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24Mar 2017


small business

Why More Savvy Small Business Owners Prefer Marketing Strategies Over Advertising!

So does your resource challenged small business and or service, have any type of workable advertising/marketing budget?

And do you currently have a fairly accurate idea, of ‘how’ much you can actually afford to spend/invest, in order to consistently generate, your all important, first time customers, patients and or clients etc.

And even if you do have some sort of workable marketing/ad budget, do you currently have any realistic idea, what your ideal customer/client-s total lifetime customer value is?

Because if, or once you do, you can literally get as creative, as your marketing juices will allow.And really distance yourself from your nearest competitors.

This particular blog post, will expose you, to what your marketing possibilities really are, when you view them from the creative marketing possibilities perspective, versus the traditional advertising one. Continue reading

18Mar 2017
small business

How Come So Many Smart Business Owners Neglect This Proven Marketing Strategy?Part Two

So as you read and studied part one, did (or has) it start to dawn on you, (in a major way.)

Just ‘how’ much potential income generating opportunities, and or possibilities,the average, semi to severely cash strapped small business owner,service provider and or startup entrepreneur, is constantly leaving on the table.

Simply because they devote a staggering 80% or more, of their readily available cash, credit and or other extremely valuable resources, to aggressively marketing to, outrageously expensive potential first time customers, patients and or clients. Instead of doing the exact opposite.

Which means, they should be devoting at least 80% or more of their readily available resources, to implementing a proven marketing strategy, which persuades and or ethically bribes their existing customer/client base, (who already) knows, likes and trusts them enough, to readily do more and more business with them.

For one thing, it’s far less expensive and way more profitable to continuously doing the opposite. Continue reading

14Mar 2017

How Savvy Entrepreneurs Literally Create Money Making Opportunities!Part Two

So after reading part one of this ongoing series, are you starting to better understand, and appreciate, how some incredibly savvy entrepreneurs, (who) truth told, are certainly no academically smarter than you, are able to get their ventures off the ground.

Even on a shoestring budget. And far more importantly, how you can literally do the exact same thing, using the Internet, as your primary marketing tool of choice.

Has at least part of this mystery been solved? Great.

In part two, you’re going to discover, even more pro-active ways, for a semi to severely cash strapped entrepreneur, to profit by strategically using the Internet, as their primary marketing tool of choice.

And initially anyway, doing so, without having access, to their very own, state of the art,traditionally- self hosted WordPress website and or blog.

Over time, they may definitely decide to get their blog up and going, but until then they can and most certainly will, use the enormous marketing leverage of the Internet, to strategically position themselves, as one of the go to experts, within their particular niche.(And so should you BTW.) Continue reading

11Mar 2017
small business

Why Your Small Business Should Definitely Fire You Fancy Ad Agency!

  (Before It Literally Bankrupts Your Business!)

So much of a improvement, would your print ads, on or offline, need to consistently produce, before you fired your fancy advertising agency?

Entrepreneur, (hopefully) you do realize, your semi cash strapped small business and or service, is definitely at risk, of being driven into bankruptcy,every day you attempt to use, their glitzy, corporate style advertising methods and or strategies.

Seriously, there’s a reason, their type of dismally performing, and outrageously expensive advertising methods, are often referred to as ‘image (an or) tombstone advertising.’ And while it may or may not, do little if anything, for your companies image. In the end, more times than not, all it will ultimately do for an to your bottom line, is drain it.

Sadly, your typical, fancy smancy, Madison Avenue type of advertising agency and or firms, outrageously expensive advertising method, are financial suicide, for your typical, cash strapped small business owner and or service provider.

Your Profit Seeking Small Business Simply Can’t Afford The Outrageously Expensive Madison Avenue Type Of Advertising Methods And Or Strategies!

Under no circumstances, should your resource challenged small business and or service, being trying to emulate, Madison Avenue type of advertising methods.

Primarily because it’s far too expensive, and it takes -practically- a lifetime, for you to ever experience any bankable results! You’ll constantly be told, it takes time to build your presence in the market place. Translated, keep throwing your hard earned money away, while you build your corporate image.

And the ad agency, will keep billing you, and winning fancy awards, for expensive ads and advertising campaigns, which make a staggering 98-99% of all their high income clients, virtually no money.

And the main reason being, the glitzy corporate image building types of advertising campaigns, this agencies are famous for, are way too unaccountable, for you typical, cash strapped small business owner and or service provider.

Savvy Small Business Owners Definitely Need To Be Using Some Form Of Direct Response Marketing!

Now of course, if your business, has a fortune 500 ad budget, you can easily afford to run ads all over the place, in the hopes of building your companies corporate image.

But an extremely resource challenged small business owner and or service provider, your goose is all but cooked, once or if, you decide to go down the tombstone advertising road!

Instead, it makes far more economic sense, for your business and or service, to use some form of, bank account filling, direct response marketing.Because it’s accountable, while outrageously expensive image advertising, clearly is not.

For ex; let’s suppose your small business has proven expertise in the residential real estate mortgage industry. And you specialize in helping first or second time home buyers, understand the gazillion financing options, they’re potentially faced with.

And one of the options, which just seems to totally befuddle, your typical first or second time home buyers, is the ever so dreaded “Adjustable Rate Mortgage, (aka) the “ARM.”

Effective Direct Response Marketing Strategies Are A Proven Way To Lead Generate!

Since your marketing/promotional strategies, target first and second time home buyers, who are totally confused, about the pro’s & cons of the dreaded “ARM” mortgage option.

How do you think, the following, direct response type of lead generating ad, would do, in terms of attracting, potential customers, for this mortgage finance consulting business.

A Powerful Free 39 Minute Video Finally Reveals “How Not” To Be A Victim Of An Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan! (Even If You Can’t Afford To Make The New Payments!)

Call 1 800-222-4477 For your two minute recorded message!And if or one the ad campaign proves effective, then they can start inexpensively testing, offline, free 90 minute workshops, once a month.

But in any event, ‘who” do you suppose, is the most likely, to call the ad, which will simply direct the callers, to to the mortgage consultants, market tested lead capture page.

If you answered, a potential -first or second time- home buyer, who is seriously considering, or curious about, the pros & cons of an ‘Adjustable rate Mortgage!’ Congratulations, and go to the head of the class.

Direct Response Marketing Can And Will Save Your Small Business And Or Service A Ton Of Money Upfront!

Entrepreneur, are you starting to see and appreciate, the critical differences, between outrageously expensive, and totally unaccountable ‘image advertising’ methods.

Versus, good old bank account filling, direct response advertising/marketing methods? I sincerely hope so! Because one of these bank account filling strategies, will definitely pad your account!

While the other, if used long enough, will ultimately drive you semi cash strapped small business and or service, into certain bankruptcy! Which alternative do you prefer?

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09Mar 2017

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate New Customers For Pennies On The Dollar!Part Three

So did you notice in part two, of this ongoing series, how practically, any type of profit driven entrepreneurs,  can and often do, consistently generate some form of profit, on (either) the front or back end of their sales funnels?

And how, you can and definitely should be, doing the exact same thing too.

In part three of this series, let’s shift focus, (ever so) slightly, and go a little more mainstream.

And then in part four,return to the (hypothetical) marketing example in part two, which is far less conventional, okay?

Thanks for the leeway (entrepreneur), it will definitely be worth your while. Continue reading