21Aug 2011
How Marketing Leverage Holds The Key To Your Online Success! Part Two

How Marketing Leverage Holds The Key To Your Online Success! Part Two

Who couldn’t use an extra 250% return on their valuable marketing dollars? As you’re probably already aware, the ‘Nothing Down’ Real Estate information marketing industry has (and will) continue making a ton of money using mega proven low cost high powered marketing leverage.

And so should you.

Your Local Banker, Real Estate Investor And Insurance Company All Understand And Profit From Using Financial Leverage…(And You Should Too!)

Sadly, most people that watch some of those over the top late night cable TV infomercials still don’t fully grasp the real meaning of the term ‘Nothing Down’. ( It’s not literal, it’s conceptual!)

The following example is strictly for illustration purposes only.

Suppose that you contracted to purchase a nice single family home in a rather upscale area for $250,000. dollars.

And you’re going to simultaneously sell it to a couple that (for several) reasons,simply can’t qualify for a conventional bank loan.

So the couple that sold you the property is only too glad to be unloading a tremendous financial burden and (likewise) the couple that is purchasing the property from you is delighted to purchase the property from you in an unconventional way, because their lack of financial sophistication and problem credit has prevented them from purchasing a nice home to this point.

The couple selling the home (unfortunately),can no longer comfortably afford the payments and are on the verge of losing it through the dreaded foreclosure process.

And rather than risk going through that time consuming,  not to mention nerve racking and fairly expensive process, they are more than relieved to sell it (unload it)  to you before the foreclosure process all but permanently destroys their fragile credit rating.

The Painful Foreclosure Process Ultimately Creates Deeply Discounted Buying Opportunities..

The couple buying from you,got in over their head a few years back and got a few dings against their credit. And that explains why they can’t get a conventional home loan from a mortgage bank or credit union,without paying totally outrageous upfront fees!

The home you’re purchasing currently appraises for $250k and you’re selling  it for the exact same price. Huh?

Financial leverage remember? The real key is that you’re paying your seller a 5.75% fixed interest rate for 30 years, (but) you’re charging your buyers (with bad credit) 8.75% (also) on a fixed rate mortgage for the next 30 years.

Basically, in order to cut to the chase, you’re netting that 3% difference on $250,000 dollars! Which means- you owe your seller (on an) annual basis $14,375 dollars or $1,197.92 per month. ($1,197.92 per month x 12 months = $14,375)

And your buyer pays you 8.75% interest on the exact same $250,000 dollars. So they pay you (on an) annual basis $21,875 dollars or $1,822.92  per month. ($1,822.92 per month x 12 months = $21,875)

Either way, you net $625 dollars per month ($1,822.92-$1,197.92) or $7,500 per year. ($625 per month x 12 months = $7,500 gross profit per year. Or a gross profit of $225,000 dollars! ($7,500  per year x 30 years = $225,000!)

And you’ll gross that figure every year or until your buyer either sells or refinances the loan.

(Of course it will take at least two $10K five day boot camps and at least 12-18 months worth of real life hit & miss real world experience before you will even be able to approach putting together a sophisticated transaction like this!  At least now you have the general concept. Minus a few of the other specifics.)

That’s called getting it done! Or ‘Nothing Down” -meaning- 100% borrowed money! Financial leverage is how & why banks and Insurance companies own incredibly big buildings!

Your Long Term Online Success Will Involve Marketing Leverage Of Some Kind…

In the interest of time, you are about to get the condensed version of this extremely powerful, eye opening example. Which as always, is strictly for illustration purposes only.

As some of you are (no doubt) already aware, my powerful 50 page special free report entitled: The Ten Most Common Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make! ( And How To Correct Them!)

Helps cash starved, struggling small business owner and or service providers systematically increase their profits with virtually little or no increase in upfront out of pocket costs!

Suppose the following five separate business owners (and therefore) their respective industries agree to do a joint venture that will benefit all of us.

A.) A small business Mom & Pop printing business.

B.) A small P.O Box & UPS mail box provider.

C.) A small on or offline ‘niche market’ newsletter that sells both classified & display ads.

D.) A small consulting business that has both outside sales reps and in house telephone sales reps that helps set appointments.

E.) A Tax Accountant that specializes in tax reducing strategies designed specifically for small to mid sized business owners.

Each one of these industries constantly has prospects and customers in the various customer cycles. Meaning- some are new first time customers while others are -currently- inactive ex customers. And still others are  happy customers that are constantly referring new business.

Here Are Five Incredibly Simple Ways You Can Use My  Powerful Free 50 Page Special Report To increase Your Profits By At 25% Or More! ( in The Next 90 Days Or Less!)

1.) Use the powerful 50 page special report as a free upsell bonus whenever your customer upgrades from a $39.95 to a $54.95 dollar purchase. In other words, when they go from purchase A to a slightly more expensive purchase B.

2.) Whenever an ex inactive customer makes a –welcome back– purchase, they also get the 50 page special report as a free bonus gift (currently) valued at $29.95. ( Of course, you might substitute your particular product or service for any of these particular examples.)

3.) Whenever a customer purchases $1.00 – $14.00 dollar trial service, they also get the special report as a free bonus gift.

4.) Whenever your customer pays by either credit card or money order, they also get the free report as a bonus gift. They reduce the percentage of bad checks, plus get some powerful free marketing information that will help them increase their profits.

5.) Whenever someone attends an online webinar or signs up for a tele- seminar or  attends an offline workshop, annual conference etc. They also get the special free report as a bonus gift.

Hopefully, you can see how everyone will benefit from this incredibly simple joint venture arrangement.

Q. How many of this incredibly simple, proven marketing concepts can you apply to your business, product or service in the next 60 days or less?

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18Aug 2011

How To Strategically Convert Close Out Merchandise Into A Long Term Profit Of 50% Or More!

How To Strategically Convert Close Out Merchandise Into A Long Term Profit Of 50% Or More!

    How A Simple Shift In Your Perspective Can Lead To A Huge Long Term Profit

Imagine this. Let’s say that you own a small independent retail store. And just like everybody else these days, you too are feeling the pinch from the nagging recession. And you had some close out merchandise that was doing two things.

1.) It was taking up very valuable floor space that could be used to sell newer or more popular items, but only if you can move it, without just giving it away and taking a huge lost.

2.) You also have a fair amount of capital tied up in it. And that’s basically idle money that could be used to either buy more proven ads, or invested in far more effective long term marketing strategies.

Or you could purchase more sell able inventory and that capital could be used to help you build an even larger list faster.

So no matter how you slice it, you really would be much better off if you could (somehow) quickly or in the not so distant future ( say the next 30-60 days). Move this dead or unsold inventory, without taking too much of a loss in the process.

Well guess what? The same basic dynamic holds true for a major newspaper that has unsold ad space!

When they go to press, if the space (no matter) what size it is, hasn’t sold, that’s the same as that retailer having dead unsold inventory. And they usually end up running (in house) public service ads, that they typically make zero profit from.

So here’s a quick question for you. Q. Given the choice,  would you rather:

A.) Just suck it up ( like 99%) of your uninformed major competitors do and sell your unsold display ad space to a last minute super discount distress sale “remnant space” ad buyer specialist. And receive up to 75% less than your  normal retail price? Ouch!

B.) Or think just a little “outside the box” and turn either that previously dead unsold inventory or ad space into a long term major profit center?

How The Ultimate Insiders Strategically Convert Conventional Losses Into Long Term Profits For Peanuts..

With just a little mind shift and a much more long term expansive approach, you could  very easily be on the verge of some really big profits.

The following examples (as always) are for illustration purposes only. As most of you who are already intimately familiar with how the newspapers (until now) were forced to deal with unsold ad space and radio stations, with their unsold air time.

( Or local cable TV stations with unsold cable ad space.)

There is a fairly little known breed of savvy small business owners (potential ad space buyers) that truly understand cash flow and why any cash intense business (like a newspapers or local cable TV stations) would begrudgingly settle for 25% cents on the dollar as opposed to not selling some critical ad space.

And going to press and being forced to run a zero profit (in house) public service message of some kind.

One of things that’s hard to resist is receiving a check from a savvy ad buyer at the last minute, with the written instructions “please feel free to run this display ad in the untimely event that you have available display ad space of this size.”

And (of course) they just happen to include a check that’s (usually) up to 75% less than the normal retail rate.

Keep in mind (if the newspaper) or directory cashes the check which is the equivalent to a much needed bird in the hand. They in essence have agreed to the savvy ad buyers terms!( Have they not?)

So needless to say, the newspapers or cable station try not to publicly acknowledge this sad fact. Or else they’d have all of their major (long term) ad buyers holding out to the last minute. Demanding (and in a ton of cases) receiving a huge price discount.

So there not going to publicize this occurrence on their blog.

Your Long Term Profits Are Just One Simple Marketing Twist Away…

Now that the stage has been properly set, let’s quickly layout a couple of simple strategies that you or the newspaper or independent jeweler could use, to convert a previous 75% loss into a long term profit. Sound good? Great.

First off; what if instead of just desperately trying to unload your unsold display or classified ad space to a savvy  (distress sale ad  buying specialist) for up to 75% off!

What if you instead took a more long term proactive approach, and you turned this into a highly profitable Ebay moment. Huh?

Meaning- from now on, what you’ll do are two steps.

1.) Make sure that you always capture your valued prospects and customers contact info. Offline you want their physical mailing address.And this is often best accomplished by using highly effective “Direct Response Marketing.”

And online (of course) you want to capture their contact info – namely their first name and primary email address, via opt in email. List Building 101.

( Here is an excellent example of  highly effective opt in email in action, check out my affiliate link for one of the nets most successful niche marketers.)

2.) Start pre arranging various JV (Joint Venture Partners) preferably your major display and classified ad buyers. And instead of accepting up to 75% less for your ad space.

Offer to JV split 25-50% of the profits, because you’ll gladly run one (or more) of their display ads upfront for free or on a break even upfront basis.This way you don’t lose money upfront initially in order to accommodate them.

But the main point is; they should be more than willing to pay you (meaning your publication) on a performance (or commission only) basis as opposed to rolling the dice and spending a ton of  money upfront and hoping that your publications audience is the right match for their particular products or services.

And the other thing you’ll strategically point out is this. If they don’t currently have any other additional products or services to offer your customers.

Creating A Powerful Long Term Back End Sales Funnel Will Pay You Major Dividends For Years!

You’ll gladly help them develop a high powered back end products and services sales funnel.

And help them explode their long term profits for peanuts. But you are only going to offer this special arrangement to the top  three advertisers who offer the most generous JV percentage split with you!

Meaning – ( just like) Ebay, you will in a sense (from now on) after you inexpensively test this concept.

Be auctioning off your unsold display ad space to your highest JV revenue partners and they save a ton of upfront out of pocket traditonal costs and (from now on)  instead of you simply selling a display or classified ad for a huge discount.

You’ll place the ad for them, but share generously in their profits and after you throughly explain the concept and (more impotantly) help them properly develop a substantial long term back end sales funnel.

The both of you can start strategically & systematically earning some serious long term back end income for peanuts! Don’t you agree?

In conclusion: Ladies & Gentlemen (for the record) and just so you know and understand. There are at least five more (not readily) recognizable (but) easily accessible big time profit centers buried in this extremely watered down example.

So those of you that are wise enough to opt in (become a subscriber) will get that and the other low cost long term money making secrets as well!

So be sure that you grab your explosive 22 small business marketing idea kit. It’s a $97 dollar value and for the time being, it’s free!

Q. How many simple variations can you think of to start utilizing this incredibly powerful low cost mega proven marketing strategy, within the next 60 days or less?

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15Aug 2011


Introducing Three Incredibly Simple Ways To Increase Your Customers Lifetime Value By At Least 25% Or More!

Introducing Three Incredibly Simple Ways To Increase Your Customers Lifetime Value By At Least 25% Or More!

Have you ever gone to look at some type of property to rent or buy an (either) the Realtor or leasing agent will give the standard line that goes something like this; “this particular property currently rents for $1,500. dollars per month, but it could go for $2,000. dollars per month or X.”

So the obvious question begs asking; ” if it can really go for $2k per month ( or X), then why isn’t it?” And so it goes with you (cash starved) struggling small business owner.

If you can truly earn an additional 25% or more from your current advertising/marketing strategies, then why aren’t you?

How Come Your Not Currently Taking Advantage Of A Simple Sales Boosting Strategy That Can Slash Your First Time Customer Acquisition Costs By A Whopping 85% Upfront Or More!…

Have you or someone you know ever taken a creative thinking course and as the material is being taught, you find yourself thinking out loud and constantly saying to yourself; “gee that’s so simple,why didn’t that seem so obvious before?”

Profitable marketing strategies (and other) breakthroughs are often the exact same way. Meaning- you don’t see the obvious until you see it!

Case in point; do you have one of those Red Box movie rental machines in your local grocery stores ? Here is how the typical daily transaction occurs. Someone (or a couple) stands there and eventually rents (on average) one -three movies.

They enter their credit card info, make a few selections and out pops their movies in the sealed envelope,correct?

They watch the movies and on their return visit to the grocery store or whatever the specific place of business happens to be,  they return the movies correct?

Wrong! Huh? Think about this from a marketing stand point for a moment. First off, no matter what product or service that you market, there is another business that desperately needs your exact same customer.

So why should two cash starved struggling small business owners each burn money on separate advertising campaigns when there is an incredibly simple way to work out a strategic alliance (aka) joint venture and dramatically reduce each other costs and simultaneously increase long term profits!

In Far Too Many Cases Small Business Owners Struggle When They Don’t Have To!

The next time you are seriously considering doing a direct mail campaign, instead try and find at least five other local small  business owners that are non competitive to your specific business, product or service and offer to add your best market tested post card sized insert into their current outgoing direct mail campaign.

(Note: you have to test first before you attempt this type of marketing leverage strategy, otherwise you want be as successful as  you could be.)

If you’re just starting out and money is extremely scarce, make them two separate offers

Offer # one: You will simply supply them with the pre printed post cards and or index cards and you will revenue split with them on a sliding scale of 25-50% of each sale that you make.

( They make the higher end of the scale provided they personally introduce you to at least three other local non competitive small business owners that you can make the exact same arrangement with!)

Offer # two: If you are marketing any type of ongoing subscription service of some kind. Then you will pay them 25-60% on the first month and 25-50% on an ongoing basis.

Now let’s do a reverse,huh? If you’re the one doing a first class enveloped mailing. Find at least three other non competing businesses that need your exact same customer base.

And simply charge them a certain dollar amount upfront to piggyback in your mailing. Obviously you’ll being giving them a competitive price discount off the typical postage rates.

And let them keep 80-100% of any upfront profits that they generate. The real point of this particular strategy is to dramatically lower your upfront out of pocket costs and or to recoup any up front expenses you will incur whenever you do offline direct snail mail.

Just be sure that in the beginning you only approach  small or mid sized business owners that you (or someone) you know currently already has some type of ongoing established relationship with them in place. That way you can leverage it.

Piggy Backing Off Of Other Local Small Businesses Owners Out Going Mail Can And Will Both Save And Make You A Fortune!

Back to the Red Box example for some additional super marketing leverage. Two things here.

A.) Another offline local business like say (Best Buy) should include their best market tested insert coupon and include it in Red Boxes envelope, and offer those customers a chance to enter a free drawing for a chance to win $20K in discount coupons.

One guaranteed winner will be announced on Best Buy’s website each month!

But also offer at least five guaranteed monthly second prizes and ten guaranteed monthly third prizes in order to stimulate both positive word of mouth and create tons of repeat movie rental customers!

But here’s the kicker; currently, Red Box only grosses $1.50 per day for each movie rental (unless) of course you don’t return it within a certain time frame. But that withstanding.

Best Buy or whomever their JV partner is, will JV split with them 25% of each sale they make as result of this new  source of customer base spending money both on and offline.

Because the web address that’s included on Best Buys( or the JV ) partners coupon insert, in reality, will be Red Boxes affiliate link ID. That way Red Box can track and credit Best Buy each month their 25%  online affiliate commissions!

And finally; think about this. In order to really stimulate future sales and generate powerful word of mouth publicity.

Red Box will strategically give away each month at least ten ($1,000) dollar gas cards! They’ll simply include them as an additional insert! ( And include ten $100 dollar in store grocery coupons as well!)

What do think will start to happen when someone rents two movies for a grand total of $3.00 dollars and wins a $1,000 dollar gas card (during a recession) to boot!

Think they’ll Facebook and tweet a few friends and family members and mention it during break at work! Bingo!

Q. How many more brain dead simple spin off concepts can you come up with to start implementing in your own cash starved struggling small business in the next 60 days or less?

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14Aug 2011
How Savvy Marketers Like You Can Dramatically Reduce Your Risk By A Whopping 75% Or More!

How Savvy Marketers Like You Can Dramatically Reduce Your Risk By A Whopping 75% Or More!

   (And Simultaneously Increase Your Profits Without Increasing Your Upfront Out Of Pocket Costs!)

Have you ever been to one of those (so called) free 90 minute workshops that some how (always) wind up turning into you being asked to invest anywhere from $1,997-$5,797 dollars!

You know the one’s that start out sharing a few of the basic concepts about (take your pick) stock market investing, Real Estate investing, making money using ebay to learning how to make money via the Internet etc.

Typically, either you or a friend or relative gets  two free all day passes to attend one of these events and it’s also best not to take your check book!

Because the speakers are typically pretty persuasive and are as charismatic as ‘ Tony Robbins’ and they know how to convert casual prospects into eager buyers! Face it, it’s how they earn their living.

Learn How To Systematically Reduce Your Potential Customers Perceived Risk And Watch Your Long Term Profits Soar!

How many times have you been presented with (any type) of potential  buying opportunity and ultimately you decided the overall risk (real) or perceived simply outweighed the so called rewards? Oh you can bet that (all too) typical line of thinking (has) and will continue to prevent a ton of potential sales from taking place!

So how does an extremely savvy marketer (such as) yourself strategically turn the tables in your favor and help dramatically lower your buyers risk, while simultaneously and systematically increase your overall chances of making more sales and thereby earning more money!

Without dramatically increasing  your upfront out of pocket costs and going broke in the process? Enter your powerful little known and rarely used marketing secret weapon!

You are about to discover an incredibly powerful and mega proven insider secret marketing strategy, that a staggering 98% of all super successful on and offline marketing heavyweights systematically use 24/7 to dramatically increase their overall bottom line.

And the best part is, this particular technique is low cost, non techie and incredibly simple to implement!

How A Simple Game Of Teeter Tooter Can Teach You A Profitable Marketing Lesson!

If you or your relatives have kids, you’re probably very familiar with the game of teeter tooter,correct? The basic premise is, as one side goes up, the other side goes in opposite direction, correct?

Well (my friend) that simple kids game sheds some extremely valuable insights into how you can strategically go about dramatically reducing your first time potential customers perceived risk(s) and all but eliminating their reluctance to make that all important first purchase with you! Say what?

That’s correct, follow this simple train of thought if you will. The first time any new potential first time customer is about to make that all important first purchase from you or one of your joint venture (JV) partners.

No matter how appealing or compelling your sales approach is, the potential customer still has that nagging feeling in the back of their mind that what if your products or services doesn’t perform up to their expectations?

They’ll be stuck or (just like) the last time they spend this type of money, they are going to be put through hell trying to get their money back! (It’s a legitimate concern that has to be addressed!)

In fact, picture this; let’s quickly do a simple side by side comparison and see what insights you can discover for future use in your long term marketing strategies..

Let’s suppose that you attended two of those one day free 90 minute preview workshops, that you know (all too) well will ultimately lead to you being offered some type of fairly high priced home study course or 2-3 day workshop that cost anywhere from a low of $997 to a high of $5,997 dollars apiece!

But here’s the kicker. Company A simply wants you to pay $3,597 dollars apiece to attend or $5,500 for any two people and of course they offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee if your not 100% satisfied.

And company B is offering the exact same prices and unconditional money back guarantee,however, they also offer the following (proven) marketing twist.

They also include a whopping $2,397 dollars in free bonus goodies and services, like two hours of free one on one power consultations! (Valued at $500 dollars or $250 dollars per hour!)

And even if you decide to ask for your money back within the stated grace period. Guess what? You still get to keep all of the free bonuses totaling $2,397 dollars!

As their special gift and it’s just their way of saying thank you for at least giving your products or services an honest try!

Now on a percentage basis, which of the two offers do you think most super skeptical first time new customers will feel the most comfortable with? Bingo!

Don’t worry if you’re wondering where in the world you’re suppose to get all of these free power bonus goody products and  services from.

Especially, if you’re just starting out and cash and other resources are extremely limited!

That my friend is why you can and must  start developing bank account filling joint venture (JV) partners!

You Are Probably Just One Or Two Well Structured Joint Venture Partnerships From Success!

Think about it; would you be willing to help a non competing small business owner increase their sales,  especially if you needed their exact same customer? And it would only cost you pennies on the dollar to identify a new first time potential customer and long term client!

You’ll dramatically slash  your first time customer acquisition costs, your JV partner will systematically increase their sales and your customers will absolutely love all of the valuable free additional value added to their purchase!

This powerful (mega proven) little known marketing secret is often referred to as “Risk Reversal” of course you’ll hear it referred to as other things as well.

But the main point for you to do is  start applying it to your business,product or service asap!

And watch your gross profits start systematically growing and or exploding!

(FYI: that’s the reason you are encouraged to grab your copy of the powerful free nine page special report! Because you have (yours truly s) permission to use it for that and at least six other brain dead simple  ways to help  you increase your gross profits by at least 25% in the next 90 days or less!)

Provided you can and will follow specific instructions!

Q. How soon can you start successfully implementing bank account filling ‘risk reversal’ marketing  strategies into your long range marketing plan?

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14Aug 2011

Would it bother you if your long term profits were to suddenly explode by thousands of percent? Especially if it literally were to cost you pennies on the dollar to create this profit explosion! Such are the benefits of inexpensively cross promoting your product or service.

Well sit back and prepare yourself to discover a simple (proven) long term three step back end marketing concept that will literally explode your long term profits for  peanuts!

First let’s quickly recap. As you recall from part one of this post.

You created an offline hard cover 160 page ‘how to’  text, that currently retails for $69.95 ( or X).

But it only cost about $12 dollars to produce.

Give Your Initial Product Away Or At A Greatly Reduced Discounted Price And Still Make A Fortune!…

Introducing three more incredibly simple ways for you to cash in big time by strategically initially giving away your product or service away!

As you recall from the previous post, the home based business expo industry has agreed (in writing) to both aggressively market your text to at least 100K of their offline attendees to their annual events.

Plus personally introduce you to at least three other major players that are in the information publishing  business, so that you can make the exact (or a similar) arrangement with them.

First off, since your text normally retails for $69.95 (offline) and it (currently) only cost about $12 dollars to print. (Keep in mind your digital version (after you pay to have it created) is free!)

The home based business expo industry can simply sell it for the super discounted price of $39.95 (or X) and net a gross profit of $27.95! ( $39.95 – $12.00 = $$27.95)

So they just doubled their return on their $12 dollar investment! Not bad (even) during a  mild or severe recession, don’t you agree?

Now let’s quickly look at three more brain dead simple ways that both you and the home based business expo industry could cash in big time by joint venturing your text.

Inexpensive Cross Promoting Is A Fabulously Effective To Build A Highly Targeted List….

Money making concept # one: This one money making concept alone is huge! So pay close attention here! First of all; it is a well known (yet) rarely publicly acknowledged fact, that whenever these sponsors put on these incredibly expensive 2-3 day events.

No matter who the sponsors are (typically) a staggering 50% (or more) of their live audience will not stick around for all three days! Which also means, the less bodies in the seats (on  the) final day.

The less people there are to market their products and services to! So needless to say, the sponsors are always aggressively looking for  (and open) to low cost creative ways to increase audience retention at their live events!

Because remember, no matter how much or how little products and services that they ultimately sell.

They still have the enormously high fixed costs such as outrageously expensive traditional radio, TV and newspaper advertising costs.

The cost of the hotels, air fare and transportation to and from each event, support sales & service  staff, toll free numbers, direct snail postage and printing costs etc!

They routinely spend a ton to sponsor these live events! So you can bet they are least open to hearing how your text will strategically help them systematically lower (or recoup) some of their enormous upfront out of pocket costs!

So you suggest that they offer the free online digital version to every attendee that returns for the final day of the live event!

(And if need be you can offer the first X number of people that opt in to your special lead capture download page a free 30-60 minute one on power marketing consultation valued at X.)

Obviously this now means they’ll get a certain percentage of the freebie seekers to come back to be marketed to!

They join your list and you passively create a low cost long term follow list of potential customers and clients with (virtually)  little or no upfront costs to you!

Plus, don’t forget your primary objective here! At least one percent of them will (at some point) bring you a transaction that you will profit share with them 50/50!

Money making concept # two: next, you will include in both your offline hard cover and online digital version of your book, a special one page insert (and an affiliate) link in your online digital version of your text.

Your best market tested JV offer for some type of related product or service and you’ll receive anywhere from 25-80% in ongoing lifetime affiliate commissions!

( FYI: the term lifetime affiliate commissions refers to the fact that as  long as your referra/affiliatel customer uses the paid service, you will receive some type of commission for referring them!)

The best example being some type of paid monthly membership site that typically costs anywhere from $39- $197 dollars per month, and you get anywhere from 25-80% of that amount each month!

Money making concept # three: and lastly (not really) you can and should let some of the individual speakers (target) the best selling ones.

And let them also offer your text as free a bonus gift that the purchasers get to keep. Even if they ask for a  refund of the speakers  main product or service!

The speaker will have a way to strategically increase their sales and you of course will be able to add another potential commission only bird dog to your enormous nation wide sales force that you literally built for pennies on the dollar!

(FYI: there are easily at least two other extremely brain dead simple strategies staring you in the face, that will  add an additional 25-40% more to your already swelling bottom line! You may or may not see them!)

Q. How  soon will you start to actively build your businesses all important back end sales funnel within the next 60 days or less!

And how many incredibly simple spin offs can you apply to your own business, product or service in the next 60 days or less?

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14Aug 2011

How To Inexpensively Market Your Small Business And Still Double Your Long Term Profits!

How To Inexpensively Market Your Small Business And Still Double Your Long Term Profits!

 (Even If Your Just Starting Out And Money Is Extremely Tight!)

Would you agree that practically every new start up business and or service (in the beginning ) anyway, is extremely hard pressed to stretch each dollar as far as humanly possible? So discovering some inexpensive proven ways to inexpensively market your business, product or service, can and will mean all the difference.

And even though you’d like to allocate tons of dollars on advertising and marketing, your limited by how much expendable cash that you have.

Let’s focus for a moment on an extremely talented (fictitious) CFP (Certified Financial Planner)  named is Diane R Smith.

As always this example is for illustration purposes only. Diane specializes in (consistently) uncovering tons of little known (and completely legal)  aggressive (long term) tax savings  strategies for savvy small to midsized business owners.

And she like (99%) of her competition are constantly in search of new and a steady client base. And because she’s just starting out, she quickly realizes that it will cost a fortune, if she’s going to try and compete and go head to head with the big buck corporate types. So that’s out!

How To Quickly Establish Yourself As A Leader And Expert Within Your Specific Niche….. Even If Your Just Starting Out And You Don’t Even Have A Reliable Client Base Yet…

Even though Diane doesn’t (currently) have a steady client base yet, or a  ton of capital to invest in traditional advertising and marketing strategies. She does possess an extremely proactive “Think Outside The Box” go get um mentality.

So currently, she can only invest (at best) about $100 per month. And even though she currently has a rather lame (non profitable) website, because she hasn’t had the time to master the basic proven online marketing fundamentals.

She knows her web presence can and (must) be revamped. For now she’s going to concentrate on creating a reliable offline client base and build from there.

Let’s face it, there’s not much (the average) cash starved small business owner, whose a service provider like Diane can do (advertising/marketing wise) on a measly $100 per month. Or is there?

The first thing she does is find a local primarily (offline) trade magazine or industry newsletter that publishes a weekly or monthly newsletter. A niche group.

If possible, she subscribes, if she can afford to. Otherwise she offers to write (create) a series of extremely helpful “How to” articles on any specific tax savings subject that would benefit this group of small business owners.

Creating Powerful Informative Special Free Reports And Other Helpful Audio And Video Information Products And Services Are Extremely Profitable And Help Establish Expert Status Within Your Niche….

This is her basic (proactive) four prong marketing approach to solving her limited cash flow problem and lack of visibility in the market place.

1.) She (doesn’t) just write the typical “how to” step by step article and leave it up to the readers to decide what to do next. No way!Instead at the end of each article in her (what’s typically) referred to as her resource box/contact information box.

She invites the first X amount of readers to call her or an associates to call her direct line:(Ex; the first 40 readers only that call 213-334-6789 Ext. # blank.)

Can receive this powerful free 11 page special report/DVD and or audio CD. It’s a blank dollar value. But for an extremely limited time it’s yours free! ( You don’t need to add that disclaimer if she’s driving traffic to lead capture page style website or blog.)

( Note: you have to proactively use scarcity or else your readers will have no real incentive to act now!)

A.) Go to her lead capture page website ( not the one) she probably currently has now. Meaning- she probably doesn’t know how to proper lead generate online (aka) list build yet.

And (opt in) sign up for some specific powerful free special report/video and or audio program that goes into specific detail about some powerful, little known overlooked and rarely used long term  tax saving strategy.List Building 101.

(For example purposes, here is one of my affiliate links to demonstrate how an online niche marketing specialist  effectively lead generates online.)

(In other words, once she gets her web presence on track, she will start using her offline marketing skills to drive tons of highly targeted traffic to start effectively and inexpensively building her online presence as well.)

Which means she’ll also at some point, (not now)  need a reliable autoresponder service down the road as well.

B.) Or instead (for now) she’ll direct the first X amount of callers to immediately call her office and a request her powerful (blank page) special free report and or audio or DVD on some specific benefit subject that her audience is dying to know the inside scoop about.

Make Sure All Of Your Future Offline Marketing Strategies Involve Some Type Of Proven Direct Response Marketing Principles…

This particular (offline) mega proven marketing strategy (which) for the record is as old as the hills. Is often referred to as “Direct Response Marketing”.

Meaning- you pre qualify your leads by offering powerful free problem solving information in order to build a semi qualified list of prospects in order to systematically follow up with them.

You Can Dramatically Slash Your Traditional Advertising Marketing Cost Just By Using Powerful Low Cost Profit Building Joint Ventures….

Since Diane doesn’t currently have the cash. And she can comfortably afford to invest about $100 per month to proactively promote her self.

Here are the remaining three steps in her (low cost) highly proactive “Think Outside The Box” marketing approach, to start systematically building her long term client base.

2.) Asap, she will keep approaching the local various industry newsletters and try to establish a regular column that targets the small business owners. Maybe something like “Ask Diane” or “The Tax Rebel”.

By establishing a regular column with extremely helpful inside tips, secrets and other strategies. The regular readers will begin to view her as the value expert.

(And maybe she can also leverage her weekly or monthly columns into a   (monthly) or quarterly paid “Inner Circle” one day Advanced Tax Savings Strategies Power Workshops! Starting at $97 dollars per person or $135 for any two people. That’s a 30% savings!) ($194 x.70% =$135.8)

If (just) twenty people per month show up at $135 (for two), she’ll gross an extra $2,700 per month or an extra $32,400 per year!  ( $135 x 20 = $2,700) ($2,700 x 12 = $32,400 annually)

3.) She can also approach a small to midsized local printer (or printers) (that are also) looking to grow a bigger customer base. She will (JV) with the printer, by sponsoring a Monthly Free Drawing.

Each month some small business owner will win  $50 dollars worth of free printing! In essence, Diane will pay (sponsor) the $50 dollar cost out of her own pocket each month.

In exchange, both she and the printer builds a list of semi qualified small business owners to start (inexpensively) proactively marketing to via follow up post cards (snail mail ) and or preferably low cost money making email.

You Can Easily Double The Results Of Your Ad Budget When You Look For Ways To Effectively Cross Promote..

The printer will create a huge in house sign announcing the monthly free drawing. Small business owners will simply drop their business card into a punch bowl. And each month the printer has one of  his staff create a data base,  and then the printer will choose that months Grand Prize winner.

And contact them by inexpensive email or post card snail mail. The other 99% will recive two (possibly three) low cost bonuses just for entering that month’s drawing.

First, they will receive a discount certificate of some kind from the printer for so much off on their next two printing jobs. And Diane will also provide her best market tested powerful free (how to) lead generating special report/audio or DVD.

And if Diane (or you) is really marketing savvy, she can also offer another powerful free (how to) lead genearting marketing goodie. That will boost the all important percieved value of the monthly secondary prizes.

That being a a powerful free 50 page ‘how to’ special report entitled:

The Ten Most Common Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make! (And How To Correct Them!)

And that little hummer was written by (yours truly.) So if Diane (or you) you happen to be a struggling cash starved small to midsized printer. And your looking to grow your loyal customer base.

You can also offer this powerful free  50 page special  report as a powerful free upsell bonus to any customer that purchases any product or service over X amount of dollars!

For ex; let’s say that your customers typical purchase is $15 dollars ( or X). Now you create a sign near the help your self copier that says: A powerful free 50 page special report entitled:

 The Ten Most Common Marketing Mistakes Small Businees Owners Make! ( And How To Correct Them!) Yours Free with any purchase of just $25 dollars or more! It’s a $29.95 Dollar Value!

You can also sell both Diane’s (as well as my) free how to lead generation products and keep 100% of the upfront profits! On one condition!

Because keep in mine,the printer will make a few extra upfront dollars and the powerful free viral marketing leverage will  pay off big for both Diane and myself  as well.

There Is Currently A Ton Of Offline Untapped Long Term Marketing Potential Waiting For You To Discover And Unleash It!

And finally: Here are two more low cost proactive ways for both Diane and myself to get some powerful low cost viral marketing leverage for peanuts.

Diane could approach (or have a contact) of one well respected JV partners approach these final two industries to help her achieve maximum marketing leverage.

1.) The first being, proactive college students (preferably) college seniors ( and grad students) that are attempting to fund raise by approaching local business owners for donations.

2.) The other being small firms that have struggling outside sales reps, that use (in house) or outside tele-marketing firms to call either old inactive customers (or ) cold calling new local businesses in order to create new first time customers.

Diane (and myself) may be able to help! Diane can offer (our free) marketing goodies to any small business owner that just sets an appointment!

Because (purely) from a statistical stand point. The more bodies the outside sales reps get in front of. Theoretically speaking. The more sales they will eventually make.

So they offer the business owner ( $49 dollars) in perceived value free goodies just for X number of minutes of your time! And whether the sales rep closes them or not, just for setting the appointment.

They get the (two free ) powerful lead generating special reports as well as the special new customer only special discount from the local printer.

And the college students can offer all three goodies (plus ) others from local vendors (worth ) a perceived free value of X. With any donation of X amount of dollars or more.

The college students could also JV partner with some local charities and allow the charities to keep 60% of the donations their goodies package creates and the college students net the other 40%!

And Diane myself (and all) the other local participants agree (in writing) to happily donate 10% of all the gross profits their proactive activites create!

Hopefully everybody wins! Don’t you agree? As always, if you got any value out of this post, please Digg or tweet this. Thanks!

Your Must Complete Homework assignment: Are two simple things.

1.) Describe how you are going to proactively leverage at least three offline local businesses in your imediate area, that you currently already have an established relationship with, in the next 90 days or less. And start inexpensively growing your business.

2.) Make sure that you opt in (join the list) asap so that you don’t miss out (big time) on the for your marketing rebel eyes only (free and paid) Inner Circle goodies! That will constantly be coming your way asap! Grab your small business idea marketing kit now!

It’s a $97 dollar value and it’s yours free!

14Aug 2011

How You Can Inexpensively Cross Promote Your Product For Peanuts! Part One

How You Can Inexpensively Cross Promote Your Product For Peanuts! Part One

  (Introducing A Simple Low Cost High Powered Three Step Mega Proven Marketing System That Will Increase Your Profits By At Least 25% In The Next 90 Days Or Less!)

Have you ever taken the time to notice how the supply and demand dynamics affects the normal business cycle? And how this everyday occurrence can lead to a long term goldmine of marketing opportunities.

Clearly, learning to inexpensively cross promote  business, product or service is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

The following examples are used for illustration purposes only. Take a look at the all too typical newsletter or magazine publisher, depending on how often their publications come out.

They constantly need new or updated cutting edge material do they not? Just like the network television stations, that has millions of anxious viewers that constantly expect fresh new episodes on a nightly or weekly basis.

Otherwise their eyeballs will leave (and with it) the networks prime time (bank account filling) advertising rates will sink faster than Enron stock!

So how does your typical customers long term “lifetime customer value’ strategically affect your ability to inexpensively create new first time customers and clients for peanuts? It’s really quite simple.

Suppose your typical ‘how to’ information purchasing customer has a total lifetime value of $6,141 dollars.

( Meaning; that after their purchase your initial low front end product or service, they typically go on to purchase additional products and services that (for this particular) example only, total $6,141 dollars!)

This value is over time of course.

Which means they may purchase one -two hours worth of private one on one power consulting time, plus purchase one -three additional slightly more expensive how to courses and finally they’ll probably attend at least one or more expensive offline 3-5 day workshop that typically retails for several thousand dollars.

Here is a hypothetical example of how the numbers break down.

From Tiny Seeds Grows The Mightiest Of Trees…..

Once you know (and understand) the numbers, this is typically where the real long term marketing magic begins. For ex; suppose you currently market a powerful offline hard cover 160 page ‘how to’ text of some kind.

And you market it to the extremely popular Home Based Business Expo market. As you are already  aware, the  home based business market typically sponsors a nationwide annual traveling  convention.

Which means they basically tour the entire country (end to end) once a year and rent out various hotel rooms and they advertise these 2-3 day events that (typically) start on a Thursday or Friday and generally conclude on the weekend.

You’ll see and hear both newspaper and radio advertisements as well as receive snail mail postcards advertising these events.

Typically they’ll send you at least two free complimentary tickets to attend,correct? Which means they almost dare you not to bring a friend or two,correct?

Notice how they  strategically leverage their snail mail marketing dollars by mailing every name on their list at least two free tickets? Because (cadets) it’s a proven statistical direct mail marketing fact that; on average at least 30% of you (us) that receive those two free tickets, will actively recruit at least one of friend and or associate to attend the event with you! Bingo!

The Long Term Money Making Key Lies In The Extremely Dismal National Average Success Rate!…

Hopefully you are sitting down as you read this next set of typical (national average) success rate facts. Did you know that on average (no matter) what the specific ‘how to’ information product or service is that the home based business expo sponsors are promoting.

Typically (on average) only about one out of every one hundred people that actually purchase the product or service, will ever even attempt to do anything at all with the information? Did you know that? Nod your head cadets, it’ss true!

Or to say it another way, usually, the all too typical success rate for these type of ‘how to’ information products  is usually one -two percent at best! And  typically a whopping 98% will ultimately do little or nothing with  the information!

However, all is not lost! Huh? Let’s quickly take a look at three incredibly simple ways that you could strategically profit from your ‘how to text, even if you gave it away (initially) upfront for free!

This is where (at least) partially understanding the concept of back end marketing, can make you and or your top associates a literal fortune for peanuts!

Money making concept # one: you could agree to let the entire home based business expo industry aggressively market  your ‘how to’ text and keep 100% of the upfront profits! That’s correct!

If they agree (in writing) to two incredibly simple pre conditions;

A.) They agree to distribute a minimum of 100,000 copies of your text to the attendees of their annual offline events!

B.) They also agree to personally introduce you to at least three other major players that you can make the exact same arrangement with!

Here’s why. Your 160 page ‘how to’ text teaches the average person (in essence) how to be an offline commissioned only  bird dog that finds you Real Estate related transactions that typically have a  built in spread of $1,500.00 dollars.

 Money making concept  # two: and you split that $1,500.00 dollar profit with them 50/50. Meaning, they’ll (typically) gross $750 dollars (minus) their cost to find or create the transaction and you’ll typically gross the remaining $750 dollars or at least half (50%) of the remaining  spread.

Now think about your math here; since you already realize that (typically) on average (about) one percent of these 100 hundred thousand people will ever make a dime!

One percent of 100K means (in essence) you still just created an offline commissioned only bird dog referral sales force that will bring you transactions that will typically gross you anywhere from a low (if you can) call it that of $500 dollars to a of several thousands of dollars! Hello! (100,000 x .01= 1,000 commission only bird dog referral agents.)

Hopefully now, you can truly appreciate why you insisted on the written pre condition of the minimum of 100K people being exposed to your ‘how to’ text.

 Money making concept # three: because that same one percent or 1,000 commissioned only bird dog sales force will also want to attend one of your many JV (Joint Venture) partners offline 3-5 day power workshops on various other money making opportunities and they’ll typically spend anywhere from $1,997 -$5,997 dollars apiece to do so!

And your JV revenue split is usually 25%! You can do the math!

Q. Can you now see why it might be in your long term best interest to allow as many major players as possible (companies) like Entrepreneur magazine and Income Opportunity magazine to giveaway or sell your book and keep 100% of the upfront profits!

And you just net 50-100% of all the additional long term back end profits! Say yes!

Three things; first, be sure that you read part two of this incredibly lucrative concept! Next, be sure that you grab your explosive free 22 step small business marketing idea kit! It’s a $97 dollar value! But for an extremely limited time! It’s yours free!

Q. How soon are you going to start strategically implementing your businesses powerful, bank account filling back end potential within the next 60 days or less?

And start inexpensively creating long term profits for peanuts!

As always, if you got any value out of this post, please  Digg or tweet this! Thanks! Now, get to it!


08Aug 2011

How An Offline Service Provider Can Use Proven Guerilla Marketing Examples To Explode Their Profits Now!

How An Offline Service Provider Can Use Proven Guerilla Marketing Examples To Explode Their Profits Now!

  (Typically Within 90 Days Or Less!)

Have you (or ) a friend or respected associate ever attended one of those local offline monthly Real Estate investment clubs? Or perhaps one of those local stock investment clubs that meet once a month or so.

(Here is where a savvy offline small business service provider (like you) can use proven guerilla marketing examples to blow your major competitors away!)

If you haven’t you really should, because what you’ll quickly discover are two very basic facts that don’t change.

1.) They have tons of extremely knowledgeable people at your disposal on a local level.

2.) Just like you, their organization can use all the expertise help they can find!

For ex; suppose that you are a CPA who’s just starting out and because you’ve already invested a ton of money upfront in order open your first office and begin the (all too) often traditional way of going about growing your customer base.

In other words, right about now  money is extremely scarce. Which means (nows) your chance to implement proven guerilla marketing examples that flat out work.

That being the case; here are three (to begin with) extremely simple, yet incredibly powerful ways for you to strategically go about growing your business for pennies on the dollar!

And at the same time, you can add value and be of service to a very affluent community of local professionals!

You Can And Should Use Service As A Powerful Long Term Marketing Tool!

Concept # 1.) Those investment clubs (depending) on which area of investment that they specialize in, could probably really benefit from your powerful cutting edge little known tax saving strategies and suggestions.

So quickly think about this situation from the administrators of the clubs point of view. The one thing they constantly need are new members that pay their dues on time,correct?

And typically before any new member joins the club, they probably are a first time quest correct? Bingo!

This little pursued opportunity is a virtual untapped goldmine for a savvy small business marketer like you. Huh?

Here’s why; first off, most of these clubs (98%) of them constantly struggle with building their membership rolls, for any number of reasons.

So one of the things you need to do yesterday is to create a powerful how to problem solving special report and or audio series that covers some aspect of the tax code (on an entry level) of course  that is really relevant to that particular clubs membership base.

And allow the club to give it away to every new first time visitor! Think about this constant activity for a second. Each time a new first time potential new member attends a meeting, they receive your powerful special free information product!

And of course you (being) the extremely savvy marketer that you are, just happen to include some lead generating goodies inside your report and or audio product.

A.) You can either send them to your special lead capture page (in order) to be sure that you capture their email address and or your your blog, as long as you have some type of opt in box in order to capture their contact information.

B.) The next thing you do of course is to offer them a free (or greatly) reduced 15-30 minute consultation valued at X! ( For ex; a  free 30 minute power session valued at $175 dollars! Because your typically hourly rate is $350 dollars.)

And of course during the end of your free initial consultation you make them aware of your special ‘lifetime’ discounted price for the members of that particular club!

( Meaning; they only get that special discounted rate once they become a member!)

For sure you’ll convert a certain percentage of those free (or greatly) reduced initial consultations into long term customers and clients, plus you’ll get some referral business as well!

Concept # 2.) You will also approach the club about becoming their in house contributing expert on  your specialty.

Which means you will periodically contribute articles and conduct special online webinars and or conduct three – eight hours power workshops on your subject.

( Plus, you’ll periodically conduct actual documented case studies of various individuals and or their companies in order to demonstrate your expertise.)

But here’s the real kicker. The deal is this, the club and or association(s) agree to either audio or video record at least part of your session(s) and both of you get copies to market anyway you wish!

( With certain caveats: If they  wish to market your sessions and keep 100% of any of the revenues that they generate, then they have to agree in writing to personally find you at  least three other reputable groups, clubs and or associations that you can approach about creating some type of similar JV arrangement with!)

Otherwise you agree to some type of mutually agreed upon split of all front generated revenues.

You of course will add part of the recorded material  to your WordPress blog and or their paid membership site and you’ll also add them to your youtube channel and drive traffic to your blog and or special lead capture page.

They can also give them away as powerful free upsell bonuses to other members that purchase other more expensive display ads in their monthly newsletter publication or they can also use them to increase revenues by selling them at the back room at their annual conventions!

Either way, you’ll both win big! You’ll lead generate like crazy for peanuts and the group or association(s) just added an additional income stream for virtually nothing!

Creative Packaging Is An Extremely Profitable Marketing Strategy!

Concept # 3.) Whenever possible,always try and bundle or package your entry level info product and or service with some other savvy marketing professionals; such as a lawyer that specializes in issues that effect small to mid size business owners.

For ex; your special 90 minute audio interview and 37 page special report and the attorneys free 43 page special report (yours truly’s) fifty page special report entitled: The Ten Most Common Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make! ( And how to correct them!)

These three incredibly powerful reports have a combined perceived value of $83.95!

But whenever a member or outside vendor purchases any display ads worth $75 dollars or more, they get all three reports for free!

You start systematically marketing your business, product or service this way and before you know it. You’ll have more business than you know what to do with. Thanks (mostly) to using low cost high powered guerilla marketing examples!

(Q. How soon will you be able to start implementing any of these seven incredibly simple brain dead marketing strategies to help increase your overall profits by at least 25% in the next 90 days or less?)

be sure you Digg or tweet this! And grab your explosive 22 step small business marketing idea kit! It’s a $97 dollar value, but for now it’s yours free!

08Aug 2011

How An Offline Portland Retailer Could Double Foot Traffic Without Increasing Your Current Ad Budget By One Thin Dime!

How An Offline Portland Retailer Could Double Foot Traffic Without Increasing Your Current Ad Budget By One Thin Dime!

   Your Offline Daily Foot Traffic Is Waiting To Increase….

Have you ever been inside a department store (say maybe) in a mall and even though it wasn’t holiday season, they still had a ton of traffic and (of course) the sales reps/clerks just couldn’t seem to service everybody.

Even though that’s incredibly frustrating for the visitors, the store keepers love all this activity.

Here’s a question for you. If you could systematically increase (and in) some cases double your daily foot traffic and it didn’t cost you a single nickel more, would that be of any value to you?

And do you think that other retailers and or service providers outside your immediate area (and in) other neighboring county or states would want to know the secret(s) of your success?

Well congratulations! Because you are in exactly the right place.

And like most things in life. There really is no mystery here.

How To Absolutely Cause A Feeding Frenzy And Add An Avalanche Of Eager Foot Traffic To Your Store Without Breaking The Bank!

Just because your store can’t hire some superstar Hollywood movie star to make a surprise visit to your store or hire “Oprah” to broadcast live from your showroom. That’s no reason  not to inexpensively create a  ton of new eager foot traffic to your place of business is it? Is it?

With that said. Here is a simple four step (non) expensive and non techie way to start systematically creating a ton of daily,weekly or monthly foot traffic to your business.

Irregardless of how much in house cash you have to pay for the typical glitzy (and all) too often wasteful (and extremely expensive) over the top non productive media blitz!

Step 1.) Always be sure (before) you invest a nickel in advertising or marketing strategies of any kind. That you know what the total Life Time Customer Valueof your typical customer/client is worth to you.

For ex; Suppose you run a very successful ( Women’s or men’s) hair salon. And your best customers (on average) come in once every six weeks or ( or basically) eight times per year. ( 52 weeks per year divided by 6 = 8.6 visits per year.)

And on average they spend $90 dollars per visit. And you net about you net 70% or (on average) $63 dollars gross profit. ( $90 x .70% =$63 gross profit per visit.)

So their eight visits per year means that you’ll gross about $504 per year on each of your typical customers and (on average) they will remain a steady customer for about five years. ( $63 x 8 visits per year = $504 in annual gross profits.)

Which means that your typical customers “Life Time Customer Value” is worth to your business about $2,520. dollars!

($504 in annual gross profits x 5 years = a Life Time Customer Value of $2,520)

Step 2.)  Always, always capture both your daily foot traffic and your paying customers names and (offline) physical mailing address or (preferably) their online contact information, by using opt in email on either your lead capture page website and or by having some type of opt in box (preferably) in the upper right hand corner (above the fold) on your blog.

( Test have shown on average that position produces the best response.)

( Note: the term above the fold just refers to the part of your desk top screen that can be seen by your visitors without having to scroll.)

Be sure to offer your (daily foot traffic ) the chance to enter your (daily, weekly or monthly) free drawing of some kind. This way you (at least) start systematically capturing a percentage of your daily foot traffics offline mailing information.

Then you simply start sending them a series of inexpensive post cards and or drive them to your lead capture page and or blog and offer them a nice incentive to opt in (join your list) in order to consistently receive special VIP savings and other special insider bonuses!

But only if they join your list! Maybe send them three inexpensive post cards. But on the third post card. Your power headline will read. ” This Is Your Final Notice!”

Kindly remind them of all the potential goodies and freebies they are about to miss out on! If they don’t join your list now! And this will be their final (notice) chance to become a registered VIP  member!

The serious ones will join your list and start receiving your notices for special VIP  Members Only sales notices etc!

And those who don’t (or haven’t yet) joined your list will get the next best sales savings, just like the general public.

 How To Use Powerrful Low Cost High Powered Joint Ventures To Create A Buying Frenzy For Peanuts…

Step 3.)  Now that you’ve run your numbers and (at least ) have a general idea of what your best customers are worth (long term) to you over time.

Back to your earlier hair salon example. Since you (now) know what your typical customers are worth to you over time. You know about how much you can safely afford to invest in order to create a new customer.

And you can also know how much you can afford to invest in order to help your top Joint Venture Partners (JV) grow their businesses as well!

For ex; since your best customers are worth ($504) per year and ($2,520) over five years.

You could allow your upscale women’s clothing store (JV) partner(s) to give away one free (Wash, trim & shampoo) first time only customers coupon (worth ) $90 dollars. To their loyal customer base.

For any purchase of X amount of dollars or more!  Your clothing store  (JV partner) just (inexpensively) increased their average customers purchase amount! Which means both their daily, weekly, quarterly and annual gross profits just went up!

And they didn’t increase their overhead by one thin dime! ( How often do you think the average cash starved struggling small business owner does that?)

And let’s quickly look at your situation. You gave away one free (wash, trim & shampoo) coupon in order to acquire a new potential long term) customer. So you’ll net the reamaing seven visits for year one and then net the other reaining four years worth of business to boot!

Is that worth your initial investment? ( And if need be you can only charge them your actual real cost, so you don’t lose anything trying to acquire a new customer!)

Once You Master Your Total Life Time Customer Value Calculation… You Can Start Systematically Out Promoting Your Would Be Competitors….

Step 4.) Send an inexpensive email to your list your ( VIP) customers and alert them that the first X amount of  customers that come to your shop, and bring at least two new potential first time customers (who are) not currently on your on or offline list!

You’ll give them a free $90 dollar wash, trim & shampoo coupon! ( Or whatever.)

Have your JV partners send the same (post card) or email to their list. Your JV partners direct their customers to your shop in order to pick up their special coupon on a certain day (at a ) specific time only!

Or if (for whatever) reasons, they can’t make it on that specific day. You’ll save the coupon for them.

But now they can only save 30% off the normal retail price. In other words they pay the $63 dollars instead of $90 dollars!

( Hmm…  let’s see here. Free vs paying $63 dollars. Gee that’s a tough one.)

As your list grows (you) and your JV partners send an email (or two) or snail mail post cards to their lists and invite them (and their) guests to your store in order to get their free (new customers only) first step coupon.

They bring themselves and at least (two new) first visitors with them and everybody gets the coupon!

( If just one of them ( or 50%) of them converts into a steady long term customer.

You just netted ($2,430 ) ($2,520-90 = $2,430.) For the cost of a few lousy emails or inexpensive snail mail post cards!) Yep!

You allow a few other offline select vendors in the immediate surrounding areas to start strategically using your magic coupons to increase their profits and you won’t have to worry about inexpensively increasing your daily, weekly or monthly foot traffic!

Don’t you agree?

Hopefully you are beginning to see (long range) how profitable it might be. Of course the exact wording in either the emails and or snail mail posts cards and sample phone scripts etc.

Are only for your “Inner Circle Marketing Eyes Only!’  Which simply means. You have to be on the list or else! Grab your powerful free 22 step small business marketing idea kit! It’s a $97 dollar value! And for now (anyway) it’s  free!

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Q. How many simple ways can you come up with in the next 60 days or less in order to apply this simple proven concept?