21Dec 2011
 Five web marketing strategies your online business can't do without!

Five powerful web marketing strategies that will pad your bank account now!

The Overall Long Term Success Of Your Online Business Venture Will Ultimately Be   Determined  By How Well You Know And Understand These Five Basic Online Fundamental Stats…

Picking up from where you left off in Part One of this post about proven web marketing strategies. If each lead is costing you $5.32 (or X) and you currently have no viable back end (additional sales) marketing funnel in place and you’re currently only earning $2.77 upfront on each lead.

You quickly realize that you probably need to change your marketing plan or you risk going broke!

And you now know whether your upfront cost is justified.

3.) Sales Conversion Rate (SCR): This simple calculation tells you how many of your subscribers are taking the action you wanted them to take, within a given time frame such as one week, month, year etc.

For ex: If you had an opt in list of 5,000 subscribers and you emailed them an offer and 107 people actually purchased something. Simply divide 107 by 5,000 and you should get a (SCR) of .0214%. Now multiply that figure by 100.

(107 divided by 5,000 = 0 .0214 x 100 =2.14%)

(In reality there is another actual calculation that needs to be made, but  to keep from confusing you or make this example far more complicated than it needs to be, that step is being omitted here.)  See concept # five below.

Next you simply multiply that number by 100 and you should get a Sales Conversion Rate (SCR) of  2.14%.  ( 0.0214 x 100=2.14%)

Meaning – that on average, for every 100 (on or offline) subscribers that you send an offer to about two people will purchase something.

Email Marketing Will Become A Main Component Of Your Online Success…

And of course the more customers and clients that you can convert over to receiving emails as opposed to costly offline snail email, you will eliminate your postage, printing and type setting cost. (Or at least greatly reduce them.)

And now even a  dismal 1-3% SCR  ( providing you have a digital product or service of some kind) will probably still mean some type of overall gross profit to you instead of a barely break even or a flat out loss.

Of course (your real SCR) rate will ultimately depend on several related factors such as.

A.) The offer itself -meaning -how well it was written. The overall effectiveness (or lack there of) of your main power headline (s) and whether or not there was a compelling call to action etc.

B.) The initial and final price of the product or service that’s being offered. Meaning – was it a final offer “close out” sales price or a “OTO” ( One Time Only) offer or was it a low price introductory trial offer of 30-90 days etc.

C.) How Iron Clad was (or is) your money back guarantee (refund policy.) Do you offer a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee or just somewhere between 30 – 90 days etc?

( And how well does your Money Back guarantee stack up against your top five major competitors or your industry in general?)

D.) Whether or not you offer any powerful (and relevant) free (purchase now super duper) bonuses with your purchase and the quality of them etc.

(Because if you can’t sell the bonuses outright, there not worth giving away!)

E.) Whether or not this is your first offer to your list and whether or not it’s your own actual product or service or whether its an affiliate sales link recommendation etc.

F.) The type of personal relationship that you have (or are currently) developing with your subscribers! Do they see you as a trusted credible source for powerful relevant inside information?

Or did they join your list simply to get your freebie lead generator and do you merely view them as nothing more than a mere inconvenience that has to be tolerated for the sake of constantly trying to shake them down with offer after lame offer!

Your Long Term Success Or Failure On Or Offline Will Also Ultimately Be Determined By How  Much Trust And Credibility That You Have Developed With Your Valued Subscribers….

4.) Your Opt in Rate: This (extremely important) figure tells you what percentage of your all important first time visitors -to your site- sign up (opt in) to your list.

So if your offering some type of lame or saturated hand me down freebie that you got from some guru or gurette, your opt in rate won’t be nearly as good as it could and should be.

(Important note: Your unique first time visitor did not come to your site, just to get a saturated hand me down freebie that you got from some other online guru or gurette! The first thing they actually buy into is you!)

Because (obviously) the newer & more original that your freebie lead generating info product is; ( like maybe) a current 60-90 power minute interview with some respected (or up and coming) respected industry source, the more likely your targeted audience will want, need and desire your powerful free list  building information!

Say for example that for every 100 unique first time visitors to either your (highly targeted) lead capture page and or your blog. Thirty seven people (37) opt in (join) your list in order to get your powerful state of the art market tested  lead generating freebie.

Simply divide 37 by 1oo and then multiply your results by 100 and you should get an opt in rate ( for this specific example only) of 37 percent.(37/100 = .37% x 100 = an opt in rate of 37%.)

( 37/100 = .37 x 100 = 37%)  keep in mine, there is no standard opt in rate percentage to expect, because your specific audience and your offer to them is unique. However, if your overall opt in rate is less than 2 percent.

Meaning – if (on average) for every 100 unique first visitors to your website/blog etc. And only two people or less are opting in (joining) your list to get your state of the art, market tested freebie, you probably need to be offering them something else!

(Or you desperately need some expert help with your copy writing.)

Which also means you need to immediately start testing other free lead magnets!

And last but certainly not least….

5.) Your Click Through Rate (CRT). Take your total number of “click throughs” -meaning- the total number of viewers that click on the sales link in your emails. Divide that number by 100 and multiply the results by 100.

( Most of the good autoresponders services provide software that will track this and other important stats for you.)

For example: Let’s say that you currently have an opt in list of 10,000 subscribers. (Which means your probably getting extremely good and consistent at List Building 101.)

And you sent out an email to your list that has one of your affiliate links in it. If 934 of the 10,000 total opt ins actually click on your link. In order to determine your click through rate (CTR).

You simply divide 934 by 10,000 and multiply your results by 100 and you should get a click through rate of 9.34%.

( 934/10,000 = 0.0934 x 100 =9.34%)

Do Not Confuse Your Sales Conversion Rate With Your Click Through Rate!

So as not to confuse you here. Your click through rate (CTR) was 9.34%. Not your Sales Conversion Rate (SCR)!

Meaning- you sent out an email with your affiliate link in it to your entire list of 10,000 opt in subscribers.

And (for whatever reasons) 934 of them clicked through to your actual link. That’s where your click through rate of 9.34% came from.

But in order to determine your actual SCR, you must now divide your actual number of sales (74) by your actual number of click throughs  (934) and then multiply your results by 100.

( 74/934 = 0.0792 (rounded off three places after the decimal) multiplied by 100 = a SCR of 7.92%.

So for this specific example only.Your actual ‘Sales Conversion Rate’ was 7.92%.

You master these five basic (must know) vital online fundamentals and you will not only be light years ahead of your wanna be competitors.

But you will also have just taken a giant step towards being able to attract the big time JV partners as well!

Study and master these, because these are just five of the main stats that your top JV partners will want to know about your online sales letter offers etc. Nuff said!

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18Dec 2011

These five fundamental web marketing strategies are a must!

Five online fundamental web marketing strategies you can't do without!

Especially If Your Just Starting Out And Your Not Really Sure What Your

Doing Yet….

Do you remember that just a little over decade ago when the dot Bombs (oops) make that Dot Com companies and their outrageously over priced (stocks) were all the rage?

In fact it was less than a decade ago that the big time Venture Capitalist ( VC’) were throwing tens of billions of dollars every 60 days (or so) it seemed at the latest (can’t miss) whiz kid’s new Internet thingy company.

Remember When IPO Stories Dominated The Financial News Networks?

And doesn’t it seem like just yesterday when every financial news network led off its early morning programing with some type of feel good IPO ( Initial Public Offering) story? ( Ah yes, the good old days indeed!)

Tech entrepreneurs became multi millionaires with (basically) the stroke of a pen. Must be nice!

Stock prices in general and (Tech stocks) in particular soared and soared and (once again) the so called new (can’t miss) economy was declared!

Aw shucks, how could any sane person question this once in a lifetime opportunity? Sound familiar?

 That is until the inevitable crash came! (As it always does!)

Even Though People With Tons Of Experience And Boat loads Of Money Tried To Warn Anyone Who Would Listen About The Impending Doom….

Including successful veteran investors like self made multi Billionaire Warren Buffet who tried ( to no end) to warn that the Dot Com investment craze was based primarily on a flawed business model.

The (naive) and grossly misinformed greedy general public plowed ahead and boastfully decried that guys like old Warren and fellow self made multi Billionaire Jimmy Rodgers were simply old school and their advice (and investment models) were no longer relevant! Yea right!

The biggest problem seemed to stem from the fact that even though these IPOs were flush with tens of millions of dollars or hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, the companies themselves, by their own admissions  (by way) of their financial statements.

They were no where near ever earning a real profit! And that’s why a ton of them ultimately failed! In spite the the fact that (for a while) their individual  stock prices soared!

In fact if you asked the average (first time) greedy newbie ( Dot Com) investor, whether the IPO stock offering that they just invested in had secured either series A or series B funding?

A staggering 98% of them even after they skimmed through the prospectus  and (after they wipe the blank stare off their face) couldn’t answer that basic question. (Even after they quickly skimmed the prospectus!)

Is it any wonder that so many of them ultimately lost their shirts?

Which brings you full circle, and face to face with the real reason why a staggering 90% of most online marketers ultimately fail too!

In a nutshell, they are clueless about proven basic web marketing strategies fundamentals. So with that said, let’s quickly focus your attention on five key vital statistics that every serious online marketer must know! Or else!

You Must Totally Understand The Basic Online Fundamentals Before You Can Consistently Make A Buck…

Rest (assured) at least 90% of your online newbie competitors, do not have a clue about these five basic (must understand) stats. Which means they will (at some point) most certainly be victimized by them as a result.

1.) Visitor Value: This vital stat is simply defined as the value that each of your visitors has a result of the total revenue that they produced within a given amount of time. Huh?

For ex: suppose you were to measure how much gross revenue you earned in one month and divided that amount by the total number of unique visitors that you received in that same time period. The net result of that calculation equals each visitors value to your business.

So if you grossed $825.00 last month (30 days) and you had a total of 625 unique visitors to your site, you simply divide $825.00 by 625 and you should get a unique visitor value of $1.32.  ( $825./625=$1.32)

This is one of the figures that your future JV (Joint Venture) partners will want to know.

2.) Next is your Cost Per Lead analysis ( CPL): This calculation tells you how much money per lead each advertising/marketing campaign is costing you. This way you can accurately compare by (testing) various approaches in order to decide which approaches need to be expanded and which ones need to be cancelled.

(Failure you to properly apply this proven marketing strategy routinely costs small business owners billions annually in totally wasted dollars and other precious resources!)

For ex: take the total number of email leads (opt ins) that you get from a given ad/marketing campaign and divide it by the cost of the ad campaign and you will know what each ad cost you.

Meaning- if you invested $250.00 dollars in a solo ad campaign and the ad created 47 opt ins leads, if you divide $250 by 47, you should get a cost per lead (CPL) of $5.32. (250/47=$5.32 per lead.)

Q.) Is that amount too much to pay per lead? It will ultimately depend on much you actually earn both short and long term on that lead over time, in order to really know. Knowing your customers lifetime value is another incredibly powerful concept a staggering 90% of your competitors don’t know or understand.

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In Part Two you will discover the three remaining must know vital stats, so stay tuned….

16Dec 2011
Start using this five mega proven email marketing tips now!

This five mega proven email marketing tips will increase your profits now!

Can effective email marketing really be as simple as discovering five little known (yet)   incredibly powerful email marketing tips that a staggering 97% (or more) of your major  competitors are totally clueless about? You bet.

Of course it’s not simply enough for you (or your) major competitors for that matter to read about them here. No way.

Your gonna need to take swift decisive action now. And it’s also going to need to be ongoing. Meaning- your going to need to consistently test, track and monitor your ongoing results.

And tweak your email messages (in order to) tailor your message to your subscribers overall needs.

      Introducing Five Major Advantages To Monitoring Your Emails Analytics. ( And How Understanding  What They Reveal Will Increase Your Long Term Profits By A Bare Bones Minimum Of 25%!)

Q.) Whenever you sent out an email (be it) part of your automated follow up sequence or simply as a  stand alone broadcast message.

Can you ever really tell what type of mood your subscriber are in? Of course not. The point being, all of your marketing messages (but) especially your email messages have to quickly convey your all powerful “what’s in it for me?” theme.

Otherwise as soon as your subscriber scans their inbox, if your emails subject line (which is the equivalent to your main power headline)  if it’s conveying some self centered or company centered dribble.

Your subscribers will not bother to open it and they’ll simply move on to whichever subject line instantly captures their attention by focusing squarely on their particular needs!

(Remember, 80% of your emails overall effectiveness (or) lack there of will be decided -instantly- based on it’s subject line, so spend a majority of your time, trying to craft a compelling “client centered” “What’s in it for me” subject line!)

Your email  message should be as anticipated as a glass of water would be to someone dying of thirst in the bowels of the dessert!

Which means – the message can’t be all about “you” , or your templates fancy smancy graphics, it’s got to convey that your message represents relief  (now) to whatever ails your subscribers!

On that note; let’s quickly explore five incredible money making advantages that you will gain by paying close attention to your email subscribers email activities analytics.

Keep in mine (ultimately) your subscribers (meaning) the people that actually make up your list, are a group of unique individuals.

That why it’s extremely important for you to segment your list based on each individual subscribers actual activities and not the fatal marketing mistake of marketing to your list with a “one size fits all”  type of mentally.

Which is so wildly rampant among struggling small business owners and service providers of all sizes.

Ninety Five Percent Of Your Major Competitors That Use Email Marketing Do Not Segment Their List!

1.) Big advantage #one:  Segment your list by first determining which subscribers opened your emails and which did not. (This concept applies to your offline lists as well!)

Because it makes no sense to keep sending the exact same offers to a segment of your subscriber base that has already made it perfectly clear that they want no part of that particular offer.

2.) Big advantage # two: Your careful study of your email subscribers activity analytics  will also inform you which subscribers actually clicked on your links and which did not.

It’s one thing for them  to open your email and read (or skim it) and quite another to actually take the time and interest to click on your link and land at either one of your sales pages and or your affiliate link sales pages.

Because remember, without those all important click throughs to your sales/affiliate link pages, you have absolutely no chance to make any sales.

3.) Big advantage # three: Say for example that you have an opt in list of 1,000 subscribers ( or X ) and you send them an email offer and 37% actually open your email.

That would mean that a grand total of 370  of your subscribers had some type of interest in your emails all important subject line. (1,000 x .37 = 370 subscribers opened your email.( And hopefully at least read some part of it.)

Which of course also means that (for whatever) reasons the remaining 630 subscribers on your list did not. (1,000-370=630)

Strategically it would now be best to segment your list into at least two parts (subscribers A & B) and mail the 370 that (at least) opened your email, another similar type of offer ( strategically building off your previous momentum) and find something else to offer the remaining 630 subscribers.

A state of the art email service provider such as aweber,will easily be able to  support this type of  critical email money making analytics.

4.) Big advantage # four:Your email analytics also allows you to track your visitors actions on specific pages, plus discover which specific pages that they frequent most.

For example; if your most visited pages just happens to have a video on it,then you definitely know that you should be adding more videos (preferably) the ‘how to’ type to your sites pages.

And you can also test whether your optin box or a specific banner ad is more effective. This one tiny discovery alone could potentially have a huge impact on your overall bottom line.

Strategically testing will tell you if it makes more sense to build your long term follow up email list or if you should be aggressively pursuing sales through the use of effective banner ads.

5.) Big advantage # five: When you put all these powerful metrics  together (and yes) it will take some time. But no matter you slice it, you start strategically tracking your subscribers email activity analytics and adjusting your marketing  messages accordingly.

And you can’t help  but start to earn a whole more passive income, plus, your email marketing messages will be far more effective because they’re so much more targeted!

The following video presentation, comes directly from one of the webs premiere and most respected email service providers (and yes) it also happens to this particular marketers email service provider as well. Enjoy and take lots of notes! (And apply what you learn!)

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14Dec 2011

This one simple marketing ploy will dramatically increase your sales conversion optimization rates.

Explode your long term sales conversion optimization rates with one little proven tweak!

(Without Changing One Single Line Of Your Best Market Tested Copy!)

Hopefully (as a result) of this real life marketing test you have just confirmed an incredibly powerful and undeniable fact.

Which is simply this, an extremely powerful (client centered) and highly targeted “what’s in it for me?”  how to problem solving type of headline, will draw your ideal prospects eyeballs to you like magnet! Don’t you agree?

Couple your best market tested series of pre,main and sub power headlines and you are truly on the verge of turbo boosting  your sales conversion optimization response rates into the stratosphere.

But (boys & girls), it’s this next little known  (and of course) mega proven, rarely used money making copy writing secret that will truly make all the difference.

So (gather round) and by all means, pay close attention.

Because when you discover how to consistently apply this next mega proven long term bank account filing secret, you will not only be light years ahead of your clueless competitors (on or offline).

But you will also save yourself anywhere from a low of $297 – $997 to learn this little known  money making copy writing secret.

Which you will almost never find mentioned in any type of digitally written material and or video ‘how to’ information product, that doesn’t cost at least those aforementioned prices. (But you will have read about in several different posts on this blog!)

(Because typically 99% of all the big time (and much ) sought after copy writers. The (big boys & girls)  that routinely pull in the seven & eight figure annual pay days!

Rarely (if ever) share this next little known  (closely guarded) copy writing secret that you’re about to be exposed to for free!)

Q.) Why? Because they have far too many high paying clients lined up and extremely eager to pay them buckets of money to learn it!  But…

Since you are totally worth it! Here goes..

How And Why You Should Be Copying The Six, Seven And Eight Figure Earners Successful Headline Creation Templates….

If you attended a rather pricey week long (meaning five business days) elite “Golfers” training academy and you had paid upwards of $10K  to be there. ( You and fifty other enthusiastic attendees.)

And your (extremely) accomplished instructors were names like Phil Micheleson, VJ Singh, female golf phenom Jan Sorenson (and oh yes) your main featured quest instructor there just happened to be a guy named “Woods”.

If old “Tiger” put on a special eight hour presentation, where by he covered four separate areas of the golfing game, for two hours each.

Plus, he and two other guest instructors were going to select  via ( a special free drawing) ten extremely lucky winners and conduct a special private four hour one on one personal video critique of their  game from top to bottom! ( At no additional charge!)

And afterwards offer their best (and brutally honest) success tips, secrets and suggestions on how to best improve the players game now and moving forward!

Needless to say, those ten out of the fifty attendees in total, would be more than excited about this part of the program! Don’t you agree?

Your Long Term Road To Small Business Success Lies In Your Ability And Willingness To Creatively Emulate The People That Earn A Lot More Money Than You Do!..

So what (if anything) does this pricey fantasy golf academy have to do with  increasing your marketing materials readership by a whooping 300%?

 Simply this; have you noticed that 99% of the  annual six figure earners (that would be $100,000 dollars  per year and up) and the annual seven figure earners ( that would be $1,000,000 million dollars per year and up.)

And the annual eight figure earners( that would be $10,000,000 ten million dollars per year and up) ,all seem to add quotation marks around their main market tested power headlines?

Any idea why? Well, the real answer is that way back when and (hundreds of millions of test dollars ago), and long before the Internet.

Some extremely successful marketers discovered, after painstakingly testing and tracking their results that whenever they added “quotation marks” to their best market tested main power headlines, guess what?

Their readership (on average) increased by a mere 300%. Without changing one line of copy. Yep!

A Three Hundred Percent Increase In Response Rates Probably Means Your Making A Whole Lot More Money….

So to put things into proper context for you. Suppose you emailed (or  you snail mailed) 10,000 of your subscribers and you got 100 of them to click through to your link.

That means that your click through rate (CTR) was a dreadful one percent (100/10,000=0.01 x 100=1%.) The all too typical industry standard by the way.

But if  your response rate was 300% better.Which means now you would have 300 people that clicked through to your link.

Your click through rate (because of your quotation marked headline) increased your readership and therefore your click through rate (CTR) three times or (300%) more.

Which means that 3oo people (instead of) 100 responded to your email by clicking through to you or your JV partners affiliate link.

300 divided by 10,000 equals just 3%, but you now have three times as many chances to make a sale!   (300/10,000= 0.03 x100 = 3%)

For the same money! So if 34 people out of 100, actually purchased an ebook that cost $27 dollars. (34% – 34/100 =0.34%)

You’d gross $918 dollars (34 x $27 = $918.)

Systematically Increasing Your Overall Response Rates Lowers Your Upfront Costs While Simultaneously Increases Your Profits!

So if 34% of 300 people (the same 34%) purchased the same $27 dollar ebook. (300 x .34% =102 sales.)

Now you’d earn $2,754 dollars (102 x $27 =$2,754.) Or you’d earn 300% more money, just by adding some silly quotation marks to your best market tested main power headlines! Yep!

Now before you make the long term fatal pre profit killing mistake of adding quotation marks to your totally lame (non tested) non client centered, non benefit driven, boring company centered headline such as; “Put The Home Team Advantage  To Work For You!”

And receive little to no increase in your readership, let alone an increase in sales.And can’t wait to comment on this (or any other) blog, about how this or that proven strategy doesn’t work!

In a word.Don’t! Because its already a statistical proven fact!

Adding quotation marks to your best market tested main power headlines, will, has and does increase your readership (on average) by as much a whopping 300%!

So don’t be shy. Use your quotation marks on your post cards,index cards, offline sales letters etc. And of course be sure that you use them on your web pages and or blogs.

Q.) How soon will you be implementing this incredibly yet highly profitable strategy, within the next 30 days or less?

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The real question is; how much longer are you going to try and swim up stream? Nuff said! Get to it! And while your at it.

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11Dec 2011

Free publicity generating strategies equals big profits!

Your long term profits will increase when you use free publicity generating strategies!

(Even If You Don’t Have Any Big Time Media Connections!)

Imagine this; you check your latest online stats and guess what?

For some unknown reasons your web traffic has soared! Your talking about a serious spike in online visitors.

And why are both women and men suddenly talking about your business around the water  cooler and in the break room during lunch? (Yes, your free publicity generating strategies are actually starting to payoff!)

Did you recently hire some new PR firm? Or were you (or ) your business recently featured on some local news segment? Or did you just have a featured article done? No, but it would be nice.

What then? Very simply. You have just discovered the “common sense art” of major (powerful) explosive word of mouth free publicity. No not the kind the kind of traditional free publicity that your probably thinking of.

No press releases here.

No, this is the type of powerful (word) of mouth free publicity that puts your business at the top of your prospects minds, for peanuts.

How To Get Your Best Customers To Advertise Your Business, Product Or Service For Free!

Follow this ex; picture one of the popular night stops, where the college students (or adults) frequent.

Typically they line up (especially) for special events like “Ladies Night”. Ladies are allowed in free  until (say) 12 midnight.

So starting about 10 o’clock that night, their already lined up. Here are three incredibly simple ways to start creating powerful and massive word of mouth free publicity.

Let’s preface the word free. The type of free that’s being demonstrated here. Is a net effect. Meaning – that when all the smoke clears. The overall increase in your gross profits, will exceed your minimal upfront expenses.

This first strategy will help you accomplish two things.

A. ) Inexpensively increase your incremental nightly profits.

B.) And inexpensively create some powerful free word of mouth “I won’t miss the next time they run this promotion” type of publicity!

The way your bar (or popular) night spot will incrementally increase their nightly profits. Especially from Thurs.-Saturday, is by introducing a nice little marketing twist.

Get your best JV (Joint Venture) partners to help you out with this one. You’re going to start offering a random periodic ” Grab Bag”.

One for the ladies & one for the guys. Here is is how this extremely powerful and (relatively) speaking, low cost mega proven marketing strategy works!

Always Be Aware That Inexpensively Testing Your Marketing Strategies Will Give You The Most Bang For Your Buck!

You’ve gotta inexpensively (test) this first part of the concept in order to quickly discover which approach maximizes your revenue.

But here’s the gist of it. Once every hour (or ) every other hour. You (or) one of your trained staff members announces; that anybody that buys a drink within the next 20 minutes ( or X amount ) of minutes.

Automatically gets to enter your instant winner “Grab Bag” free drawing! And one of your staff hands each person that enters the free drawing by purchasing a drink, a number (or ticket etc.)

(FYI: By the way, do you happen to see the incredibly simple marketing that you could add to that last strategy and (probably) immediately add an additional 25% or more to your daily gross profits!)

After (or as) they purchase a drink. They get to reach inside your grab bag. And they have two chances to be an instant winner!

1.) If they draw a number, that means at the end of the night, – if they stick around- they have a chance to win  $100 dollars cash!

Plus, (the ladies) get a chance to win a free (5-7 foot ) giant Teddy Bear! And a box of gourmet chocolates!

First off. Think about what will happen when 20-75 young women with cell phones with video cameras on them start texting pictures (all the while) screaming and celebrating!

They’ll add the pictures to their Facebook pages, they’ll text other girlfriends and relatives big time, they’ll also tweet about it etc.! And you’ll do the same!

You of course video tape each Grand Prize Winner and add the footage to your website/blog or your fan page on facebook.

So that your first time web visitors can quickly discover why they need to be at your place next time! And join your list to be invited by email “Invitation only”  to special events like your annual blowout Super Bowl Parties etc!

The other (runner ups) meaning- all of the other women that also buy drinks, but are not the night’s Grand Prize winners, will get  some really cool stuff like a coupon for a free sample of perfume from “Debbies House Of Fragrances'”.

Debbie (of course) is one of your top JV partners, so she’ll be glad to supply you with the coupons that offer your lady customers a nice “New First Time Customer” VIP discount coupon, plus the small free sample fragrance in order to in expensively create some new first time customers, and powerful free word of mouth publicity to boot.

And the guys can win, the same $100 dollar cash prize, to be handed out at closing time of course! And if your name is drawn and your not there.

You automatically forfeit your prize! Because remember, the longer they stick around the more chances you have to make money!

2.) You can also add some powerful creative marketing twist like announcing,’ okay fellas” this next round of drinks is for a free I-pod or  50 Buffalo Wings and one large 32 oz. soda ( that the winner has to pick up) courtesy of Bob’s  etc.

Again, your local JV partners should be more than willing to supply you with one major prize, plus new customer only discount coupons in exchange for a chance to inexpensively create some new first time customers for peanuts.

By Systematically Rewarding Your Best Customers … You Will Create Some Powerful Low Cost High Powered Free Word Of Mouth Publicity!

Hopefully, you can see how this type of low cost high impact “Word of mouth free publicity” will quickly go viral and help get the word out about your night spot. You could also offer three $50 dollar gas card winners, throughout the night.

Which means (ladies this next round of drinks (is worth X). Your grab bag will also have “Instant Prizes” like “Double Downs”.

Which means, whatever that hours instant Grand Prize Winner wins, they instantly get to double down and receive two!

So, if they happen to win a $50 dollar gas card. Guess what? That’s right! You’ll double it and they’ll win a $100 dollars worth!

Think about all the incredible free long term word of mouth publicity, this type of powerful low cost high impact marketing will bring!

You could have free surveys on your blog entitled; Vote For Your Best Free Grab Bag Gift Under $50 (or X) amount of Dollars!

Your best customers are now directing you as to which other struggling cash starved small business owners to approach with potential JV offers. This way you’ll know what prizes will cause your best patrons to keep coming back!

You could also do really cool stuff like, on Valentines day (or Valentines Day weekend) you could have a special round of drinks where one couple will win a free limo ride, a dozen roses, candy, plus a a really nice bottle of upscale champagne!

And (of course) your standard 5-7 foot teddy bear!(You gotta love old Teddy, don’t you agree?)

Again, you could agree to pay only the real cost to the limo service, and both your florist & Candy shop JV partners, should be more than willing to give you their accessories at cost as well, in exchange for a chance to create some new long term customers for peanuts!

All in all. This is an extremely powerful win/win situation for everyone. Don’t you agree?

You’ll create some serious long term free word of mouth publicity and your best patrons will not only love you for it, but they’ll spread the word high and low! For sure.

Q.) Can you see how you might easily adapt some of these in expensive marketing concepts to your current business, product or service? Or your JV partners? Say yes!

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08Dec 2011
Low cost high powered free publicity generating strategies will fill your bank account!

You must start strategically generating free publicity!

The Key Is To Simply Treat Your Customers Right!

This post is merely a continuation of part one of this series on free publicity.As you recall your busily (and inexpensively) creating some massive explosive word of mouth free publicity.

Basically by wowing your customer base and keeping them not only coming back, but gladly spending more money each time they do.

For ex: you could have a few of your sales staff, go outside whenever their is a rather long line forming and allow a certain limited amount of women in line to reach into one of your special “Grab bags”.

And in there you might have five special instant winners for five pairs of women’s super cool earrings that you got on an extra special closeout price from one of your top JV partners that just happens to be a jeweler.

Let’s say that the earrings typically cost ( $60 dollars apiece) but your JV partners sells them to you at cost for just $19 each.

So your total out of pocket cost is just ($95) – ($19 x 5=$95.) And on the men’s side you could offer some really cool low cost stuff like (four free slices of pizza) or one large burger with all the trimmings and fries.

You can just bet they’ll need something cold to help them wash it down.

Plus, maybe throw in two nice over the top big bang word of mouth prizes for the fellas as well.

How about one free $50 dollar gas card. And maybe a nice $200 dollar men’s watch. That your JV jeweler sold to you at cost for just $75 dollars.

Think about what happens (long term) each time you do this. Whether it’s once a week, like say on saturday night or once a month.

Don’t Under Estimate The Powerful Long Term Effects Of Explosive Free Word Of Mouth Publicity…

Two powerful things happen.

1.) First: you’ve (inexpensively) trained your best patrons to expect these nice little unexpected free bonus gifts!

2.) For virtually peanuts, your creating some serious long term explosive free word of mouth publicity and repeat patronage!

Think about this; if a young female college student (just for standing in line) waiting to enter your night spot, happens to reach into your Grab bag” and win a free nice pair of  women’s earrings ( or a nice bracelet or pendant) or a free $50 dollar gas card etc!

What do you think she will immediately do? First she’ll text several friends, she’ll add it to her Facebook page, she’ll tweet about it. Hello!

And when she gets back to school (or work) if she happens to be working full or part time.

As she’s standing around the water cooler or sitting in the break room, a female co-worker is going to want to know where she got those nice earrings or that nice (bracelet or pendant ) or that nice smelling perfume etc?

( Or where she won a $100 dollars in cash!) While standing in line!

She’ll say ( “I won it while I was standing in line waiting to get into X’s! They do this thing once a (week, month) called a “Grab bag.”

Translated: that co-worker  (and a few friends) will decide to go there and check it out too!

How many times do you think they’ll repeat that same story or be asked those same questions? Long after your promotion is over.

Meanwhile, for peanuts you’ll be creating quite a stir. Because think about what happens whenever people are lined up waiting to get in and out walks two staffers offering the guys & gals a chance to reach into your grab bag. Right!

The crowd already knows to expect some really nice stuff. And the male staffer offers his to the guys & the female staffer offers hers to the women.

Powerful Low Cost High Powered Joint Ventures Could Really Break The Bank Wide Open….

Suppose you approach four other small business owners to be your JV partners. You could really create some serious long term profits for everybody for a fraction of the traditional cost.

For ex; let’s suppose you approach the following four small business owners.

A.) An Independent small jewelry business owner.

B.) A small Independent Floral shop owner.

C.) A small (but reputable) auto mechanic business owner.

D.) A small women’s retailer that sells all types of exotic and specialty items like perfumes.

You basically have two ways that the two of you could work together to make big profits.

1.) First, be sure that you start collecting as many as possible of your patrons email info by

driving them to either your lead capture page or to your opt in box on your blog. So that they can start entering your  “Because Your Special” free monthly drawing!

Once a month you (or one of your staff) will choose two Grand Prize Winners, one male & one female.

The ladies will win a free 5-7 foot teddy bear, a dozen roses, a box of chocolates and a first time customer 20% discount coupon to your  JV partners retail store.

Altogether this eye opening big bang word of mouth promotion, costs you just X (because) you’ll either get them from your JV partner for cost or even less! But probably for just about a $100 dollars per month.

And all of it personally delivered free of charge either to where she works or goes to school, whichever the case happens to be!

Plus, (of course) you’ll include ten free ( carefully crafted) lead generating index cards that the winner quickly will pass out to at least twelve people!

The index card encourages the other ladies (and gentlemen) to register (no purchase) necessary at your website/blog for their chance to be next months Grand Prize Winner!  List Building 101!

What type of eye catching attention do you think that delivery will make? Do you really think some fancy $5,000 dollar slick TV, radio or newspaper ad campaign will even come close to having this type of wow effect! No way!

Fellas (not to be forgotten) you’ll get a chance to have 50 tasty Buffalo Wings and three large sodas of your choice delivered to your job, or if you decide to pick it up yourself, they’ll also throw in two large pizzas with any one topping on it at no extra charge!

Translated: they can’t possibly eat all that food alone! So everybody at work or school will want to know the skinny!

There Are A Ton Of Low Cost Think Outside The Box Ways For You To Make A Giant Splash In Your Particular Niche….

But here’s the real kicker. Of course each time you either deliver or one of your monthly Grand Prize Winners decides to pick up their goodies themselves.

You’ll include ten free lead generating index cards inviting everybody else to enter your free drawing at your website/blog.

And (over time) as you build your opt in email list. You can start sending your subscribers special emails about your various JV partners  best deal of the month offers etc.

Think about it. Now for (virtually free) you send your patrons emails alerting them to this months special on Joe’s Car repairs and car stereos!

They’ll learn how the general public will get X percent off, but because they are one of your VIP patrons (if they hurry) they’ll get X plus percent off! This week only!

Because it’s first come first served! If your list is just 2,000 strong and a mere 4% take you ( or Joe) up on this particular offer. That means that Joe just picked up a staggering 80 new potential long term customers!!

( 2,000 x 0.04% = 80 new potential long term customers.) For peanuts!

And even though Joe will probably be ecstatic, he probably won’t be able to handle all the new business!! Without hiring more people.

But here’s the other long term money maker for you. What if you have two potential offers for your JV partners.

A.) If they just pay you a monthly list rental fee of (X) or $500 dollars per month, they can keep 100% of any of the profits that your emails create for them!

B.) Or you could simply allow them to pay their entire years monthly rental  fee in advance and and you’ll also give them a 35% cash discount, as long as they also collectively pick up the cost for your monthly prize of a dozen roses a box a chocolate, one 5-7 foot teddy bear, the womens prefume and the guys free prizes as well.

Here’s the math. If your monthly email list rental fee is (for example purposes only) $500 dollars ( or X).

($500 per month x  12 months =$6,000 dollars per year) ( Paid in advance for a 35% cash discount equals $3,900 dollars.)               ( $6,000 x .35% off = $2,100)        ( $6,000 -$2,100 =$3,900)

Times four separate JV partners equals $15,600 dollars in cash! ($3,900 x 4 JV partners = $15,600)

(Remember: It’s the overall concept’s that you have to see here, not the specific numbers!)

And that’s how you creatively finance all of your over the top and completely outrageous
“Think outside the box” marketing strategies! To create serious ( long term) big bang word of mouth free publicity! Any questions?

Q.) How many low cost high percieved value free grab bag bonus gifts can you create or supply to your best custmers, in order to increase your profits, within the next 30 days or less.

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06Dec 2011

A powerful strategic alliance equals big bucks now!

A powerful strategic alliance will expode your profits now!

Introducing A Powerful Low Cost Way To Use Power Customer Service Marketing To  Create A Ton Of New Customers And Clients For Peanuts…

Have you or your kids (as your) watching the “Discovery” channel, ever thought about the powerful marketing lessons that it can teach you? And how watching ( and applying ) what you’ve learned as a result, can easily help you grow your cash starved struggling small business for peanuts? It’s true.

For ex; not only can watching the discovery channel help educate both you and your kids about the laws of nature and the jungle, but you’ll also discover “how” you can strategically out promote your big buck corporate competitors (on an extremely limited budget, )

And create a ton of new long term business, without breaking the bank in the process. Sound good?

The Key To Your Big Marketing Breakthrough May Just Lie In How Well You Understand Your Hippos Needs!

For ex: Witness first hand this incredibly powerful (and true to life) vivid example of  dynamite “Take No Prisoners” customer service in action, demonstrated by way of these enormous (and incredibly dangerous) hippos and these unassuming tiny little birds.

Upon closer review of this (true to life) powerful example, it quickly becomes obvious how any serious business owner ( but especially) a cash strapped struggling small business owner (like you.)

Can strategically out promote your big buck major competitors and in expensively grab some serious market share in the process as well.

During the extremely hot (dog days) of summer when the dessert heat all too often reaches (and exceeds) 100 degrees in the shade. Thank you very much.

In order to cool off, and catch a break,  all the animals head to the nearest lake. But sadly even as the hippos seek to cool off, the top part of their head and most of their entire lower back is still exposed to the unmerciful elements.

Which basically means all of those pesky insects such as mosquitoes, simply have a field day at the expense of the hippos  and all of the other animals as well!

Translated: Right now (somewhere) on or offline, there are big businesses (hippos)  that are constantly being pestered by and being victimized as well by constant little annoying daily, weekly or monthly situations, that your struggling cash starved ( tiny little bird)  small business could easily help them effectively deal with or eliminate altogether!

And by helping them eliminate the problem ( altogether) or greatly reduce it, you could quickly and easily grow your business by 10-40% without breaking the bank. And improve your cash flow at the same time.

If you would simply adjust your extremely limited thinking and adopt the mega long term bank account filling “Take No Prisoners” approach to dynamite customer service. A rarely under used asset.

There Are Tons Of Big And Small Businesses That Can And Will Profit From The Help Of Tiny Little Birds!

Of course if all you do (while you) and your kids watch the “discovery” channel is, yawn to keep from falling asleep.

You’d never totally appreciate the incredible marketing lesson that’s taking place right before your very eyes!

Enter the small and seemingly (at first glance anyway) totally inconsequential tiny little birds (a.k.a.) your cash starved (but extremely) customer service driven small business.

Now pay close attention. Because here is where your “Take No prisoners” at all cost customer service mentality will pay you big dividends ( for virtually peanuts) for years and years to come. If your smart enought to take advantage of it.

It seems those smart little birds are able to seize the moment ( and not only that) but their also able to (literally) ride the hippos back’s for free! Why? Because they eat (more like) gorge themselves on all of those pesky little insects and other parasites.

And just because they are extremely smart (and aggressive) marketers, they also throw in another extremely helpful service at no additional cost!

Are you sitting down? It seems that the hippos recognize good customer service when they experience it.

So they open their mouths and these same tiny little birds (translated) smart marketers, also clean the hippos teeth, by eliminating any other pesky insects from there as well.

And all the while the tiny little birds have absolutely no fear whatsoever of being eaten by these incredibly dangerous hippos! The End!

Hopefully (now) you can totally appreciate how watching (and applying) this incredibly powerful marketing lesson, that you discovered as result of watching the “Discovery” channel, can make a huge difference in your long term success!

No matter how you currently market your business on or offline.


Instead Of Just Trying In Vain And Wasting Your Extremely Valuable Time Trying To Do A Once In A Lifetime Joint Venture With A Guru Or Guruette!

Instead: invest your extremely valuable time into conducting a little research in order to discover what (pesky) ongoing problems that your tiny little bird cash starved struggling (small business) can help either the guru or some other big business greatly reduce or eliminate altogether!

As a result of your “Take No Prisoners” at all cost customer service mentality. This approach will allow you meaning) your tiny little bird cash starved small business, to grab some serious market share for peanuts.

And just like the (made in heaven) JV arrangement between the tiny little birds and the hippos, the guru or guruette will be 300% more likely to help you grow your business (long term) for peanuts! Don’t you agree?

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04Dec 2011

Profit big time with proven information marketing strategies.

Low cost high powered information marketing strategies equals profits!

(Even If You Don’t Currently Have Your Own Product Or Service Yet!)

This particular marketing concept is easily one of the Top Ten marketing mistakes that the typical (struggling cash starved ) small business owners makes.

You’ve already heard the term “back end” and for this incredibly powerful example, you will zero in a couple of it’s two main components.

Your first sale (in any business) is considered your “front end” and all additional sales there after (whether) their your own product or service or not, are considered your “back end”. And proven information marketing strategies, must become a part of your overall marketing plan, in order to thoroughly dominate your particular niche.

Powerful Joint Ventures Are A Tremendous Source Of Additional Back End Income For Your Business Product Or Service…

Once you have exhausted your list by selling all of your own products and services, you have an almost endless supply of additional products & services that your top JV (joint venture) partners can and will supply you with for a percentage split of the profits.

This particular post is going to demonstrate one such opportunity.

And there by expose how you might be able to creatively (and profitably) tap into a multi billion dollar information marketing bonanza, even if you don’t currently have a business, product or service of your own.

And the best part about this is, it has absolutely nothing to do with MLM a.k.a. Network Marketing etc. ( Now, aren’t you just a little bit curious?)

Let’s quickly set the stage and show how and where the big money (might be) for you.

How Do You Make Big Money In The Information Marketing Business?( Even If You Don’t Currently Have Your Own  Business,Product Or Service…)

Without going into all of the minor details here, you can read a much more expansive and detailed  account of this entire money making concept else where on this blog, about how to turn an eight cent investment into a $300 dollar gross profit!

For now, suppose you know someone (and you do) that has authored a 160 page “How to” text that details step by (money making) step, how you cash in on the multi billion dollar “Discounted Notes” industry.

Which by the way is also affectionately referred to as “The Paper” industry. Paper is just insider’s talk for  some form of debt.

Here is the condensed version of what the book was created for. The text teaches (anyone) with the right knowledge and drive ‘how to’ cash in on their share of the multi billion dollar “Discounted Note Industry”.

By basically finding and negotiating with the holders of these private debt instruments and offering them what (in essence) amounts to a discounted cash price.

The text offers the readers the chance to JV (Joint Venture) with the books author and split any generated profits 50/50.

Because the author supplies the readers with (the knowledge) and also the Institutional lenders that purchase these private debt instruments nation wide, but only currently within the US.

And the readers real cost is effectively marketing (on and offline) to find these private note holders, whose private notes must meet certain investment grade criterion.

And if they do, these institutional lenders that have billions of dollars in cash, will readily purchase them left and right.

Typically the spread (or the profit margin) between the cash price that the institutional investor will pay and the price that you actually offer the private note holder will have a $1,500.00 dollar spread in it. ( Give or take.)

And that spread or ($1,500.00) difference is what the author will gladly split 50/50 with each individual commissioned only referral agent/bird dog.

So (on average) both parties are looking at grossing $750.00 dollars apiece. ( Or X amount of dollars apiece.)

Now let’s quickly take a look at seven different profitable ways that the author might be able to cash in big time by taking advantage of his businesses incredibly lucrative back end.

Introducing Seven Simple Low Cost Mega ProvenWays To Cash In On The Multi Billion Dollar How To Information Goldmine….

The following seven examples are merely for illustration purposes only.

1.) Suppose the author allows the national promoters of the annual “Home Based Business” Expos that tour the country each year, to sell his text which currently retails for $69.00 dollars offline.

They instead sell the hard cover book at the back of the room and only charge $37.00 dollars. The book currently cost about $12.00 dollars to print, so the promoters net the $25.00 dollar difference.

In other words the author strategically allows the promoters to keep 100% of the $25.00 dollar gross profit. On one condition only!

The promoters agree in writing to aggressively promote the text until they sell or give away at least 250,000 copies. Digital or hard cover combined. ( This will make sense just a little bit later.)

2.) The author could allow some of the “Home Based Business” magazines such as “Entrepreneur” and “Income Opportunity” to offer the text to their readers and subscribers for the same $37.00 dollars & they also get to keep 100% of the $25.00 dollar  (front end) profit as long as they agree to the same arrangement as previously described.

3.) This next potential goldmine back end JV arrangement involves at least three of the big time Mega successful Real Estate “How to”Investment Gurus.

Namely Robert” Nothing Down” Allen, Carleton “No Money Down” Sheets and The”King” of lease options, Ron Legrand.

They (and or their top level associates) all agree (yea right) to offer the  authors text to their list in one of two ways.

A.) They offer it as a free upsell bonus to anyone that buys any of their ‘how to’ products and or courses or services that exceed $97.00 dollars and up.

B.) They sell text outright at the back of the room at their live offline workshops. And again they retail it for only $37.00 dollars and because it will only cost them $12.00 to print, they’ll net the $25.00 dollar front end profits.

And all three Mega successful Gurus (probably) easily have individual (on & offline) list of  100,000 or more!

4.) Now let’s quickly turn to the net. Since this example is just for illustration purposes only.

Whenever You Strategically Combine On And Offline Marketing Opportunities Your Long Term Profits Are Set To Explode!

Let’s take three incredibly successful online marketers, who are all self made millionaires as a result. And they are Tom”The King of Kaching” Antion, Terry Dean and Matt Bacak.

They all agree to sell the digital version for only $27.00 dollars and they too all agree to sell at least 100,000 copies, in exchange for pocketing the entire upfront gross profit of $27.00 dollars.

5.) The income opportunity magazines (that were previously mentioned) also, agree to offer the text at a special upsell bonus price of just $27.00 dollars to any customers that order by phone and pay by credit card.

This time they’ll only net $15.00 dollars in upfront profits. ( $27- $12=$15.00)

6.) The “Home Based Business” promoters also offer the text as a free bonus whenever anybody purchases any courses that exceed $597.00 dollars and up.( This easily covers the books $12.00 dollar upfront cost.)

And finally…

7.) The author allows the renegade “Self Publishing” industry to offer his text for sale ($37.00 dollars) at the back of the room at their extremely popular annual boot camps.

In conclusion:

To date the author of the text which for the record ( just happens to be yours truly) has agreed to ( in this fictitious example) to  allow thirteen different highly successful entrepreneurs to sell his text (both on & offline) and incredibly, allows them to keep 100% of all of the front end profits! Why?

This my friend is the method to the madness. Sadly, the fact of the matter is.

No matter what type of niche business opportunity (and or JV) opportunity that your talking about. Only a measly two percent out every one hundred people that purchase any type of ‘how to’ make money/business opportunity course will actually do anything meaningful.

Which means that if after all the people who attend all of those free on and offline workshops and webinars etc.

A grand total of 600,000 (that’s six hundred thousand) people some how get a hold of the text (on or offline.)

Only two percent of them or in this particular case ( 12,000) people (commissioned only) referral agents will actually ever find any fund able transactions.(And they use their dime to do so.) (600,00 x .02% =12,000 commission only referral agents.)

In fact (statistically speaking) on average, only about 30% of the 12,000 people or (3,600) referral agents/bird dogs will consistently make any real money!(12,000 x.30% =3,600 really active commission only affiliates.)

Q. Would you be (more than willing) to allow your JV partners to pocket 100% of all the front end profits in exchange for creating a national commissioned only sales force of 3,600 super affiliates! Yep!

 That on average brought you at least one deal per month and  netted you a gross profit of $750.00 dollars apiece!

You do the math! Hopefully you are beginning to see how incredibly lucrative long term back end marketing can be!

Q. So here’s the $64K question. If you were paid an extremely generous 50% of every deal that ( yours truly) closed as a result of you introducing him to someone that agreed to market his text (with the aforementioned conditions.)

Would it be worth it to you to (FYL) that’s short for flap yo lips!

If it meant that you could get your piece of a multi billion dollar ‘how to’ information goldmine! Especially if you don’t currently have a business, product or service of your own yet!

Then welcome to my opportunity! You bring your contact(s) to the table and if the JV works out. You’ll get 50% of my 50%  of every deal that’s closed for the life of the JV arrangement, that your contact agrees to.

The text was written by yours truly and now it’s simply waiting to explode with the help of your JV contact(s!)  let’s do a three way conference call asap! Nuff said! Get to it!

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03Dec 2011

Directresponse marketing will explode your profits now!

Proven direct response marketing strategies equals long term profits!

Because The Pricey Madison Avenue Advertising Approach Will  Drain Your Bank Account And Ultimately Bankrupt Your Company….

As you continue to study and (ultimately) master proven basic marketing

principles and start to routinely create positive results (which means) that your

advertising/marketing efforts actually starts to payoff.

You Should Avoid The Big Time Image Advertising Marketing Methods That Madison Avenue Executives Advocates Like The Plaque!

Once you start consistently using proven direct response marketing strategies and your advertising results are (on average) 450% better than the typical (and outrageously) expensive “image ad” stuff that the big time Madison Avenue Ad Agencies are notorious for creating.

While their advertising strategies may do something for your company’s image, ( not much) it will

almost certainly continuously drain your bottom line! And for that reason a staggering 99% of all cash starved

struggling small business owners should avoid it (at all costs) just like the plague!

Or you will surely be headed to bankruptcy. Right along with your image!

Your Typical Glitzy Madison Avenue Ad Agency Marketing Strategies Are Financial Suicide For The Average Cash Starved Small Business Owner!

Primarily because (for the most part) their advertising methods are simply unaccountable!

Their outrageously expensive ads (far too often) merely make bland statements. They just get in your face (over and over)

and attempt to be “funny” or entertaining. They supposedly help build your companies image in the public’s

mind, but neither being funny or entertaining pays your bills does it? Nope.

Q.) If you had an employee and they never had to account for either their salary or their hourly wage, would you simply allow them to keep cashing a paycheck? No way, Right.

Well then, how come you (don’t) or won’t apply the exact same standard to your big time ad agency?

They simply want you to keep writing checks for their services, meanwhile where’s the payoff from their advertising methods?

They constantly remind you that it takes time (meaning) a ton of money to build company brand recognition.

So you keep throwing what little cash resources you have at (way too expensive) for the typical cash strapped small business owner, traditional advertising mediums like, radio, television and expensive display & yellow page ads.

Your costs keep mounting up, yet you consistently receive little to no bankable results. Enough already.

The type of glitzy “image advertising” that the Madison Avenue types (and far too many others) in the multi billion dollar ad agency arena specialize in, is not the type of cost effective and laser targeted advertising that the typical cash starved small business owner should be using.

Hint: Their advertising methods were never created to be accountable! That’s the main reason why you must avoid the type of advertising methods that some insider’s like to affectionately refer to as “Tombstone Advertising” because as sure as you apply it to your business, it’s bound to kill your profit margin!

Unless You Have Deep Corporate Pockets…. You Wanna Avoid The Madison Avenue Approach….

Let the Radio Shacks and the Apple Bees of this world use the incredibly expensive and highly un targeted spray & pray approach to advertising and waste a ton of money in the process.

In Order For Your Cash Starved Small Business To Effectively Compete On Or Offline In A Extremely Over Crowded Marketplace… You Must Immediately Start Using Low Cost High Powered Direct Response Marketing…

Direct Response Marketing is accountable, the glitzy ‘image advertising” is not! Direct Response advertising compels your ideal prospects to not only pre qualify themselves, but it induces them ( by including a powerful call to action) to respond to your advertisement message now!

For example; suppose you have expertise in sophisticated Real Estate financing instruments. (Not a bad skill to have nowadays.)

Such as the semi controversial “Short Sales” or purchasing via “Lease with Options” methods etc.

And you’re very adept at explaining the complexities of sub prime mortgage loan instruments and you specialize in the dreaded Adjustable Rate Mortgages aka (ARM’s.)

And with all the talk and concern about the inevitable foreclosures and troubled home loans in the news these days; you capitalize on it by sharing your proven expertise.

By creating a  free ‘how to’ lead generating special report (or perhaps) a powerful free offline 90 minute Introductory workshop or a free online webinar series.

Do you think anyone suffering from these various financial issues would be interested in learning more?

For example: Suppose you were reading one of the various free “For Sale By Owner” publications, and you saw the following Direct Response advertising type of ad.

Proven Direct Response Marketing  Tips- Part Two

An Explosive Free 39: 47 Second DVD Finally Reveals “How Not To Be A Victim Of An Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan!” (Even If You Can’t Afford Your New Payments!)

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Q. If you had concerns regarding these issues, would you want to know more? Especially if the information were free.

Now contrast that approach to the typical glitzy ‘image advertising’ where the ad doesn’t offer any type of accountability! Image ads (aka) institutional ads, far too often just make bland uninspiring statements! They don’t compel your ideal prospect to respond to your marketing message now.

No instead ( as mentioned previously) it seeks (at your expense) to be funny or entertaining, anything but accountable!

Hopefully you can now appreciate the major differences between the two approaches. One just drains your bottom line because it tries to be all things to all prospects. ( A huge mistake.) Because all you’ll wind up with is being nothing to anyone!

And boy is image advertising expensive. Proven Direct Response Marketing on the other hand, zeroes in on your best prospects and compels them to pre -qualify themselves by responding to your offer by requesting your free lead generating information now! Super list building 101 at it’s best.

Using  Powerful Client Centered Main Power Headlines And Specific Calls To Action In Your Copy Will Attract Your Best Prospects To You Like A Magnet!

And of course if you’re marketing online, you will be sending your leads (web visitors ) to your best market tested lead capture page.

In Conclusion:

Effective Direct Response Marketing Methods Compel An Immediate Response From Your Most Qualified Prospects And Doesn’t Try To Be All Things To All Prospects!

In order for you to really take advantage of the web and succeed long term. You need to understand the psychology of the web.

Just like people quickly  skim the offline yellow pages, your online web browser initially goes online desperately seeking solutions/answers to their most pressing needs and or concerns.

So they are not initially looking to be sold! Meaning- unlike 98% of your clueless competitors. Do not make the long term profit repelling mistake of sending your first time visitor ( a glorified blind first date) to your sales page.

Because their not in the buying mode yet. Instead the savvy marketer (so that means you) reverts to the Texas two step marketing approach.

Meaning- first you satisfy your ideal prospects curiosity be supplying them (initially) with some powerful (long term) credibility establishing free problem solving information.

This accomplishes two main things.

1.) It helps to distant you from your would be competitors who are strictly trying to get to the Benjamin’s!

2.) It helps position you as one of the top go to experts within your respective niche and both your ideal prospects and other long term potential JV  (Joint Venture) partners will seek out your advice and opinions as well.

This will help dramatically lower your traditional long term upfront marketing costs, because of you having to heavily advertise in order to create new business, you can begin writing highly effective free lead generating articles and blog posts, that (in time) will get syndicated all over the web. Translated- powerful free marketing leverage.

And your live (offline) workshops can have portions of it uploaded to the web and drive tons of  highly targeted free traffic to your lead capture page (or your blog with its opt in box) as well.

And this where Direct Response Marketing can and will fill this need perfectly.

It allows you to take advantage of your ideal prospects natural momentum and offers your prospect (on or offline) a fair exchange. Their contact information in exchange for your powerful free how to problem solving information.

They join your list and now you both inexpensively and systematically follow up with them long term (preferably) by email for peanuts. As opposed to constantly having to pay retail for your prospects by using expensive hit and miss (spray & pray) institutional ads of some type.

And as your list of highly targeted prospects grows, so too will both your long term front and back end income  and long term JV potential. Don’t you agree?

Just be sure that your highly targeted free ‘how to’ lead generation information product addresses (one or more) of their main issues or concerns and that its at least 90% problem solving content and not sales hype!

Otherwise your just wasting your time and money, plus you’ll turn them off permanently!

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