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26May 2017

small business

How Savvy Small Business Owners Compete Even With Really Tiny Ad Budgets!

 (And How You Can Too!)

Have you noticed, practically above all of the other factors, almost to the point, the one main thing and recurring theme, most small business owners, service providers, and or enthusiastic start ups, all seem to have in common, especially in their extremely humble cash flow challenged beginnings.

They all lack for readily available cash or reliable business. Have you noticed this all too common theme, as well? Or is it just me?

And often times especially if they’re attempting to market their extremely valuable,products, and or services online, (to any extent), they often lack, basic online marketing knowledge and skills. Would you not agree?

But whether a brand new start up, initially wants to market on or offline, if they’re trying to advertise and or successfully promote themselves, using the outrageously expensive, traditional methods, they quickly realize, their limited access to cash and or reasonable credit terms, puts a major cramp in their style, to say the least, correct?

But who says, just because your start up and or service business doesn’t have huge corporate backing, you can’t successfully compete? Continue reading

24May 2017
small business

How Savvy Small Business Owners Make Shaky Advertising Campaigns Profitable!

   (And How You Can Too!)

Wanna take a wild guess, how many semi cash strapped and or resourced challenged small business owners, and or service providers, initially spend a ton of money, trying to advertise and or promote themselves just like the deep pocket fortune 100-500 businesses do?

Meaning, they are somehow led to believe, they can consistently run these glitzy,non committal type of traditional ad campaigns.

And just because they periodically get their name in front of the general public, somehow, magically, this will eventually translate into some bankable income.At some point.

News flash, if anything, this type of outrageously expensive, image advertising and or promotional tactic, usually results in very little gross front and or back end profits, for the cash strapped small business owner(s), entrepreneurs and or service providers, who try it.

Now granted, if your company routinely has direct, and or indirect access to fortune 500 type of ad budgets, and you can afford to literally drill your companies image into the general public-s head.Maybe over time,this approach might possibly work.

But if your cash and other resources are somewhat limited, it’s best you seek some viable marketing and promotional alternatives, don’t you agree? Continue reading

23May 2017
how to increase retail sales

How To Increase Retail Sales Even With A Razor Thin Budget!

  (Introducing Three Brain Dead Simple Ways To Consistently Generate More Income!)

First of all, the really good news is, you and I both know and fully realize, there are obviously, tons of little known, proven ways, to consistently generate more front and back end income, for your business and or service, then most savvy entrepreneurs, even begin to take advantage of, correct? Most definitely agreed.

So when you initially read a laser focused headline, which says how to increase retail sales,you realize it’s not literal in nature, right? Just conceptually speaking.

That said, when you implement these three separate  marketing strategies, individually, and or in conjunction with one another, that’s when the potential profit gates, tend to swing wide open. Or at least, they open a whole lot more than they currently do.

In any event, does this sound like the type of subject, you’d like to know more about? Is that a resounding yes, or yes? Continue reading

17May 2017

Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Big Ad Budgets To Make Big Money!

Have you noticed, how many extremely dedicated, not to mentioned talented entrepreneurs, initially, simply don’t have an awful lot of money, or business credit to start with, in order to use the more outrageously traditional forms, of promoting and or advertising, their extremely valuable products or services?

Personally, on at least two fronts, I think it’s potentially a positive long term situation, to find themselves in.

First and foremost because, a good majority of them, eventually, turn to men & women like myself, in order to help them develop, and in some cases, maintain some sort of practical, customized marketing plan and or strategy.

And in some cases, you can actually negotiate, not only a commission based compensation structure, but help them generate enough upside potential, they quickly become one of your main, on or offline advocates.

And the other reason being, their advocacy, easily opens new doors for you (and I), so much faster, than many of our best lead generation efforts can.And who can argue with a perpetual money making arrangement like that, right? Continue reading

16May 2017
small business

Who Says Small Marketing Budgets Mean Your Small Business Can’t Make Big Money? Part Two

Hopefully after reading part one of this ongoing series, you have quickly come to realize and appreciate, it’s not if, your resourced challenged small business and or service, needs to develop some effective marketing alternatives,correct?

It’s more a matter of, how soon you have to do so, right?

Because if your ad budget can’t rival the corporate 500 type, where does this leave you?

And rest assured, your much better financed local competitors, will spare no traditional medium, left untapped.

Meaning, they’ll initially try running their glitzy, not necessarily effective, traditional ad campaigns, on the tops or sides of local cabs, buses and hugely wasteful billboards etc.

And during the major,year end, annual holiday rush, they’ll simply go all out. Which means, they’ll not only flood, the local, prime time, TV, radio and local newspapers with their outrageously expensive advertising/promotional ad campaigns etc.

But all their fool hearty advertising activity, will most certainly, temporarily drive everyone else-s cost up too! There simply has got to be some extremely viable marketing alternatives, to all of this madness, right? You’d better believe there is… Continue reading