Isn't It A Shame That Kmart Isn't Really Into Creative Sales Ideas?Part Three

Isn’t It A Shame That Kmart Isn’t Really Into Creative Sales Ideas?Part Three

As you previously discovered in part two of this ongoing series about how any potential retailer, but especially a cash strapped struggling major retailer, like the once mighty Kmart could take some giant strategic steps forward, simply by (if not embracing), but certainly being far more open to some of the less traditional, think outside the box sort of creative sales ideas.

In part three of this trilogy, you’re going to discover at least three more incredibly powerful insights, that to this point may not have been as readily apparent as they should be.

Every company large or mall (and Kmart) is certainly no exception to this rule, could stand from time to time, to use a little corporate image makeover, agreed? Sure.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong or ill moral (and or in bad taste) for these profit seeking companies to creatively and pro-actively structure their charitable fund raising activities, in a way (or ways) that not only benefits the specific charities now and going forward.

But the local communities at large and the company as well. Don’t you agree? After all, that’s what true win/win mutually beneficial arrangements of an kind, are all about, right?

Who Else Wants To Discover How A Few Really Simple Creative Sales Ideas Can And Will Dramatically Improve Your Bottom Line?

(And Your Corporate Image As Well!)

First off, based on one of the extremely powerful comments that I received in part two, from web designing expert and small business marketing consultant Sue Bride.

Sue shared an incredibly powerful (and very creative way) that the Kmart in her part of the world (Australia), creatively uses their annual charitable  fund raising activities, to help their local community and to enhance Kmart’s corporate image as well!

Sue shared; that in her particular area, the local Kmart did two things annually, that were extremely creative and that helped not only raise money for local needy families and their kids, especially around the major holiday season, but really showed just how much real corporate heart Kmart has as well! (What’s that  worth now and going forward?)

(Entrepreneur, see which of these two incredibly powerful charitable fund raising strategies and or any combination thereof, that you and or one of your top joint venture (JV ) partners,  can or could successfully apply to your very own current or future creative sales ideas pro-active charitable fund raising activities!

1.) Creative fund raising strategy # one: First, Sue pointed out how the local Kmart in her area would place a Christmas Tree in the front of all the Kmart stores and the tree itself was referred to as a “Wishing Tree” and along with working in conjunction the local Salvation Army, Kmart places what they refer to as “tags” on each tree.

And the tags represent a potential gift to be given to a child from a local needy family, within the local community. The customers take a tag and buy the gift and it’s donated and delivered by way of the local Salvation Army, by way of Kmart!

Entrepreneur, is that thinking outside the box or what?

2.)  Creative fund raising strategy # two: Next, Sue also shared the other extremely creative, pro-active fund raising strategy they employ is this.

On Kmart’s website (or your WordPress blog  forward!), Kmart sells E-cards and part of or all of the proceeds go to purchase Kmart gift certificates, the gift certificates are along with the gifts are then delivered to children of needy families in the local area, by way of the Salvation Army, with a huge assist from the corporate giant Kmart!

That is simply priceless my friend! Don’t you agree?

The dynamic Sue Bride can be found along with one of her excellent latest post about the Power Affiliate Club or PAC  for short. You definitely need to check her out, because she’s got some serious skills!

And she and I also just happen to be fellow active members in an extremely dynamic blogging syndication group called B3, that you’ll learn all about in her post as well!

Who Says Fund Raising Can’t Be Strategic Fun And Extremely Profitable As Well!

This next extremely powerful insight also happens to come come from another fellow blogging community member. That being the one and only and extremely dynamic Marguita Herald!

Just in case you may not know, Marguita (aka) “The Resilience Life Coach, as she’s so often referred to throughout the web! She also shared an extremely powerful (real life) insight about huge companies! And how they too sometimes totally miss the mark as well!

Marquita pointed out that on her piece of the rock! That being the big island of (Hawaii) it seems that Kmart has sort of had a real life reversal of fortune as of late! She pointed out in her comments in part two of this series.

How both the local Walmart (if you can imagine this) and the local Costco were starting to have recurring issues with poorly stocked shelves and in general, rather poor  customer service to boot! Say what?

And that this (if for nothing else), temporary unfortunate turn of events, had driven a majority of the shoppers back to Kmart in droves!

So the main point being, that no matter what type of really slick advertising and or marketing campaign(s) that you or I (or even Walmart or Costco) it turns out, may embark upon.

There is simply no getting around the fact that, absolutely nothing will overcome a poorly run organization! Don’t you agree?

True Marketing Inspiration And Or Extremely Savvy Business Insights  Can And Often Do Come From The Most Unconventional Sources!

(BTW, if you’re in serious need of discovering how and what you need to do (right now!) in order to get yourself (mentally and emotionally) back on track in a big way!

Then my friend (and fellow entrepreneurs), there is simply no one better to help you accomplish that feat than the “Resilience life coach” herself!

That being the one and only Marquita Herald! You can and  definitely should check out one of her latest post on” how to find the missing pieces “at that link! You’ll be oh so glad you did!)

But in the meantime, I hope you can see and appreciate how and why a few simple, think outside the box, creative sales ideas, may be just what you and I need, in order to jump start long term profitability! Don’t you agree?

Please list at least two simple spin off concepts (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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12 Responses to Isn’t It A Shame That Kmart Isn’t Really Into Creative Sales Ideas?Part Three
  1. Hi Mark,

    There are many marketers in the market but few know how to use creativity in their sales strategies?

    I like those marketers who know the real value of a customer. You know I have met many who just go for the sale and don’t even bother after that.

    You have included some great point and explanation given by Sue.

    Thanks for writing this great article.

    Have a wonderful week.:)

    Ravi Chahar would love for you to read..How To Change WordPress Category Slug And Edit Names?My Profile

    • So glad you found some sort of value here Ravi!

      And thank you for your extremely encouraging and inspiring words.

      I too thought what both Sue & Marquita Herald added to the mix was exceptional! And I’m
      so grateful that they both decided to share their real world thoughts!

      And thank you for being so incredibly kind as well! It means an awful lot!

      As always, thanks for stopping by and sharing your much valued input and
      for your continuous support as well!

      I truly appreciate it! Continued success!

  2. I have to say that not even creative fundraising would make me enter Kmart. I can’t even recall the last time that I even drove past a Kmart. To me, their image is s tattered that they’s have to do a lot to make me consider going to shop there.

    Creative sales ideas isn’t something I have thought of for online marketer. I tend to like what we use as industry standards, like great ad copy, an irresistable offer, and value that cannot be denied. But that’s just me. 🙂

    To me, sales like fundraising seems smarmy. In fact, I saw a fundraising offer on someone’s Facebook wall, last night, and it was an immediate turnoff. I know you’re not talking about raising money for ourselves, but with the difficulty of holding people accountable during these tough economic times, I rarely trust individuals to do what they claim they are going to do in terms of money given to charity.

    In the end, you are absolutely right. Kmart could use a complete corporate makeover. I am rooting for them!
    Christi Johnson would love for you to read..I Am A Mom Before I Am Any, Other RoleMy Profile

    • You make some extremely valid points Christi!

      And I can certainly appreciate your skepticism! Those really big companies
      like a Kmart and others, who shall remain nameless!

      They can accomplish an awful lot with the right type of consistent local fundraising efforts.

      Far more than simply splashing their glitzy newspaper and or radio or TV ads etc.

      For one thing, both the local and national media can and will typically latch on to a feel good
      story, and share how some large company, that all too often is simply portrayed as overly greedy
      and uncaring about their local communities etc!

      They highlight how they’re using their influence to help their local communities and the needy
      families within them.

      And shoppers that might not otherwise think of shopping there, will do so out the need of wanting to show their support as well.

      And if in the end, the people that truly need help get it! It’s all good! But I definitely hear what you’re saying and
      appreciate your extremely honest thoughts!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing them and for your continuous support! Both are greatly appreciated!

  3. Mark,

    I continue to be impressed when I read your blogs. You DO show us ways to think outside the box. And I am so happy to see you praising two of my favorite co-bloggers, Sue Bride and Marquita Herald. One way to really build your business is to join and participate in a community of conscientious, authentic, knowledgeable and caring entrepreneuers. Each blog post I read in both the B3 and PAC communities add to my understanding of life and marketing and business concerns and using the internet and so much more. At this point I am not focused on needy children. I find there are plenty of “needy” adults, needy in terms of being emotionally upset and needing guidance (my counseling clients) and therapists wanting to expand their reach and not knowing how to market effectively (my Marketing Our Practices group). I continue to think about ways to create expansive engagement and real learning.

    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone would love for you to read..What Does Your Brain Know That You Don’t?My Profile

    • I’d say from the looks of things you’re doing an excellent job Dr. Erica!

      And I’m with you, by actively participating these extremely vibrant and caring
      communities of extremely passionate and capable entrepreneurs, the benefits are so immense!

      While I’m certainly not the most tech savvy of the bunch!LOL!

      I find there are several tech orientated experts,
      that know how to (and actually love) explaining these technical issues in basic understandable layman’s terms!

      Then I view a pro-active expert such as yourself! And I can read and discover how you go about
      not only helping people, but discovering how you teach other experts how to effectively market their practices as well!

      And that exercise expands my creative thinking in so many ways! So I can tell you without a doubt, that the personal
      and professional benefits have been absolutely fabulous!

      I’m learning and constantly being exposed to so much, from so many different perspectives, that I can hardly keep my thoughts straight!LOL!

      Thanks so much Dr. Erica! As always for your extremely kind words of encouragement and for your continuous support! Both are greatly appreciated!

  4. Mark

    Great article and it shows what a large corporation can do to improve it’s image with a low budget.

    I also have to say PAC is a great group and thanks for the plug for that.

    Thansk for Sharing Andy
    Andy Lockhart would love for you to read..Is the Urchin Annoying you?My Profile

    • You got it and no problem!

      From what I hear from Sue and Monna it’s really a great group.

      I didn’t realize you were part of the group as well.

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your continuous support!

      I truly appreciate both!

  5. The check is in the mail Mark. No seriously, I am totally humbled by your kind words and you’ve caused a grin to bloom on my face that is sure to carry me well into the week. 🙂 I have to say your endorsement means so much to me because I think you are doing such an awesome job here – your energy and creativity never ceases to inspire me. For me discovering talented fellow bloggers is one of the real benefits of belonging to a community of mutually supportive entrepreneurs.
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..Stepping Stones: Comfort ZoneMy Profile

    • Likewise M!

      Hey, your comments are almost as good and inspiring as your blog post!LOL! So for me, if anything
      the mention was probably a little late on my part!LOL!

      but still your incredibly kind and encouraging words are still awfully nice to hear!

      I like you, totally agree with your assessment of the incredibly gifted and supportive entrepreneurs at B3.

      Thanks as always for stopping by and for your continuous support! Both are greatly appreciated!

  6. Hi Mark,
    What an eye-opening post. Come to think of it, we don’t see much advertising for K-Mart, at least not around here. I’m not even sure ours is still open.

    Thanks for sharing info about 2 great ladies; Sue Bride and Marguita Herald. Both are good at what they do and share freely their knowledge of working online. Happy to know both of them.
    Monna Ellithorpe would love for you to read..What is a Media Kit and How Can It Help You?My Profile

    • Absolutely Monna!

      And I couldn’t agree more with you about those two great leaders, that are extremely generous about sharing their
      real world knowledge.

      But I can just as easily add your name to that list too! Because you are extremely knowledgeable as well! And you
      are more than generous, when it comes to sharing your expertise also!

      Thank you for you extremely kind words! Kmart if they had the real creative mind and right marketing/ promotional creative
      energy and direction, could absolutely start crushing it again!

      But like anything else they are in serious need of an entire change in their corporate culture! Which (sadly)
      just isn’t very likely to happen, any time soon!

      Nevertheless, as always, thanks for your extremely kind words of encouragement and for stopping by
      and sharing your extremely valuable thoughts! And for your continuous support! I truly appreciate it!


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