22Nov 2011


Marketing information is an untped goldmine!

Earn 300% more profit by strategically marketing information prodcts and services!

Remember  in part one of this series on marketing information, you discovered why you really should be aggressively capitalizing off of ex-customers and or ex- subscribers?

Because (bare in mine) both you and your not so savvy small business owner competitors (typically) will invest upwards of 500% (or more) in order to create that all important first time customer.

So (if you) bother to put a pencil to it, you’ll quickly discover that there are at least three incredibly profitable reasons why you’d be much better off investing some of your time, money and other customer service resources into marketing to past or currently inactive customers.

On Average You’ll Typically Save Anywhere From 40-400% Simply By Marketing To Both Your Ex Customers And Or Ex Subscribers.

1.) Reason # one: As previously mentioned, right ff the bat, you’re gonna save anywhere from 40-400%, simply by contacting ex-customers and or ex- subscribers as opposed to spending (on average) 500% up front to create a new one!

(FYI: Obviously, if one of your online subscribers, unsubscribe rs, then they have automatically removed themselves from your list, in which case, you will no longer be able to email them!)

2.) Reason # two: Whenever you contact (either) an ex- customer and or ex- subscriber (offline), you don’t have to spend nearly as much time and effort trying to get them to trust you.

As you would trying to convince a total stranger to trust you for the first time. This one big advantage alone is freakin huge!

3.) Reason # three: It’s also a ton easier to get all important feedback on your business, product and or services short comings from an ex- customer and or ex – subscriber, as opposed to soliciting a complete stranger about these all important issues.

And the other part of this marketing puzzle that may not be readily apparent is this; discovering ‘how to’ strategically leverage/market to other cash starved, struggling small business owners (that are) non  competitive.

Marketing to their ex-customers and or subscribers, is (typically) a huge untapped goldmine (waiting) for you (and or) your competitors to capitalize on.

Mainly for the three main reasons previously mentioned.

And the other huge (probably) currently untapped goldmine is discovering ‘how to’ strategically leverage (both) yours and other (non competitive) small business owners dead (or greatly) under utilized assets and make a ton of money with them to boot!

And it’s that very subject (strategically) taken advantage of another entrepreneurs (supposed) dead assets, that the remainder of this post is going to explore.

 How One Little Known Online Marketer Successfully Turned Another Entrepreneurs Dead Asset Into A Stunning $30,000 dollar Per Month Gross Profit!

Without dropping any names here. There is an extremely successful and well known online marketer (that) found an out of print book, in an extremely lucrative niche.

Otherwise referred to as the proverbial (dead asset.) And he contacted the author (first) via inexpensive email.

In order to discuss the possibilities of perhaps marketing this authors book online for him. The short of the story is; the author who was actually a marriage counselor.(And not a very savvy marketer by any stretch of the imagination!)

Tried (unsuccessfully) to self publish an offline hard cover book they had written on marriage counseling.

And needless to say, this particular niche is huge! And it was this particular niches overall long term profit potential that originally drew this savvy marketer to the niche in the first place.

And the overall (long term) profit potential both on and offline, made it an irresistible opportunity, he he simply couldn’t readily ignore.

After several  lengthy phone conversations with the author, he discovered that what the marriage counselor really wanted to do (and what) his real strength was, offering troubled couples the opportunity to consult with him at a mere $200 dollars per hour!

And the counselor was marketing savvy enough to realize that if the couple were serious enough to invest in his hard cover book (about) ‘how to’ save your troubled marriage.

Then (obviously) for a certain percentage of them.The next logical step was (extremely) lucrative ongoing one on one marriage counseling. At $200 dollars per!

So they formed an extremely profitable joint venture. The experienced online marketer (would) do what he did best.

Which  meant (he’d) assume all of the up front risk as well as finance 100% of the up front out of pocket cost in order to successfully market the book online.

And the marriage counselor would net 100% of the ‘back end’ consulting income, that was generated for him, with zero up front cost!

(Not to mention the fact that the counselor now grosses about $200K per year as a  direct result of their jv!)

Did you catch that entrepreneur? And (hopefully) your marketing light bulb just went off!

If not, please check your pulse! The marriage counselor, not only gained a new (already) positively exposed first time customer for free!

But they captured a new lead, (list building 101) plus benefited (100%) from any and all future referrals! Hello!

And the (nameless)  savvy online marketer.

Well let’s see, to date, the last time he revealed his actual numbers. He admitted to grossing a staggering $30K per month!

Plus, he created a documented case study course, (surprise) detailing (step by step) exactly how he did it, and word has it, he’s making another small fortune with that product too!

There Is An Enormous Amount Of Long Term Back End Marketing Potential In Creatively Exploiting Both Yours And other Businesses So Called Dead Assets! ( Don’t You Agree?)

Hopefully, you see the enormous (long term) profit potential in:

A.) Marketing to (both) your and other non compete (struggling) cash starved small business owners ex- customers and or ex- subscibers.

B.) The absolute long term (potential) untapped  goldmne to be found in recognizing dead assets and or greatly under utlized assets (to be) found in both your business and or other non competitive businesses!

And capitalizing on them, for the mutual benefit of all concerned!

Q.) How soon will you be able to put some of your or another joint venture partners dead assets to work in the next 60 days or less?

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21Nov 2011


Marketing information products can add at least 300% more profit to your bottom line!

Marketing information produts can add 300% more profits to your bank account!

Have you noticed how your offline (old school) major newspapers are slowly dying? Fact is; they simply  don’t have the same pull as they used to among the 40 and under crowd. Thanks largely to the new medium called the world wide web.

The 40 and under crowd much prefers to get most of their news info online. Which means the marketing information approach to your business, is not only wide open, but you can create a  bare bones minimum of at least 300% more additional profit just by strategically embracing this mega proven business model.

Even though the offline newspaper business is rapidly in decline. There are still at least three extremely powerful marketing lessons that you apply to your online business.

Introducing Three Powerful Marketing Lessons That You Can Learn From A Dying Offline Business Model! (That Will Help You Make Lots Of Money Online!)

Even though the offline major newspapers are on a downward slope, you can still apply three of their proven (long term) marketing strategies to your online business.

1.) Marketing strategy # one: Obviously if all the offline newspapers did was, rely on earning revenue by selling both their subscriptions and daily news stand sales.

They’d go broke in a heart  beat, because of their enormous cost of ongoing staff, leases, other office expenses, equipment, taxes, fees and other up front out of pocket expenses etc.

So they successfully ‘back end’ other services that generate tons of revenue, like selling very lucrative advertising to both local  and regionl business owners of all sizes.

Which means, your business must (inexpensively  test) in order to discover what other extremely lucrative products and services you can successfully market (back end) to your target audience.

Once you’ve sunk the enormous up front out of pocket cost (typically it’s at least 500%) to both  identify and  create a new first time customer/client.

You have got to do everything within your power to totally maximize revenues from them. Or else your competition will! So ‘back ending’ is therefore homework assignment # one.

2.) Marketing strategy # two: Another extremely powerful marketing lesson you can learn from the (on and) offline newspaper business model is, the aggressive selling of various (types) of the same basic service/product!

For ex; you can either buy fairly affordable classified ads, or the much more expensive display ads -either quarter page, half or full page etc.(And let’s not forget the extremely expensive fron  & back covers.)

Needless to say, this type of upsell marketing brings in a ton of additional long term profits for the newspapers.

Which means (for you) look into developing at least three separate levels to your basic information product/services.(And or advanced coaching/mentoring programs.)

For ex; have you ever noticed how (practically) all of the big time  (on and) online gurus and gurettes, offer various silver, gold and platinum packages of some kind when it comes to their extremely lucrative mentoring programs.

Any ideas why? So (likewise) can you begin to develop a low front end initial sale info product and or service of some kind and then develop a more advanced intermediate and more expensive advanced product or service etc.

Because just like the newspaper business model, a certain percentage of your customers will fall within those three basic price ranges.

So your homework assignment # two is, start aggressively developing some type of three tier price range for your various products and or services, because there is a ton of ‘back end’ profit potential in this one powerful concept alone.

Aggressively Reactivated Old And Or Previously Inactive Customers and Or Subscribers Is An Untapped Goldmine For Most Cash Starved Struggling Small Business Owners….

3.) Marketing strategy # three: In the interest of space, you’re only going to get the watered down version of this next powerful marketing strategy.(It will be covered fully in part  two of this post.)

Anytime you offer a subscription of some kind. Inevitably, a certain percentage of your subscribers will become (for whatever) reasons, ex subscribers.

Believe it or not, those valued ex subscribers still have plenty of long term marketing value. For ex; just by  properly inexpensively testing various low cost high perceived value free bonuses, you can strategically market to these ex subscribers (and or) inactive customers.

And you can get a  certain percentage of them to re-subscribe (and or) get previously inactive customers to come back, simply by bribing them with various high perceived value goodies that you either supply or get from your top joint venture partners.

Let’s explore marketing strategy # three further in part two of this series.

Q.) Which one of three powerful marketing strategies:

1.) Back end marketing other products and services to your value customers.

 2.) Upselling/add on selling other more expensive products and services to your existing customers, via three main tiers of beginning, intermediate and advanced levels etc.

3.) Aggressively re-activating previously dead and or inactive customers and or subscribers etc.

Which one of the three is the simplest for you to implement in the next 30 days or less?

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20Nov 2011

Your sales will increase when you add a sales bonus plan.How many times over the years have you (and some friends) or business associates taken advantage of one of your favorite local pizza shops (lunch time) specials? You know the type of (irresistible) deals that any true pizza lover can’t resist (like) two slices of regular cheese pizza and a medium soda.

Normally this type of sales bonus premium  (combo) packaging can really add to your bottom line. And why not.

How can any true pizza lover resist a combo package of two regular slices of pizza and a medium soda that would normally cost (somewhere) around $4.50 (meaning – everything) cost $1.50 apiece.

But between the hours of 12 noon -2pm (M-Sat.) it only cost $3.75! And so it goes (whether) your aggressively pursuing on or offline profits, using inexpensive strategic packaging of your various products and services can do wonders for your bottom line.

Introducing Three Essential Marketing Lessons You Can And Should Learn From Your Favorite Local Pizza Shop….

1.) Essential marking lesson # one: By inexpensively testing different combinations of your products and services, and strategically discounting your price, you will ultimately discover which bundle or combination package causes the most customers to (ultimately) spend more money.

Remember, whenever you bundle your products and services together and discount your price (that you) discover through inexpensive strategic testing, you not only raise the overall perceived value in your best customer and clients eyes, but you also induce them to readily spend a little more money without feeling like their  being hustled.

2.) Essential marketing lesson # two: Just like with your local pizza or sub shop, you really need to inexpensively test your various packages in order to turn your customers into (frequent) repeat buyers. For two basic reasons.

A.)  Steady repeat customers dramatically reduce your long term upfront out of pocket advertising costs.

B.) And frequently returning customers help you build (over time) of course, a steady and predictable cash flow.

And by the way, if you primarily market your business offline (like say) you have a small Mom & Pop printing  business.

Allowing Your Best Repeat Customers To Lock In A Special Price By Either Joining One Of Your VIP Discount Buyers Clubs And Or Using  Some Type Of Special Frequent Buyers Discount Card. (Is A Proven Long Term Money Making Marketing Strategy.)

You might inexpensively test and create some type of frequent buyers discount card and or club, and allow your best customers to  pay a low upfront annual (amount) like $7 dollars and they automatically lock in a special price on one sided non color copies.

And allow them to purchase unlimited one sided (one color) copies at your actual cost for the next six or  twelve months.

They’ll also bring in other more expensive printing projects as well. You might also seriously consider hiring  part time (commission only) sales reps looking to earn extra money.

And allow them to sell these annual $7 dollar memberships to both local  small business owners and or college students and earn $5 dollars ( or X) per sale.

You pocket the other two dollars, plus simultaneously build your long term follow up customer list as well.

3.) Essential marketing lesson # three: One of the main reasons that your favorite pizza  or sub shop has been around so long and withstood so much fly by night competition over the years, is because the  are not only flexible, but they are also willing to constantly adjust their marketing strategies to whatever their current economic climate dictates.

And so it goes with you also (entrepreneur) , you too must constantly stay fresh and cutting edge or else you (meaning) your business, product or services grows stale and irrelevant.

And the creative and strategic use of low cost high powered packaging strategies is absolutely (hands down) one of the simplest and most profitable ways for you to do so!

Q.) What type of combination package of your products and services can you start testing on your customers within the next 60 days or less?

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18Nov 2011
Three proven direct marketing  tips that are worth their weight in gold!

Three proven direct marketing tips that flat out work!

Have you ever noticed how whenever your skimming something (whether) it’s on or offline, that somehow your eyes are practically drawn to any type of problem solving material? Odd isn’t it?

But for some unknown quirk in human nature, when it comes to effective copy writing, the following three direct marketing tips, somehow always seem to carry the day.

And put lots of money in your pocket to boot. Provided (of course) that you take the time to heed certain (rock solid) proven copy writing principles.

How You Can Use The # One Proven Power Headline Attraction Formula To Zero In On Your Absolute Best Prospects! (And Get Them To Respond Now!)

Call it human nature or plain old self serving, but be that as it may, the absolute best way to stop your best prospects dead in tracks and cause them to really take notice of your marketing message.

You (constantly) need to answer their # one burning question (which is) drum roll please.

What’s in it for me?” And you can’t  effectively do that  by constantly boring them with this I,we, me copy writing  approach!

Forget about it (already) get over yourself and get out of your own way already!

The ‘self centered’ copy writing approach is repelling your best prospects and costing you a ton of money in lost long term potential future sales!

Of course it’s hard not to focus on your business is when you write, but either you get it through your head that your prospects could care less and focus solely on them  or they’ll find a savvy marketer that will! Any questions?

So with that as a good back drop and lead in, let’s focus on how your marketing materials (hopefully) from now on will set out to accomplish this incredibly simple (although) not necessarily easy copy writing task.

1.) Direct marketing secret # one: Could it really be any more obvious,  but as long as your marketing material (on or) offline explains (in simple) non techie, non insider language how your business, product or service addresses or solves your prospects main concerns and issues.

They’ll continue to reward you (more like) shower your marketing material(s) with their undivided attention. (Fair enough?)

2.) Direct marketing secret # two: Okay (your thinking) this next one sounds all too familiar, that being the case, here it comes anyay.

How many ways can you say it before it finally sinks in, but a staggering 80% (or) to put it another way, four fifths of your marketing/sales materials ultimate success or failure will be decided in just five (short) seconds or less! (It’s less online!)

And that’s a direct result of how well your main power headline and or pre heads and sub heads do in grabbing and holding your prospects attention.

So why not discover ‘how to’ effectively use the (hands down) # one mega proven main power headline attraction formula to instantly attract your best long term customers and clients to you like a magnet!

(FYI:Just as a quick aside and a rather sad foot note to boot. Whenever small business owners (typically) 50 employees or less are polled by an independent polling firm.

A staggering 93% (confess) they do not (or even) realize that they should be strategically testing one main power headline against another in order to discover which one produces the best response from their target audience!

In other words they literally have no clue that one simple change to one main power headline (could) potentially increase their overall response rate up to 21 times or a staggering 2100% better response rate!).

Granted; it will take some serious effort to reach that upper limit, but if that means you get anywhere from 25% – 750% better response! I’snt that worth the extra effort?)

And just by you (or) someone on your staff, honing this one particular copy writing skill, will put you light years ahead of your competition. Not to mention, make you a whole lot richer as well.

So (what da ya say)  let’s take a look at this totally amazing, mega proven (money in the bank) main power headline template.

How To Insantly Convert Your Main Power Headlines Into The Powerful Client Magnets They Were Meant To Be!

The following incredibly simple (and proven) copy writing client magnet power writing headline template, will allow any type of service provider and or professional to create main power headline copy so powerful, that it draws your best prospects to you like a magnet!

Case in point; watch what happens when you apply this mega proven formula to the following three rather bland headines.

1.) Bland headline statement # one: Grow long, healthy, beautiful sexy nails and keep them that way!

2.) Bland headline statement # two: Make your totally bogged down PC run as fast as the first day you bought it!

3.) Bland headline statement # three: Avoid costly estate taxes and other penalties and prevent your state and local governments from robbing you blind!

Face it; as our eyes quickly skim those type of middle of the road (uninspiring) headlines, they don’t really stand out, until you add the two proven power words “how to” in front of all those main power headlines.

Or you can simply add the word ‘how’ to the beginning of your main power headline (and) more times than not, you got a proven winner!

For ex: take a look at how you can transform this otherwise rather bland middle of the road headline into an instant winner.

How and why your kids may be vulnerable to dangerous cyber predators! (And how you can protect them!)

(Be kinda hard for any concerned parent(s) to ignore that puppy, don’t you agree?)

See how you’ve grabbed their undivided attention? Which brings you diecrtly to the third direct marketing secret.

3.) Direct marketing secret # three: In order to really distant yourself from your competitors, and permanently glue your name to the top of your prospects list!

You must convert and position yourself and your business (from now) on as a problem solving expert!

In other words,  become an education based marketer, not just another pitchman (or woman!)

Start creating free detailed step by step ‘how to’ problem solving articles, special reports and or mini courses and offering them to your prospects in exchange for their contact info (list building 101) and them systematically follow up and watch your bottom line soar!

Especially if you’re a Doctor, lawyer, CPA or any other type of professional.

Create some brief 3-7 minute problem solving’how to’ videos series and upload them to youtube already! Just be sure they lead your prospects back to either your lead capture page or compell them to call your direct or toll free number and become a lead/prospect.

There’s obviously a ton more for you to discover!

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17Nov 2011


A simple three step marketing strategy that will increase profits by 25%!

A simple marketing strategy that will at least 25% more profits to your bottom line!

How many times have you heard it said, “It’s the little things that get you.” And so it goes  when it comes to (both) creating and effectively implementing a proven marketing strategy.

For ex: have you noticed that whenever you fly on a fairly decent airline (that) the stewardess are typically well schooled in basic customer service marketing 101.

You are about to discover three incredibly powerful (yet) often extremely under utilized online marketing strategies.

And once you adjust them through testing and tracking, they will easily increase your long term profits by at least 25%.

And it doesn’t matter (what) particular small business niche your product or service targets.

Introducing Three Incredibly Simple Ways To Increase Your Long Term Online Profits By At Least 25%! ( Without Increasing  Your Overhead By  One Thin Dime!)

1.) Proven marketing strategy # one: This first mega proven marketing strategy comes directly from the airline industry.

Typically, as the flight attendants are making their rounds, they courteously ask each passenger if they’d like something to drink?

And (if by chance) you happen to say no. They automatically respond with the tried and true mega proven three word money maker response (which) works as good as any upsell!

They simply ask, “Are you sure?” And with those three incredibly simple words (typically) 20-35% of those asked will respond, “On second thought,maybe I will have a blank.”

And just like that (without) increasing their overhead by one thin  dime, they just added X more gross dollars to their daily bottom line.

Which helps boost the stock and keep both the investors and the CEO extremely happy!

2.) Proven marketing strategy # two: There’s a reason why you often see this next next proven marketing strategy constantly being used by all the big time guru and gurettes.

This  is  how they absolutely make a killing (especially) online.

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you opt into one of their lists,  from one of their fairly well written lead capture pages, they’ll automatically hit you with you of their best market  tested “OTO” (One time only) offers.

Because they understand basic proven marketing and sales ‘psychology’ which says (you simply) have to take advantage of a prospects forward momentum.

Meaning- once they opt in, they’ve indicated that they have a sincere interest in your business, product or service. So a well timed “OTO” low front end initial offer is the best way to maximize  profits.

And like any good marketer (they’ll) also immediately hit (everybody) else who for whatever reasons, didn’t take advantage of the first”OTO” offer.

They’ll immediately follow up with another “OTO” down sell offer. Meaning- they’ll usually offer you another more watered down front end offer that has slightly less bells and whistles for a an even further reduced price.

And (once again) a certain percentage of those daily opt in subscribers will go ahead and  spend a few dollars.

And the guru/gurette gets one of those “kaching” emails that they love so much!

3.) Proven marketing strategy # three: This last one proves just how true the saying is, that says, “It’s the little things that  get you.”

Have you  also noticed that whenever your exiting one of the big time seven – eight figure earners websites, more times than not, you’ll get one of those”Last chance” to take advantage of this or that pop up window offers.

The typical (struggling) clueless small business owner, often comments about how annoying those darn things are.

That may (0r) may not  be the case, but one things for sure, they make the users lots of money!

And they basically serve (one of) two purposes. They either:

A.) Help the marketer build their list, by offering one last chance to opt in, so the visitor can download some free lead generator.

B.) Or their making the last ditch effort to sell the exiting visitor something!

And since the entire process is executed by some incredibly inexpensive software that you purchase, and they  strategically make money from now on.

Without any further increase in long term overhead! Sound like a plan or what?

Q.) Which one of these three incredibly simple marketing strategies can you put to work in your business within the next 30 days or less? (If you’re not sure which specific software that you need, contact one of the software geeks at elance.com or one of the computer geek sites.)

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17Nov 2011


These five deadly words will kill your sales conversion ratios!
These five deadly sales words will kill your sales conversion ratios!

(And why you must avoid them or else!)

Have you ever heard the saying “It’s not what you say, but how you say it?” When it comes to proven sales copy that works, that saying was never more true. Your long term sales conversion ratios will suffer if you make the cardinal mistake of habitually using ‘copy writing words’ that are proven to repel your prospects!

Remember, before you can effectively market (over time) to either your email list or your offline snail mail list.

You have to first get them to join (opt in) to your list. Which means you have to be able to persuade them to take the specific action(s) you  want them to take.

And whenever you use the wrong sales copy, your chances of that happening (quickly) goes south, along with your eventual chances of making a sale.

So (needless) to say, in order to really increase your long term chances of (consistently) making sales, you  have to not only be aware of these five deadly little sales killers, but  you’ve got to aggressively make sure that (neither) your on or offline sales copy includes them.

Be nice, and let your clueless competitors continue to ignore this already proven advice! With that said, let’s now quickly  turn your attention to.

The Five Deadliest Words In Copy Writing And How They’ll Kill Your Long  Term Sales Conversion Ratios!

First off, when it comes to effective copy writing strategies, these five proven methods will apply (on or) offline to your sales copy.

So if (for whatever) reasons, you are currently using these proven sales killers in your copy. Stop It! Or else you run the risk of continually (killing) your long term chances for sales.

(FYI:These five little known and rarely revealed (for free) proven copy writing secrets, are presented in no specific order of importance!)

And of course you’re going to need to constantly test and track their overall effectiveness in order to consistently benefit from them.

Deadly copy writing word to avoid # one: Whenever possible, you’ll want to avoid using vague (uninspiring)  generalities in your copy writing and not use the ‘sales killer word’ “thing.”

Boy, nothing else screams ‘amateur copy writer’ to your prospects than using the vague generality word ‘thing or things.”

You don’t ever want to try and tell your prospects some ‘things’ about this or that!

No way, instead, you’ll be much better off (and) a whole lot richer (simply) by substituting that loser with one of following three proven power selling words, which are:

A.) Tricks (as in) proven tricks of the trade (or) five little known proven tricks of the trade.

B.) Tips, because everybody (including) your target market (loves) a proven tip or two every now and again.

C.) Techniques, after all, it’s that particular experts mega proven techniques that (literally) make all the difference, don’t you agree?

Deadly copy writing word to avoid # two: Those of you that are married or who have a significant other (can) really appreciate this next one. Ever try to tell your spouse or significant other something?( Good luck with that one!)

Guess what, their not the only ones that don’t like being told something! Your prospects hate it too!

So (you’ll) find that your bank account and your (long term) piece of mind will improve immensely when you (instead) “reveal” the seven ( or X) little known insider secrets to “Successfully Beating The IRS Agent At Tax time!”

Remember To Be Conversational And As Natural As Possible In Your Copy Writing! (On Or Offline!)

Deadly copy writing word to avoid # three: Have you ever attempted to ‘learn’ a really hard to speak foreign language like Russian? What a picnic, correct?

Likewise, your  prospects would much prefer to ‘discover’ the three little known secrets to learning how to speak fluent Russian just like a native! (In just 15 short weeks or less!)

Face it: it’s a proven fact; that it’s just plain more profitable to ‘reveal’ the secret(s) to your target audience than to try and tell them!

Deadly copy writing word to avoid # four: Remember, how it was revealed earlier in (secret # one), when you were told (make that) advised to avoid the ‘sales killer’ word “things!’

Well guess what? A close relative is the ultimate generality ‘sales killer’ word “stuff.” It’s too darn vague and unspecific to do you any good.

So instead you might test two proven power words like:

A.) Secrets, because sharing the ‘secrets’ of this and that is just so much more profitable!

B.) Insider secrets, has also been known to cause your best prospects to click on that buy button as well. Of course, your own personal testing (over time) will truly ‘reveal’ which specific word or words, works best!

And last, but certainly not least!

Deadly copy writing  word to avoid # five: it may seem odd, but (believe) it or not. Your prospects do not want to ‘buy’ anything, from you or anybody else!

So your better off (suggesting) that they either click your link ‘now’ to claim their very own copy of this or that.

Or they can “pick up the phone and call your toll free number” and get their hands on your product or service for the extremely small ‘investment’ of X amount of dollars.

Or “your monthly ‘investment‘ is just X per month.” Yea, they’d rather ‘invest’ than buy!

There you have it, these five proven deadly copy writing sales killer words will continue to cost you sales (big time) unless you reverse course now!

Q.) Which one of these five proven deadly copy writing sales killer words are you most guilty of using?

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10Nov 2011
Customer rewards programs flat out work!

Savvy entrepreneurs must have some type of customer rewards program!

Have you ever heard the marketing truism that says “ You can’t buy an ad so powerful as the voice of those who are loyal.” Truer words were never spoken (and or) written. And when it comes to effectively creating and or (further) stimulating over the top customer evangelist, a high powered ‘customer rewards program’ is just what the doctor ordered.

There’s another old saying in business, that lots of successful entrepreneurs live by, and it goes like this.

A subscriber is good, a customer is (even) better, but a marketing partner (translated) a ‘customer  evangelist’ is always best!

Q.) What would you rather have?

A.) A list of 500 wish washy subscribers. (Because they may or may not ever actually buy anything.)

B.) Or an even smaller list of 50 rabid buyers!( Because they’ll definitely buy again & again!)

It’s simply a no brain-er,correct? You’d surely rather have that list of proven buyers.

So (then) the obvious question bares asking. How do you get your best prospects to go from casual subscriber to rabid (repeat) customer evangelist?

Introducing Three Killer Reasons Why You Want To Implement A High Powered Customer Rewards Programs Asap!

There are basically three major advantages (long term) to creating an effective customer rewards program. Not to mention all the other numerous side benefits as well. Things you might (as a) serious small business owner really benefit from, like incrementally building long term customer goodwill and customer loyalty etc.

Beyond that, you’ll also quickly discover that (just like) career politicians, your best customers really love bribes ((aka) incentives as well.

Especially your loyal (fanatical) customer evangelist. Since they have already bought into your companies philosophy and mission, they don’t really require and or need much (strategic) encouragement in order to further their evangelism.

But the following three advantages can really help put your long term marketing efforts over the top.

Advantage # one: A decent (and or) pretty good (bribe) can convert an otherwise casual (first time) visitor to your site, into a much more valued subscriber.

And that of course is the all important first step. Online you need an inexpensive way to consistently follow up with your best prospects. Low cost high powered email fit that bill perfectly.

Offline, you can strategically use low cost high perceived value bonuses to get your best customers onto your email list.

For ex; (let’s suppose) you run a fairly successful small Mom & Pop family style restaurant, you could create (either)  a small postcard style flyer and or a real business card that (both) you and your sales staff personally attach (or just) hand it out to every paying customer, and inform them that (just by) simply going to either your special lead capture page and or a designated page on your blog.

They’ll receive a special six month coupon (via email) that automatically allows a maximum of three kids 10 & under (per visit) to pay for the cost of their meal based on their actual weight!

And you could offer this special discount on your two slowest days of the week, depending on what time of year it is. Plus, just by joining your email list, anytime they come to  your restaurant their automatically entered into a free in house drawing and one guaranteed winner will get 50% off their entire bill.

(And for just $7 dollars  they can automatically renew their coupon for another six months (indefinitely!)

Just think about the effect this free drawing will  have on all the other patrons that (for whatever) reasons, haven’t joined your list yet!

Plus,  you can add video tape footage of some of the winners to your blog.(Cool!)

Bribe Your Best Customers To Bring You New First Customers!

Advantage # two: You can also use a high powered customer rewards program to get your best paying customers to inexpensively grow your customer base by aggressively rewarding them, each time they bring new first time customers with them to to your store.

For ex; you might inform them (via) either email and or offline snail mail, that your current sale prices are 15% off, but they can receive an extra 10% off their entire purchase (no minimums) for every new first time customer that they bring to the store with them. (Must be at least 18  years of age.)

And the first five customers that bring at least five new first time customers with them to your store (automatically) get a $50 dollar gas card to boot!

(Think they’ll tweet or menttion it on their facebook page? Free local viral marketing at its best.)

Advantage # three: Of course you’ll reserve your absolute best (word of mouth) buzz creators for your fanatical customer evangelist.

Because without a doubt (over time) they’ll continue to purchase the most stuff, and spend the most money.

And they’ll consistently refer the most  new customers and they’ll also give you the best mouth watering (not to) mention bank account filling testimonials!

Yeah, their worth  a whole lot to your bottom line. Their life time customer value is huge!

So you and your staff want to go out of your way to periodically reward/bribe and acknowledge their efforts, so they’ll continue to do what they do best!

Those are the three biggest reasons why you need a killer customer rewards program!

Q.) What is the simplest and least cost effectie way you can reward your best customers for their loyalty within the next 30 days?

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06Nov 2011


Three simple ways to increase your information marketing business profits!

Use these three simple information marketing strategies to increase your long term profits by at least 25%!

Have you ever heard the saying “Good judgement comes from experience, and the unfortunately the experience usually comes from bad judgement!” When it comes to effectively promoting your information marketing business, you’ll often struggle in vain like a blind squirrel, without the  proper guidance and or training/mentoring etc.

All too often (especially) in the beginning of your success journey, you’l stub your toe many times, unless you invest in a quality ‘how to’ education.

On the other hand, proven how to small business marketing ideas (can and will) fatten  your bank account,providing you consistently implement them.

These next three brain dead simple marketing ploys, will absolutely sky rocket your long term profits, especially if you or your joint venture partners, ever promote your product r services via one of those free offline 60-90 minute ‘how to’workshop formats.

(FYI: The free 60-90 minute ‘how to’ power workshop approach in order to lead generate (list build) and ultimately close more sales, is a time tested proven sales model.)

How You Can Add An Extra 25% In Long Term Profits To Your Bottom Line! ( Using These Three Incredibly Brain Dead Simple Marketing Strategies!)

Free offline 60-90 minute ‘how to’ seminars/workshops are an incredibly lucrative way to accomplish three things.

1.) Position and establish yourself as a trusted and credible ‘go to’ industry expert.

2.) You create an extremely targeted list of future prospects to follow up with and gain powerful future referrals from.

3.) You can (inexpensively) conduct powerful research in order to discover what type of products or services to offer to your list in  the future.

1.) Strategy # one: In order to strategically increase your long term profits at your offline ‘how to’ workshop events, suppose you start offering low cost (yet) high perceived value free bonuses in order to induce more front end (initial) sales.

And they can either be your own products or product and services  that your top joint venture partners supply.

Offering free (low cost) yet high perceived free bonuses with the purchase of your main products or services, is a proven marketing strategy. Start testing it and see for yourself.

2.) Strategy # two: Have ever noticed (at these) live events and or workshops (how) the promoters will strategically offer the first X amount of people that sign up for the main  workshop or sign up for the 14 day trial membership etc.

They get get an incredible $997 dollars in valuable free bonuses, plus as an additional bonus, (the first) 25 people only also get an additional  free 90 minute (one on one) power consultation with one of the respected industry insiders valued at X!

Meaning- in addition to the already generous $997 dollars in valuable free bonuses (or X), the 25 buyers (only) also receive a free 60-90 minute (one on one) No holds barred power consultation valued at $375 dollars or X!

3.) Strategy # three: Have you ever sampled one of those tasty desserts that’s offered at your local supermarket?

You must realize that a certain percentage of the people that do (ultimately) go on and make an initial purchase of the product.

And so it goes with you. By strategically offering your initial free 60-90 minute one one power consultations as an additional bonus to (either) your own live workshop events and or your top JV partners events.

Rest assured (provided) of course that you deliver the goods during your free session. A certain percentage of the participants will upgrade to either your monthly maintenance plan (that costs) just X amount of dollars per month.

Or they’ll upgrade and purchase anywhere from 1-3 more hours at your regular retail rate. Either way, you’ll have their contact information and you’ll be able to inexpensively follow up with them in the future.

Record Or Video Tape Your One On One Consulting Sessions And  You’ve Just Created An Additional Long Term Profit Center!

The other thing (it makes) total sense to do is; record at least 12 of your paid 60-90 minute one on one power consulting sessions and offer them as another additional free bonus (to your customers) as soon as your guarantee date expires.

For ex; if your normal hourly consulting rates are $250 (or X.) Then simply multiply $250 x 12= $3,000 dollars.

And offer your $3,000 dollar (retail value) CD series to the people on your list at just 40%- 60% of it’s normal retail value or $1,200- $1,800 dollars (with flexible payment) terms of course!

And offer it free to any customer that purchased any rather expensive product or service (and or) affiliate product or service, and they haven’t asked for a refund within your guarantees permitted time limit.

Meaning – if your unconditional money back guarantee is for 90 days. Give them this additional (unadvertised) free bonus sometime after the 90 day grace period.

Inexpensively test these three incredibly simple strategies and in no time at all, you’ve got a surefire winner!

Q.) Which one of these three powerful strategies will you apply to your business first and why?

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And discover step by step how to strategically increase your profits by at least  25% in the next 90 days or less!

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06Nov 2011



Five proven headline writing techniques tht rock!

5 proven headline writing techniques that make your copy irresistible!

Have you ever heard the saying “If your headline doesn’t grab their attention you  may as well go home?” It’s true. Powerful magnetic headline writing techniques actually involve three incredibly simple (although) not necessarily easy steps.

They basically involve three main steps which are the following;

1.) Your main power headline must grab and hold your readers attention and (basically) induce them (by addressing) one or more of their main issues and concerns and cause them to want (or have) to read on in order to (finally) discover their long awaited answer(s) to their dilemma.

(FYI: And you need to accomplish this simple feat within a measly 3-5 seconds or they’re gone and their probably not coming back!)

2.) The next thing your copy has to got do is effectively use your all important opening paragraph to further draw your reader in (or) once again, they’re gone!  Just remember, your copy’s main (focus) has got to be about how you (or your) product or (affiliate product) or service helps solve your readers main problem and or concern(s.)

And it’s extremely hard to accomplish that by writing from the I,we, me perspective. That repels your readers, but the you, your  writing perspective attracts them.

3.) And the third thing your copy (on ) or offline has to have is your all important ‘call to action’ (meaning) you’ve gotta  be crystal clear what specific action(s) you want your reader to take after their done either viewing your sales video, reading your blog post or reading your on or offline  sales letter etc.

Introducing Five Incredibly Simple Headline Writing  Techniques That Make Your Copy Irresistible To Your Best Prospects!

You already know that at least 80% of the success or failure of your entire presentation will ultimately be decided (within) three seconds, based on how well your main power headline does or doesn’t convey the specific benefits your readers so desperately crave. (Deliver or else!)

This is simply a partial list, in order to get your creative (customer centered) writing juices flowing.

Readers in general (and your) readers in particular absolutely love to read about specific facts conveyed through statistics (so) be sure you use that to your advantage. This first proven headline template does just that.

1.) Proven headline template # one: Two incredibly powerful (and) mega proven strategies to use in your main power headline template is to reveal some specific number of secrets that address your readers main concerns and or issues.

For ex; If your readers are desperately looking for answers (or leadership) pertaining to raising your kids. You might try a opening headline template that combines a specific figure and the power word “secret.”

1.) Seven little known secrets to raising really exceptional kids. (Especially if they’re habitually depressed!)

2.) Proven headline template # two: This next proven headline template is a close relative to # one, however, it involves using a specific figure to convey some powerful incite that  your readers simply can’t live without knowing.

You might convey a specific figure that reveals some (previously) unknown startling tidbits about your target market. And ‘how’ not knowing this fact could derail them!

For ex: The shocking  truth that 47% of all first time loan applicants need to know! (Or else there’s a 94% chance your loan will be rejected!)

3.) Proven headline template # three: This has got to be old faithful. Because when all else fails, you want  to resort the old “how to”  do this or that.

There’s a reason why you see this proven headline template being used everywhere. It works!

Not to mention that it’s incredibly flexible. Meaning- you can take a bland statement sort of headline and (instantly) convert it into a proven power headline template.

For ex; Let’s suppose that your blog post or article (reads) “It’s time To Break Up With Your Significant Other”

You might (test) by educating them on “How To Tell If It’s Really Time To Break Up With Your Significant other.”

Or you could try; “How to break up with your significant other! (And still remain really good friends!) Interesting for sure.

Most Of Your Competitors Have No Idea How To Effectively Use Their Three Seconds Of Prospect Attention!

Don’t forget that each day has a grand total of 86,400 seconds in day and you and (all) of your would be competitors, only get three of them (each) to effectively make your case!

4.) Proven headline template # four: This next proven headline template effectively combines the word ‘the’ to convey some specific knowledge and or secret, your readers are (simply) dying to know.

For ex; The ____ no ______ should ever ____ Or else! The # one thing  no speaker should ever say in front of a live audience or else!

Proven headline # five This last one is incredibly powerful (but) only because it’s used so sparingly. You preface your main power headline with the power word “Warning!”

Have you noticed ‘how’ even the USA cable network uses this disclaimer approach whenever they air an infomercial?

“Warning!” The USA network is not responsible for claims and representations of the sponsor.

Likewise; you’d preface your main power headline with something like this; “Warning!”

Don’t even think about creating a living trust!

(Until you watch this explosive 22:37 second video presentation entitled: “The Federal Government Wants Your Valued Assets! (And unless you add these three vital clauses to your trust, they may end up getting them!)

These five mega proven headline templates have to become a part of your overall power headline writing techniques.

Q.) Which one of these five proven headline templates will you use first and why?

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