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Power list building is the absolute cornerstone of your entire long term success. No matter how you primarily market your business on or offline.

20Apr 2017
small business

Why Your Small Business Should Take Advantage Of Under Used And Or Dead Assets!Part Five

Are you semi convinced, your current resourced challenged small business, startup entrepreneurial venture,and or service, doesn’t have any dead or under used assets?

Lots business owners, but especially resourced challenged small business owners and startup entrepreneurs, initially buy into this myth.

Granted, larger more established companies, may have more, potentially under used and or dead assets idly sitting around, waiting to be accessed, but rest assured, underneath it all, so do you.

It’s really a matter of developing the right marketing perspective.Because an under used asset, may mean pro-actively taking advantage of current situations, which aren’t being maximized.

Lots of times small business owners and or semi cash strapped service providers, overlook certain money making opportunities, which are readily available to them, (and or) their major competitors, but because they’re not super obvious, they simply don’t see them at first. Continue reading

17Apr 2017



How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate New Customers For Pennies On The Dollar!Part Eight

Honestly, have you ever personally purchase some type of advertising package, be it for radio TV, local newspaper, magazine, and or online, and received a huge discount for doing so?

And how did things, (profit wise) eventually work out?

The only reason I ask, is because, believe it or not, some extremely savvy entrepreneursoften receive at least part of their traditional ad campaigns, for some incredibly eye opening discounts.

But that’s not what allows them to create major, last long impressions.

And some of these major players, routinely spend hundreds of thousands or dollars, or tens of millions of dollars annually.

And sadly, at the end of the day, very few consumers, who not already customers, barely remember any of their outrageously expensive, traditional ad campaigns. Is that really the way you want to invest, and or spend, your extremely limited ad dollars? I sincerely hope not…

But what if there were  market tested way, for you to invest your extremely limited marketing/promotional dollars, and generate continuous positive word of mouth and mouse buzz. You’d definitely want to know about it, right? Continue reading

15Apr 2017
small business

Why More Savvy Small Business Owners Prefer Marketing Strategies Over Advertising!Part Two

So after reading part one, can you believe, how many extremely resourced challenged, small business owners and or service providers, will constantly spend a fortune, on outrageously expensive, traditional advertising methods?

And it’s not like they’re impressed by the dismal results, this type of traditional advertising campaigns produce, as much as it is, they simply don’t currently have any viable alternatives, or do they?

Hopefully, after reading enough posts on this blog alone, you can readily see and appreciate, you (and or) your major competitors, have tons of long term marketing alternatives. Would you not agree?

Great, because in part two, you’ll see once again, why strategic marketing, is an incredibly viable alternative, especially if you’re a severely cash strapped entrepreneur. Continue reading

14Apr 2017



How Savvy Entrepreneurs Create Massive Lists And Tons Of Profits While Doing So!Part Two

So after reading part one of this ongoing series, has it dawned on you, how some incredibly savvy entrepreneursmake very good use of, and profit handsomely, from the marketing concept, often referred to simply as ‘triangulation?’

I sincerely hope so. Because in essence, this proven concept, is nothing than more, than three or more reputable companies, service providers and or startup entrepreneurs etc.

Strategically playing off of, and or leveraging each others various assets. And doing in so in a way, which mutually benefits every one involved.

Sometimes, in the more complex arrangements, you’ll see four or five non directly competing companies involved.

Some gladly grabbing their percentage, and or the lions share of the front end of the sales funnel, and some gladly doing the same on the back end of the sales funnel.

Either way, ‘triangulation’ is definitely worth investing your time and or resources in order to explore the many untapped opportunities and or marketing possibilities. Continue reading

13Apr 2017

How Savvy Entrepreneurs Create Rock Star Like Credibility!

  (Even Though They’re Just Starting Out And Aren’t Exactly A Household Name Just Yet!)

So how often have you thought about rolling out a potentially pricey advertising campaign of some kind? Because you know (all too well), whether you call it promotion, advertising and or marketing etc.

There are a ton of extremely talented entrepreneurs, (just like) yourself, who are fiercely competing, for your target audiences, extremely limited attention span and share of wallet, correct?

And to top things off, some of them rely heavily on various forms of (extremely) high profile celebrity endorsements, do they not? Which means, they invest some of their deep pocket corporate dollars, into buying major influence.

And where you’re currently at in your particular entrepreneurial journey, this is probably not a realistic option just yet, correct?

And besides, ‘what’ if you’re literally just starting out, and virtually nobody with any type of major influence, has a clue ‘who’ you are just yet. And your corporate dollars are pretty thin.  Does this particular scenario sound vaguely familiar? Continue reading