How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Create Really Big Profits From Incredibly Tiny Ad Budgets!Part Two

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Create Really Big Profits From Incredibly Tiny Ad Budgets! Part Two

As you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series about “how” extremely  savvy entrepreneurs such as yourself, can consistently create  some really big profits, even if  they’re  just starting out with an incredibly tiny traditional advertising budget.

But (truth told), entrepreneur if you’re truly serious about systematically growing your business, on  the proverbial shoe string type of budget, in order to avoid constantly writing outrageously big checks for massively expensive, traditional glitzy ad campaigns etc.

That basically do very little for your bottom line, other than quickly drain it, and pad the pockets  (quite nicely) I might add, of the agencies and companies that sell them to you.

Then you’d better be ready to work massively hard, and consistently count on eight days a week, and  twice as hard during the holiday season!Especially in the beginning!

That is, until you’ve gotten, and created some serious bankable traction!Because the general public could care less “about” how much time you consistently spend away from your family, and or loved ones!Or how much interest you are currently obligated to pay on your short term business bridge loan etc!

Provided, you could even qualify to get one in the first place! (But that’s another blog post altogether!) Anyway, the public is primarily concerned, first and foremost with “how” whatever it is you have, benefits them! Period!

(And don’t ever forget that! Or get preoccupied with addressing anything other than that, if you’re truly serious, about (first) getting, and temporarily holding their extremely short attention span!)

So let’s dive a little deeper (here in part two), and see “how” you can consistently create some extremely big profits, even if you’re starting out with an incredibly tiny traditional ad/marketing budget!

 Who Says Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Such As Yourself Can’t Consistently Create Some Really Big Profits Even If You’re Starting Out With An Incredibly Tiny Traditional Ad Budget?

Now first and foremost, let’s start right out of the gate with a bit of a “wake up call” /reality check, shall we? Ladies & gentlemen (and fellow) entrepreneurs.

At some point during your entrepreneurial journey, it’s going to make perfect sense for you to strategically reach out to other (local) on and offline profit seeking business owners, and or service providers etc. In order to put together some type of joint venture (JV) and or strategic alliances etc.

And when you do! Please be aware that even though (on paper) they may (in your mind) be a great potential strategic alliance/ joint venture partner. However, for whatever reasons, (you and I) may never ever totally understand!

Some of them, simply will never ever follow through as they promised to do so! Bummer! Still others, (sadly) no matter “how” many different ways you desperately try to explain it to them, simply will not get it! (Big hint:) When that happens it’s definitely time to quickly pick up your marbles and hastily move on! 😎

Still others, will secretly try and pull some of these (proven) low hanging fruit ninja marketing strategies off, without including you! Let em! While others, will most definitely feel threatened by (at least) some of “what” you’re proposing, and therefore always feel sort of uncomfortable with your entire potential arrangement.

That’s just the way it is and the small price you (and I) must pay for ultimate success! So don’t freak out when you start routinely coming across  some of the aforementioned situations and attitudes etc!

Press on, for true massive success awaits you!

So Where Or How Do You Go About Consistently Finding These Walking Talking Local Billboards For Your Business, Products And Or Services?

One of your easiest targets (initially), will be professional women of all walks and occupations and or careers etc. For ex; quickly get to know some local successful Realtors and or successful women real estate sales reps.

And be totally upfront with them! Meaning: tell them “why” you’d like to have them as a long term repeat customer/client, because of their extremely high profile in the local business as well as offline community etc! And you’ll be happy to give them a really “sweet heart” deal, like maybe you’ll do their hair, once every other week, (either) at your actual cost.

And or (if ) they’re really high profile enough, and their mentioning your shops name, consistently causes a flood of brand new first time customers, or clients that you know for a fact you would not have gotten, were it not for them occasionally dropping your shops name!

Then by all means,  ladies & gentlemen do the right thing, and do their hair  (and if need be) their nails too for free! Think of the ongoing cost as a prudent (long term) marketing investment expense!

And don’t forget, their constantly meeting other local successful women from all walks of life 24/7, showing them houses, getting new listings, meeting with other local high profile women attorneys, closing on properties, socializing with other six and seven figure a year earning professional women of all kinds etc.

And more than likely, the really good ones are at least semi active on social media! And that’s where strategic plan B comes into play!

And You Don’t Just Want Access To These Local High Profile Individuals You Want Inexpensive Professional Access To Their On and Offline Personal And Professional Networks As Well!

You make them aware, that for your best VIP repeat customer/clients (such as) them, and of course their really close friends and immediate family members etc; are all welcome to test out your shop, at least three times as well!

For one low- extremely time sensitive- set price! Because remember, whether these potential new first time customers, decide to stick around long term or not! They’ll still be a walking talking billboard showcasing your product everywhere they go! 😎

So create some type of special extremely time sensitive VIP new customer only, gift certificates for them to give away as (house warming gifts) to new home buyers they recently sold a home, and or investment property to!

They could also give your time sensitive gift certificates to their Mom , daughter, daughter in law, Mother in law, sister, aunt, boss, bosses wife, (bosses- live in significant other, their brother’s wife, and or brother’s new girlfriend, niece, nephews wife, and or nephews girlfriend, grand daughter, best friends, all of the above etc!

Entrepreneur, do you see “how” once you get this ball truly rolling, you could literally be systematically keeping warm bodies in your chairs 24/7? Say yes! Great!

Because in part three, you’re also going to discover “how” extremely savvy entrepreneurs such as yourself, literally put a rather simple daisy chain strategy like this on even more power marketing steroids! Til then.

Now as is customary during this part of our show.

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