Introducing The One Six Letter Word Your Business Simply Can’t Do Without?

Entrepreneur, does the name “James Brown” happen to ring a bell? Yea, believe it or not, I’m  actually referring to the late great legendary music icon! Who was also affectionately referred to in his later  years, as the “Godfather Of Soul.”

Of course some of you younger eyeballs may not readily be aware of who he was, and why his music  legend is so iconic and the incredible (personal) impact he has had on many current and former legendary R& B and popular hip hop artist today!

Including, the late great “King Of Pop” himself, “Micheal Jackson!”

In fact, a full length feature film, was released a few years back, chronicling his incredible meteoric rise   to world wide fame & fortune, from such incredibly humble and meek beginnings!It was called “Get  On Up!” (If you are so inclined to learn more! And lots of his legendary  and biggest selling hits can be  found on good old youtube as well! 😎 )

Anyway, that would be the one, that’s being referred to here. James Brown used to have a very famous saying, he often shared with up and coming young artist, in the hopes, that by sharing his many, extremely hard lessons learned, from the real world (school of hard knocks!)

As it relates to both the music industry in particular and money and finances in general!Because, (just like) far too many superstar athletes, that whined up dead dog broke, after amassing incredible fortunes, during the length of their entire hall of fame careers! The exact same fate befalls a ton of iconic legendary, superstar music & movie entertainers as well!

So “James” used to caution and try and warn younger, (less experienced) up and coming artist, with the following,(often ignored advice!) He’ d routinely say, “far too many entertainers in show business, are about the show and not the business!”

So please take heed entrepreneur,because the remainder of this post, will try and demonstrate the true wisdom of the this late, great legendary music icons prophetic words!

So What The Heck Is This One Six Letter Mystery Word That Your Business Supposedly Can’t Do Without?

It truly is no mystery! But first, let me just share a few quick thoughts, in regard to developing the right mindset and getting crystal clear, as to “why” you and I are in business!

One of the seven figure husband & wife teams I follow, the hubby, likes to point out, that some of his newest (high level) one on one coaching clients, get lots of social shares on their blog post!

They’ve got at least 20,000 twitter followers and they also get tons of “likes” on their Facebook fan pages, but they aren’t making much money yet!

And that’s “why” they’ve recently turned to he & his wife for help! 😎

That’s “what” old James meant, about, “being about the show and not the business!” 

So hopefully, the six letter word, we’re referring to here is no longer a mystery right? Why it’s none other than profit! And you’d think some entrepreneurs are boycotting it, the way they avoid it like the plague! 😎 

Now entrepreneur, I’m going to deviate and doing something that’s a little out of the ordinary for me!

But that’s only because, this incredibly misunderstood, six letter word is so darn important to our collective long term futures!

Don’t Make It Your Business Not To Be About The Business!

I’m actually cutting my blog post/rant short!Huh? That’s correct!

Because you need to watch the video that I’ve included! Because it’s by an incredibly dynamic (real world entrepreneur! And she’s covering this subject, only from a rather unique, yet very relevant perspective!(As it relates to many of today’s highest flying and high profile entrepreneurs!)

And it ties in perfectly, with what the late great “Godfather Of Soul” used to say as well!But she just does it far more eloquently, and makes it simplistically simple!

So listen in on her video, as real world (money making entrepreneur) Carmen Sognonvi shares  some of her proven real world, entrepreneurial wisdom!

Then afterwards, you’ll appreciate “why”your business (and mine), definitely can’t do without this incredibly powerful six letter word! You be the judge!

Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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12 Responses to Introducing The One Six Letter Word Your Business Simply Can’t Do Without?
  1. Hi Mark,

    The quote you used in this post from James Brown about “being about the show and not the business” reminds me of another example I have used that has a similar nature to it…
    “focusing on the wedding instead of the marriage”.

    It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of things – and even chase them. But unless there is a level of consciousness and heart involved in whatever leads up to this “dessert” part of everything is solid, that reward is likely to be short lived.

    Kind of reminds me of something I had heard about how if happiness was found in the tail of a cat, they would chase it forever. But if they walked confidently along on their way, it would follow them wherever they went.

    I keep this in mind when I feel as though I’m about to chase something that eludes me. It serves as a great reminder to stay connected to the process of whatever I’m doing at the time.

    Great post 🙂
    Dana would love for you to read..I Was Over 200 Pounds…My Personal Weight Loss StoryMy Profile

    • I absolutely love your first saying Dana!

      Thanks so much for sharing it!That’s incredibly powerful and insightful!

      And no doubt, we’ve all been there, at least a few times!LOL!

      I definitely plan on using your quote and referencing where I heard it!Thanks!

      And yea, I guess we all tend to be far more eager to focus on the “wedding” instead of
      the marriage!

      We love to start, but not so much persevere!Great point!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your extremely valuable thoughts and insights!

      They’re always welcome and greatly appreciated!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Three Unique Locations Every Successful Entrepreneur Will Visit On Their Way To Success!My Profile

  2. Hey Mark, thank you so much for sharing my video with your readers! I loved reading your take on it (James Brown references and all!).

    So many entrepreneurs get hung up on the wrong metrics: How many likes do I have? How many followers do I have? How many people do I have on my email list? How many magazine articles have I been quoted in?

    And it’s easy to understand why. Most of these metrics are publicly available. We can all peek in on other entrepreneurs and see how they’re doing in that regard, and compare our performance to theirs.

    But what you can’t see is the profit. And ultimately, that’s what matters the most.

    I’d rather be the entrepreneur with 100 followers and $500K in profit, than the entrepreneur with 500K followers and $100 in profit.

    But that’s just me 🙂
    Carmen Sognonvi would love for you to read..Why Tech Startups Destroy EntrepreneurshipMy Profile

    • Wow!First of all, let me say what an honor Carmen!

      Thank you so much for commenting! Now I’m wondering if you’ve
      got some sort of fancy software that alerts you whenever someone mentions your
      web address or links to one of excellent real world “how to” videos!

      I’m so floored right now!I’ve been a subscriber an extremely big fan of
      yours for quite a while!

      And to be totally honest, I was afraid if I sent the link of this post to you
      and you saw that I was using one of your videos,without getting your permission,
      I would be toast!LOL!

      And I also love your insights on, “how” many magazine articles have I been quoted in!LOL!

      Another fairly meaningless ego boost!LOL!

      Now that I know you don’t mind if I occasionally use some of your excellent (educational) videos
      in my blog post, I’ll be doing it more often!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your extremely valuable insights!
      They’re always welcome and greatly appreciated!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Introducing The One Six Letter Word Your Business Simply Can’t Do Without?My Profile

  3. Till now I thought, tech companies are helping youngters to fullfil their dream of becoming entrepreneur. Thanks for making it clear through video.

  4. Great video Mark and what an important point. There are examples of this all around us, but it’s so easy to miss because of the hype. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..How to See the Opportunity in ProblemsMy Profile

    • That’s so true M!

      And as you so wisely pointed out,because of the almost endless
      hype, it’s very easy for the real point of being in business,
      to be over shadowed by the imagery of being in business!

      In fact, right in my local area, there was this really outlandish media blitz
      a few years back,about this supposedly cutting edge tech outfit
      that were heavily courted to come to the area.

      And it was run by a bunch of “we’re all that”
      and a bag of chips twenty somethings!LOL!

      M, they raised about 20 million give or take, and recently a news story revealed, their broke!

      They’ve basically grossed about $3.5 million, but they burned through the twenty million
      to do it!LOL!

      And the founder was hailed at this so called whiz kid!Yea right!LOL!Thanks so much,
      for always positively contributing to the conversation!Much appreciated!

      M, they raised somewhere
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Introducing The One Six Letter Word Your Business Simply Can’t Do Without?My Profile

  5. I’ve dealt with this a bit in the past as well. I don’t think people are avoiding profit so much as they’re focused on the wrong end of the money making machine. If your initial animated guy at the beginning was really cranking out money like a real business, he’d turn the crank 1/10th of the way, go check the other end for money, go all the way back to the crank, turn it another 2/10ths, go check for money again, repeat until he’s turned it one full crank and gone “wow, this is a lot of work for so little money.”

    Just keep turning the crank. Look later. Count it later. Just do the work and if your plan is solid, it’ll work. Trust the process and crank away.
    Matt A would love for you to read..The Importance of Anchor Text in BacklinksMy Profile

  6. Hi Mark,

    You are right, we ought to think and strategize on how to boost our profit as business people.

    Your talk about being about the show and not the business totally resonates with me, most times I find that bloggers are more interested in the number of Social followers they’ve got even though they are not making any money from Social Media.

    Thanks for this awesome post and you did a nice job to place me on suspense.


    Dan Ewah would love for you to read..How to Increase Pinterest Followers – INFOGRAPHICMy Profile


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