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Your instant profit booster catergory gives you simple, powerful step by step instructions on how to systematically increase your overall short and long term profits by utlizing a little known marketing strategy often referred to as an upsell or bump.

15Sep 2017
retail selling tips

Retail Selling Tips: How To Generate At Least 300% Better Results Than Your Major Competitors Do!

If you ask, (110%) of the entrepreneurs polled, will emphatically proclaim, they’re definitely looking to maximize their long term profits, correct?

Yet, upon closer examination, you have to scratch your head and wonder,(if this is the case.)

Then why aren’t they systematically taking advantage, of some of the most common retail selling tips correct?

Especially if they’re a semi resourced strapped small business and or service provider.How can they (and or) you and I, afford not to consistently implement, some of these proven marketing strategies and or tactics.

Coupled with the fact, since it isn’t overly complicated, to implement some of these battlefield tested marketing strategies and or tactics. Why don’t more profit seeking entrepreneurs consistently use them? Your guess is as good as mine? Continue reading

14Sep 2017
consulting business

Seven Profitable Reasons You’re Qualified To Start Your Email Consulting Business!

So have you heard the Direct Marketing Associations (DMA), positive assertion, on average, email marketing, when implemented by qualified sources, can offer return on investment (ROI”s), as high as 4,300%?

These are pretty impressive numbers, no matter how you choose to spin them, correct?

And just because you or I may not ever have any email marketing campaigns come close to those types of returns, doesn’t automatically mean, you or I, are not qualified, to start an email consulting business, right?

Q.) Even if your current email marketing campaigns, don’t ever consistently reach anywhere near those types of returns on investment, just by knowing how to properly implement, some form of strategic email marketing campaigns, is still a plus, is it not?

Maybe you shouldn’t be attempting to charge guru like, one on one consulting rates initially, not at least until you’ve gotten your feet wet, right? 😎

But rest assured. You and I, are definitely, probably more than already qualified, to start your very own, email consulting business, provided you target the right potential prospects. Continue reading

13Sep 2017
consulting business

How To Get Your Part Time Consulting Business Started!Part Two

Did you notice in part one of this ongoing series, how there are lots of extremely qualified experts in their own right, who for whatever reasons, don’t think they’re uniquely qualified to help others.

Simply because, (maybe) they currently work for someone else, even though they’re currently, gainfully employed in the field they would be starting their part time consulting business in.

And they (mistakenly feel), being employed by someone else, somehow disqualifies them from being able to help less knowledgeable entrepreneurs, manage their way through a sometimes, sea of confusion. Honestly, who can put a realistic price tag on such a much needed service? Right?

And just because the provider, currently works for someone else, so what! It’s the final results they’re qualified to deliver, which is what matters most, is it not? Continue reading

12Sep 2017
retail selling tips

Retail Selling Tips:How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Cash In With Them!

  (And How You And I Can Too!)

So it’s really no secret, you and I, (and or) your major competitors, definitely need some type of proven, retail selling tips and or strategies, to build and maintain, a viable and sustainable marketing plan, correct?

Otherwise, you can easily find yourself (sort of) boxed in, with regards to, how to effectively promote, advertise and or market, your extremely valuable products and or services.

For most businesses, who allocate any type of advertising and or promotional budget, unfortunately, far too many of them, go (or at least) initially attempt to go the outrageously expensive traditional route.

And they (like) so many others, quickly figure out, not only does doing so rarely work, for semi cash strapped and or resourced challenged entrepreneurs like them, but there are so much more viable marketing alternatives, they probably should embrace first.

The remainder of this post will explore a few of them. Continue reading

11Sep 2017
consulting business

How To Get Your Part Time Consulting Business Started!

    (Even Though You Don’t Think You’re Qualified To Do So!)

So how many people do you currently know, who are (literally) sitting on a wealth of specialized information, yet for some odd reason(s), they are not fully capitalizing off of it?

Sound all too familiar? You start a real consulting business? Full or part time?Absolutely. Even if you do so from a part time basis.

After all, (you’re currently) doing something to pay your bills, correct? In fact, what if (it turns out), you already possess this highly specialized knowledge, and you currently work in this field full time. Say what?

But instead of just showing up for your 9-5.You look for some proven ways, to help out, small business owners and service providers, and or solo-preneurs, who would like nothing better, than to step into the technologically driven 21st century.

Sadly, they just don’t have a real clue just yet, on how to effectively do so, using the advanced technology, your particular employer specializes in.

Is this not interesting? Let’s see how this might all neatly play out. Continue reading