Five Incredibly Sinister Ways Newbie Entrepreneurs Constantly Sabotage Themselves!

Five Incredibly Sinister Ways Newbie Entrepreneurs Constantly Sabotage Themselves!

So “how” many people do you know that for whatever reasons, maybe due to being unexpectedly downsized out of their job and or career or maybe  they had their hours systematically cut (yet again) and now they’ve finally just decided that it’s high time they started pursuing their own dreams and passions? Sound like anybody you know? Perhaps even you?

Yep, they or you have most definitely caught the bug, and now (finally), their in that ever so precious elite class of individuals, that to sum them up in a single word. We affectionately refer to them (or you) as entrepreneurs.

Hey, it sounds like a really cool title, and it is. However, rarely in the open public anyway, do we air some of the entrepreneurs dirty laundry! Because believe it or not. There is most definitely a darker less glamorous (and far more sinister)side to being an entrepreneur!

And lots of times, in fact, in far too many of the cases, the entrepreneurs themselves, are guilty of either directly (and or) inadvertently shooting themselves in the foot! Ouch! Nod your heads cadets, because it’s true.

Sure it sounds counter intuitive on the surface, but rest assured, it is not. Because by continuously doing the five things you’re about to read about, over and over and over again!

That (my friend) is proof positive that practically ever newbie entrepreneur (on some) level or another, perpetually self sabotages themselves! Have a look and see if you agree.

 So What Are These Five Incredibly Sinister Ways That Far Too Many Newbie Entrepreneurs Use To Continuously Sabotage Themselves?

 (Especially When They Really Don’t Mean To!)

First of all, nobody in their right mind (anyway) is denying for a second, that successful entrepreneurs (of all kinds) don’t work extremely hard!

And (yes) they constantly have a lot of things to worry about. Such as the bottom line, constantly generating new customers and generating a real sustainable profit in the process! Successfully keeping up with the latest trends within their particular industry. At some point learning the fine art of “how to” hire and fire the right individuals! Learning when and “how to” delegate certain extremely necessary daily activities etc!

Constantly staying on top of and successfully managing and monitoring the cash flow of the business, successfully negotiating with vendors, and (replacing the not so good ones asap!) All while desperately attempting to simultaneously manage their home and or personal lives as well!

Constantly adjusting to retain their current customers and or clients, while simultaneously looking for new ones as well! And on and on it goes!

Is it in wonder “why” especially in the beginning of their new (and probably) under funded venture, they often find themselves (much to the dismay) of their spouses, significant others and or their kids etc.

They constantly find themselves spending upwards of 90 hours per week or more, trying juggle all these mandatory tasks! Which is all the more reason “why” it’s so odd, that they would directly and  or inadvertently shoot themselves in the foot!

That said: take a look at the following five reasons and see if you agree, that whether they call it that or not, that’s “what” repeating the following five actions is like doing.

Whether they call it “self sabotage” or not!

1.) The first way they directly or indirectly shoot themselves in the foot:  By constantly stretching themselves way too thin in areas of major importance, like their active presence on the various social media platforms. And the real net result is, they are not focused enough on the main platforms where the vast majority of their current and new customers are!

So their social media presence is not nearly as effective and focused as it could and should be!

2.) The second way they directly or indirectly shoot themselves in the foot: By not realizing and quickly coming to the realization that their top vendors (in many ways), are as valuable as (both) their customers and or employees/associates!

Because stop and consider this train of thought, for just a second. The more successful your business is, the better it is for your vendors as well! Because very often, they are able to expand right along with you! Which can often lead to even further benefits for your business!

Lots Of Times Self Sabotage Is Cleverly Disguised As Daily Busy Work!

3.) The third way they directly or indirectly shoot themselves in the foot: Is by constantly putting short term gratification, above long term profitability! Like systematically taking incremental monthly (and or) annual profits and instead of re-investing a good portion of it back into your businesses future growth!

Often times, newbie entrepreneurs tend to opt for the immediate gratification of flashy perks, like a higher based salary and or heftier performance bonuses etc!

4.) The fourth way they directly or indirectly shoot themselves in the foot: Is by making the the extremely critical mistake (early on) of engaging in far too many daily activities, that only lead them to having to work much harder in their business, instead of working much harder on their business!

And that very often leads (very quickly) to burn out, super burn out and or a not so good home life! Basically we’re talking crash and burn time here people!

5.) The fifth way they directly or indirectly shoot themselves in the foot: This last one is huge! Failing to realize that by not actively investing (formally) in (both) their ongoing business/entrepreneurial and or personal self development education.

They are perpetually missing out on tons of additional payoffs from the brand new source of fresh and innovative ideas, that this type of educational investment can and often does produce!

 6.) Bonus tip! The six way they directly or indirectly shoot themselves in the foot: Is by failing to recognize right up front, “how”critically important it is to guard their health aggressively, so that it doesn’t become an insurmountable issue, later on,that can often sabotage even their best laid plans!

No doubt, that’s a mouth full! But most of you would probably agree, the entrepreneurs (newbies or not), that constantly repeat the above mentioned actions, are most definitely, shooting themselves in the foot, either directly and or indirectly! Would you not agree?

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