have some type of  established repoire with and offer your products or services as a discounted secondary bonus gift to to give to all of their entrants just for entering the drawing.

Without a doubt, some of the new potential clients that sample your products or services will upgrade to new first time customer and a smaller percentage will become long term clients as well!

Plus remember, they  can and will refer you new customers (over time) of course and the best part is; you created this business or literally pennies on the dollar!

Q.) So how soon will you be able to start strategically implementing this incredibly simple low cost high powered marketing strategy in the next 60 days or less?

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31Jul 2011

The following case study is for illustration purposes only.

Introducing Three Incredibly Brain Dead Simple Ways To Increase Your Computer Repair Business Customer Base By At Least 25% In The Next 180 Days Or Less!

Ladies & Gents you are about to be exposed to a rare insiders look at how an actual business owner (who by the way) just happens to be a real consulting client, can quickly begin to build their long term profits by inexpensively targeting a previously untapped segment of his current customer base.

(Note: as you read this hypothetical example, try to see and concentrate on the overall marketing concepts that are being conveyed and not just the specific ‘how to’ examples! Otherwise you’ll limit your long term profit possibilities.)

First off, you should probably know that even without strategically utilizing any of the non traditional “think outside the box” marketing secrets and strategies that you’re going to be exposed to on this particular blog, this hard driving  entrepreneur has still managed to open and manage three successful offline computer repair stores! So hes no stranger to success or proven sales and marketing strategies!

However, (that being said) the fact remains that if he can become this successful without employing any of the the three powerful long range marketing strategies that you are about to be exposed to.

You can only imagine how much more successful and profitable his operation might be! So on that  note,let’s quickly dive in and see what little known previously untapped long range marketing opportunities he might be able to inexpensively take advantage of,shall we?

Here Is A Look  At His Current Offline Actual Daily First Time And Repeat Customer Walk In Foot Traffic…

1.) When asked  my client says on average he has at least ten new  first time customers walk into each store (and remember) he currently has three separate locations. And since he’s currently open seven days per week, his actual math looks like this.

( Ten new first time or repeat walk in customers per day x three stores x 363 days per year – closed Xmas and New Years day, equals a grand total of a whopping 10,890 customers and clients that he physically sees each year!) (10 x 3 x 363 =10,890 first time customers and repeat clients.) Currently (and shockingly) my client does not have in place any type of proven upsell and or add on sale products or services to offer to those paying customers! Ouch!

(Note:for those of you who are currently unfamiliar with the marketing terms “upsells or add on sales” etc. Think about your neighborhood McDonald’s for a second. You walk in and order a large shake and Big Mac and the cashier immediately hits you with the seven most powerful in fast food!

They simply ask, Sir or Miss, “Would you like fries with that?”) And bingo! Without spending another dime on expensive traditional advertising, MCDonalds, Toy R Us, QVC and Burger King etc, on average get 30-40% of their daily customer base to unexpectedly spend 10-25% more money!

Why, because “upsells and or add on sales” really work. So in the case of my computer repair client, since he currently sees (on an annual) basis 10,890 customers and or clients per year.

On average a staggering 30% of them (or) 3,267 of them are prepared to spend anywhere from 10-40% more, if he would merely ask them to!By offering various discounted products or services that they are  probably going to purchase either from him or one of his many competitors at some point in the future!

Q.) How long can any serious cash starved struggling small business owner afford to neglect using proven upsell strategies, especially during a crushing recession!

2.) Next, as soon as the customer makes that very first purchase from my computer repair client, no matter what the amount is!

My client should train his sales and support staff to hand the customer along with their reciept some type of time hand dated -meaning- they either use a date stamp or simply write on the discount card by hand, the date 30 days from the current date. And offer the customers two forms of incentive based discounts.

Always Be Sure That You offer Your paying Customers Some Type Of Market Tested Bounce Back Offer After Every Purchase!

The first discount percentage being the highest (say) a maximum of 25% off their next purchase and or repair, if they return to the store within the next ten days or less!

And 10% off of any purchase they make -anytime- within the next 11 to 30 days from the date of their first purchase. Because again, just like the mega proven upsell concept, a certain percentage of his new first time paying customers and or clients (typically 10-30% of them) will be compelled to take advantage of such a generous proactive offer.

The net result will be, his overall long term profits will easily increase! 3.) This  third concept (while admittedly) is  no where near as effective for your typical small business owner and or service provider.

Only because the typical small business owner usually has 50 employees or less. It can still (when properly) implemented amount to -over time- a ton of new long term business that you created for literally pennies on the dollar!

And that strategy is simply this; make sure you always offer every vendor that services your business, offer both his employees and the vendors that service him, a lifetime VIP 25% off discount card!

They (hopefully) routinely pass them out as free incentive bonuses to their new and current employees and their vendors! And you reap the overall benefits of creating new first time and (hopefully) repeat customers for many years to come for virtually little or no up front cost!

Now the $64 dollar question for you is this; how many simple low cost spin offs can you come up with to start customizing these three incredibly brain dead simple strategies into your overall marketing plans within the next 30 days or less?

And of course, don’t forget.This is just a small sample of the proven, practical low cost strategies that are available to you! So be sure that you grab your 22 step small business marketing idea kit. It’s a $97 dollar value! And for an extremely limited time, it’s free! As always if you got any value out of this post, please Digg or tweet this! Post it on Facebook too! Thanks! Get to it!

27Jul 2011


Take the time to discover proven success tips.

Success tips are proven through the actions of winners!

      Can You Really Expect To Succeed Long Term If Your Commitment To Long Term Success  Is Measured In The  90 Days Or Less Mind Set?

How many times have you seen or heard about some ‘must have’ type of marketing strategy or system that will allow you to quickly gain a foot hold in your particular niche and or industry within 90 days or less?

These type of claims and or systems are all over the place, especially on the Internet,correct?

Heck, you’ve even seen headlines written by yours truly touting that type of success!

However, let’s really take a real hard look at this type of success tips claim and see (what) if any type of long range perspective (regarding) long lasting success of any kind,  might be helpful and truly allow you/us to put these kind of overly ambitious aspirations in their proper perspective.

Every successful person that you know or have read about, did not get where they are overnight,agreed? It took (and takes) a lifetime of relentless ongoing commitment(s) on their part.

Of course the truly great ones (all too) often make it seem or appear easy, (don’t they?) but rest assured it most certainly is not.

If Your Life Depended On It Do You Think You Could Achieve What You’re About Watch On The Video In The Next 90 Days Or Less!…

Which brings us full circle and to the real point of this rather brief post. Below you will find a rather brief (but incredibly) graphic video that details how and why long term commitment and real success can not possibly be accurately measured using the 90 days to success template!

Hopefully you haven’t watched  the video yet. If you haven’t lets properly set the the stage. Imagine this incredible challenge.

You are given just 90 measly days in which to be able to accomplish what you’re about to watch on the video. Of course you will be supplied with the very best trainers money can buy! That with standing.

And if you fail! You’re toast! Now the $64K dollar question is this; do you honestly believe that if you had to start from scratch and had the best instructors in the world coaching you for the next 90 days.

Do you believe that you could accomplish what this person does in the video? The truthful answer for a resounding 99.99% of us is no way! The point being, simply this. Buckle up and get ready to be commitment-ed long term or forget about achieving any type of real long term success!

Because cadets,90 days is simply not enough time to realistically measure a lifetime of commitment and or achieve true success! Now enjoy the video! And remember, there is no such thing as microwave success!

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