01Jan 2016



Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Know Exactly Where To Look For True Inspiration!

Okay people, here we are again!Once again, the (your) slate has been wiped clean, and (guess what?) you got another 365 fabulous days to focus on moving forward, (if not) in a major way, at least experience some consistent forward momentum!(Aren’t you excited?)

And you wanna know what the real (best kept) “dirty little” secret is?And why the extremely savviest of entrepreneurs (among us) know exactly where to look for true inspiration!While a staggering 97% either won’t or don’t!

Let me give you a little hint, (so hopefully) you can start 2016 off not only with a major bang, because after all, you’ve certainly done that before!Correct?

But you can also start off this new year with a major dose of possibility reality!Because if whatever new years resolution(s), you’ve (semi) committed to this year aren’t dipped in some major reality, (guess what?), it’s just a mater of time before you crash and burn!Sound familiar? Continue reading

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08Dec 2015
So What Do Cab Drivers, College Students And Your Diner Have To Do With Increasing Retail Sales?Part Three

So What Do Cab Drivers, College Students And Your Diner Have To Do With Increasing Retail Sales?Part Three

So as you hopefully discovered by now, in the first two installments of this ongoing series, about “what”  both local cab drivers and college students have to do with your local diner systematically increasing retail sales?

Turns out, it’s quite a bit, don’t you agree? Now in this third installment of the trilogy, we’re going to attempt add two more (underground) potential long term marketing spokes to the wheel!

And this should help cement (once and for all) the real possibilities of an effective, three prong long term marketing offensive.

Hopefully, you can see “how” in the first two installments, either the extremely savvy local diner and or the extremely savvy local cab company might aggressively -and effectively- use these little known (non techie) marketing strategies, to systematically increase their retail saleswithout spending the traditional outrageous upfront fortune in order to do so! Correct?

In the remainder of this post, we will (yet again) explore another untapped potential marketing angle as well, by strategically introducing, another potential (local) marketing heavyweight into the picture! Continue reading

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07Dec 2015


How Savvy Entrepreneurs Still Make It Even Though They Initially Lack Both Money And Experience!

 (And How You And I Can Definitely Do It Too!)

Okay, so you’re definitely a profit seeking entrepreneur, are you not? Meaning; everything you’ve done this point and will do in the not so distant future, is definitely geared to you, (at some point) generating some type of profit, is it not?

So here’s a quick question for you; how is it, that some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, even though, (just like you) they are brand spanking new, to being in business for themselves!

And they also, have very limited real world experience!(But they’re extremely fast learners!)

And they too have virtually no discretionary income left, after they’ve funded, (as best they can) the bare bones minimum to get up and going! They still manage to (somehow) carve out an extremely lucrative income, in their particular niche, which (unfortunately), has just as much cut throat competition as yours, if not more!

While others, constantly struggle, and barely (if ever) make any type of sustainable profit, and eventually reluctantly succumb to the harsh realities of attempting to be in business for yourself!Nod your head cadets, because it’s true! Continue reading

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05Dec 2015



So How Does Power Networking Vault You To The Front Of The Line And Beyond?Part Three

Ladies & gentlemen, with this,(being) the third installment, of this ongoing series, about how and why, you definitely be to effectively utilizing some form of proven power networking, in some form or another.

Hopefully, you are no longer questioning the “if” part of the equation, as much as the “how” part!Because either you and or your major competitors, are about to make a quantum leap in the overall (upward) trajectory of your business.

And you know who I’ll personally be rooting for correct? 😎 That said, unless or until, you get crystal clear and start effectively and pro-actively utilizing this under used, almost totally neglected asset

You’re not very likely, to move off center, nearly as fast or as far, as your major competitors, that finally decide to add some, (good old fashion) power networking t their overall marketing mix.Don’t you agree? Continue reading

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04Dec 2015



So How Does Power Networking Vault You To The Front Of The Line And Beyond?Part Two

As you previously discovered in part one, of this ongoing series, (so called) power networking, is the much preferred choice, of practically every extremely savvy entrepreneur, correct? Absolutely.

I mean, as opposed to the all too typical, cash strapped small business owner and or service provider, that occasionally tips their toe in the water, (so to speak.)

And whenever it’s totally convenient for them, they’ll timidly try their hand, at a little lukewarm networking basics here and there.

And when doing so, fails to render any consistent, bankable results, they quickly fold their tent and move on to the next, (so called) flavor of the month marketing strategy and or tactic.(Sound familiar?)

But rarely if ever, are they all in and totally committed, to some long (bank account) filling power networking. Have you noticed that particular mindset as well?

In part two, let’s peel the marketing onion back even further, so the potentially profitable under belly, can be (at least) partially exposed. What-da-ya-say? Continue reading

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