List Building 101

Power list building is the absolute cornerstone of your entire long term success. No matter how you primarily market your business on or offline.

25Mar 2017


How Savvy Entrepreneurs Create Massive Lists And Tons Of Profits While Doing So!

 (And “How” You Can Too!)

By now, you’ve heard the shocking truth, which states a staggering 88% of all brand new (on or offline) startup entrepreneurs, will be out of business, within five short years or less, correct?

And in far too many cases, after you boil it all down, they simply had, more revenue going out, than they did coming in, correct?

In other words, (for any) number of valid, and or invalid reasons, they -unfortunately-, spent retail to generate their -all important-first time customers, patients and or clients etc.

And they consistently sold their extremely valuable products and or services, at bargain basement wholesale rates.

Endless price wars and, (let’s face it), too much inexperience, in the day to day management trenches, ultimately caused their titanic to sink.

In terms of consistently generating, some of their ideal, first time customers, for literally pennies on the dollar!For the right marketing professionals, it’s a piece of cake!

Which means -entrepreneur-, as you save a fortune upfront, you don’t have to initially maximize, your front (and or) long term back end gross profits! Because you’ll be under far less pressure to have to constantly do so! Continue reading

23Mar 2017
marketing strategu

What If Your Major Competitor Decides To Implement This Proven Marketing Strategy First!Part Four

So after reading three previous installments, of this ongoing series, hopefully, you are finally starting to appreciate, ‘preeminence’, doesn’t literally mean, exclusively doing something first.

It primarily relates to, what happens, from a marketing strategy point of view, when (you and or) your major competitors, decide to add the all important unique twist or two, to any given marketing strategy and or tactic etc.

And thereby gain, some sort of strategic advantage.

For all practical purposes, you have effectively implemented, and hopefully are benefiting from, both now and in the not so distant future, some sort of strategic advantage.Because you’ve implemented the mega proven marketing strategy, ‘preeminence.’Let’s have a much closer look under the hood, to see ‘how’ this particular marketing concept, can and should work for you. Continue reading

13Mar 2017

How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!

  (And How You Can Too!)

So how many extremely savvy, hard working entrepreneursstarted out, without having lots of money and or influential connections?

At least a few, correct? And how many of them, do you suppose, hit (at times) really hard, a few speed bumps in the road?

But they they persevered and ultimately succeeded, did they not?

So it’s probably safe to say, even though they started out, with literally, and or very little cash,credit and real world experience, and or highly influential connections etc.

They were able to ultimately taste success on some level or another, correct? Which means, since they had no more tangible advantages, starting out, than you or I did.Maybe this success thing, is not an illusion after all.

And maybe, it has more to do with pro-actively creating opportunity, than waiting on it. Let’s find out? Continue reading

24Jan 2017

Why You Definitely Should Become An Entrepreneur!

   (Even Though All You Really Originally Wanted To Do Was Run Your Own Successful Small Business And Or Provide A Quality Service Of Some Kind!)

So have you noticed, a lot of the really successful entrepreneurs, (you and I know and totally respect and admire),who ultimately achieved massive, notable success of any kind.

They typically started out, with just one initial really good or great idea, product and or service of some kind.Which ultimately grew into an entirely different form of overall commercial success.Have you noticed that as well?

And it’s primary because,they think and act, like an entrepreneur, who’s definitely in it, for the long term.

Meaning, they continuously grow and learn from their inevitable mistakes, and or temporary setbacks. And you and I, should definitely being doing the same!Don’t you agree? Continue reading

05Jan 2017
small business

How To Generate A Ton Of Money Making Content For Your Small Business!

  (Without Ever Spending A Nickel On High Priced Marketing Consultants Like Myself!)

So once again, you find yourself staring far too deep into your blank computer screen, correct?

Hopelessly looking for some type of last minute inspiration, to jump start your fingers, so you can meet this week or months deadline, for your “how to” problem solving blog content installment.

And once again, you’re incredibly frustrated by the entire content creation process, correct? By sides, you’ve read, heard, and seen all of the potential benefits of consistently blogging, to attract your specific target audience, ultimately provides, to your severely resource challenged small business and or service,correct?

But let’s face it (already) entrepreneur, you’d much rather spend your extremely valuable, not to mention, extremely limited time and resources, tending to other more pressing areas, and or aspects of your business or service, would you not?

Well, hopefully, the proven fundamentals of this particular post, will -finally- help rid, (at least) some of your ongoing content generating challenges, by providing you with some incredibly practical strategies, to help you do so!

And just like the sub headline strongly suggests, you won’t have to rely on the paid help of fancy marketing consultants (such as myself!), unless you choose to do so! Continue reading