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Email Marketing: Seven Potentially Profitable Reasons For You To Constantly Test!

  (Test And Test Some More!)

So here you are, right dab in the middle, of trying to successfully run, manage and grow, your resource challenged, small business and or service, correct?

And for the most part, you’ll do whatever you need to do, in order to make that event ultimately happen,right?

Which means, you (at least) have some idea, why you definitely need to have, some type of proven email marketing strategy in place, correct?

But here’s a quick question for you? Do you routinely drive your car and or motor cycle anywhere? Huh? Hold on (entrepreneur) there is most definitely a method to the madness!

Would you ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, attempt to do so, while completely blindfolded?

Then why in the world, are you attempting to run your business in general, and your strategic email marketing campaigns in particular, without having any idea, what your actual numbers (analytics) are!Bingo!

So What Are These Seven Potentially Profitable Reasons For You To Constantly Test Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

Before answering that (extremely) pointed question; ladies & gentlemen, there’s something you definitely need to know and understand.(Otherwise it’s not worth going forward!)

There are a vast number of extremely sophisticated, in the trenches, (real world) based entrepreneurs, just like yourself, that rarely if ever, consistently bother to actually track, and measure the numbers (analytics) of their email marketing campaigns!Say what?

Nod your heads cadets, because sadly it’s true!Don’t ask me why, because when asked, these very same (extremely) hard working individuals, would tell you it’s the equivalent of suicide, to attempt to drive a car (or motorcycle) while blindfolded! 

And yet, they have no clue, what their actual email analytics numbers are!(Your guess is as good as mine!) Here’s the thing, rather than go down that road, to disaster in wait!

Instead, let’s focus on the seven (plus) potentially profitable reasons why, (you definitely) want to at least, initially know what your email marketing campaign numbers (analytics) are.(And the exact same proven concepts apply to any paid ad campaigns you ever run BTW!)

This way, once you’ve established some type of (starting point), statistical baseline, you can then start systematically changing (testing) various components of your email campaigns,(one at a time!in order to (quickly) discover, which (if any) actually leads to the overall better performance!

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If Your Business Email Marketing Campaign Numbers Aren’t Being Carefully Measured And Tracked! (Entrepreneur It Won’t Be Very Long Until You Don’t Have A Business At All!)

That said, let’s be crystal clear right up front! The following list, in no way is attempting to be an all comprehensive list of potential benefits and reasons for systematic testing and tracking etc! Instead, it serves as merely a starting point, for even further, in depth analysis!

(Important note: By and large, the type of proven testing technique, being referred to here, is none other than (old faithful!) Good old A/B split testing, tracking and measuring etc.

But make no mistake, only test (change) one particular variable at a time, run your test, track your results and then decide on your next plan of action. Otherwise you run the risk of not knowing which particular variable, really caused your results to improve or decline!

1.) Potentially profitable reason for strategically testing # one: Right out of the gate, simply by A/B split testing your (online) emails subject lines, and offline your sales letters main power headlines.

You can quickly discover, which one helped increase or decrease your open rates.And offline, which main power headlines, led to more appointments set or phone inquiries etc.

And the non opened emails, can be re-sent a brand new, more customer benefit orientated subject line, to measure if more of your subscribers open it, because your more benefit laden (subject line) approach worked better!

Because obviously, more opened emails, eventually lead to more sales and or signs ups etc.

Implementing Proven Email Marketing Tips Is An Inexpensive Way To Systematically Increase You Overall Gross Profits!

2.) Potentially profitable reason for strategically testing # two: Next up, as you strategically A/B split test, various aspects of your email marketing campaigns.(Throughout your entire sales funnel entrepreneur!)

You’ve got the ability (at least) with some of the state of the art, paid email mail service providers, to track your click through rates!(CTR’s.)

Meaning, depending on the specific copy (words) you use in the body of your email campaigns.

You’ll instantly know, (by examining) your campaigns analytics, which copy produced the most clicks to your links!This way going forward, you’ll know what to keep doing, but far more importantly, “what” to eliminate as well!

3.) Potentially profitable reason for strategically testing # three: Entrepreneur, you may have been led to believe, getting unsubscribes is a bad thing!In and of itself! But that’s not necessarily true!

Because if you send a particular email, with A/B split test “subject line A”, and you notice a ton of unsubscribes as  direct result!

Then guess what you just discovered about “subject line A?” That’s right, it probably needs to be dropped and replaced asap!Everybody experiences some periodic unsubscribes, but if out of the blue, you experience a huge amount from one particular controlled email message!

And the overall body copy, is 98-99% identical, except for the subject lines!Better make a strategic change change quick!

4.) Potentially profitable reason for strategically testing # four: Strategic testing, tracking and keeping score, is another (inexpensive) proven way, to discover, which A/B split test “subject line”, not only got opened, but drove your subscribers to your (mobile responsive) WordPress website,blog and or your direct or affiliate sales page!

In which case, you now have a far more accurate idea, what type of content,(in various forms) to create (going forward), for your particular target audience!

Are you starting to see and appreciate, “how”, some inexpensive strategic testing of any kind, (on or offline), definitely helps move your business forward!Especially online! Great! In part two, you will discover the remaining three little known secrets! Okay?

Until then, can you see any valid reasons “why” you shouldn’t be strategically testing the various elements, of your email marketing campaigns!Alright then! See you in just a little bit in part two!

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2 Responses to Email Marketing: Seven Potentially Profitable Reasons For You To Constantly Test!
  1. Great reminder Mark! This is an area I can definitely approve upon. I tend to focus on my open stats and leave it at that. For one thing, I have a minuscule rate of unsubscribes. My readers tend to stick with me, many for years, so to keep the list as clean as possible I focus on the open rates and periodically purge anyone who hasn’t opened emails for the past month. I always preface that with a “heads up” and make sure they can easily resubscribe, and that does happen. Anyway, to your tips, testing headlines is an area I haven’t explored at all but I think I’ll add it to my list of fall “experiments”. Thanks!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..How to Build Your Capacity to Manage AdversityMy Profile

    • Thanks for your extremely kind words M!

      And both you and I can definitely take some positive measures, to
      try and improve our email marketing campaigns.

      Personally, I tend to go at things in slow, but constantly moving
      forward methodical pace.

      That way I’m not too overwhelmed!LOL! Thanks for taking the time to
      share your thoughts M! I always appreciate and look forward to them!

      And I’m not at all surprised, your extremely loyal subscribers tend to
      remain of your list long term!LOL!
      Mark Newsome would love for you to read..Email Marketing: Seven Potentially Profitable Reasons For You To Constantly Test!My Profile


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