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10Nov 2017
direct marketing campaigns

3 Primary Reasons Why Your Direct Marketing Campaigns Continuously Fail!

So have you ever invested in any type of ongoing, direct marketing campaigns?

And how well and or bad, did you ultimately do?

If your overall results, and or lack there of, is anything like most, semi cash strapped small business owners and or service providers.

You have barely recorded a one percent or less, response rate, correct?

And let’s face the hard cold reality. In at least 99% of the cases, an overall response rate of two percent or less, won’t or doesn’t even cover your initial, upfront out of pocket cost, does it?

And since it typically doesn’t, the net result is, most semi cash strapped entrepreneurs, who decide to use any type of direct marketing campaigns.

Usually can’t afford to attempt to do so, more than once or twice per year, because their campaigns are not paying for themselves,right?

There’s a very god chance they will, once you start consistently implementing, the following, three proven strategies. Continue reading

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07Feb 2017

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate New Customers For Pennies On The Dollar!Part Two

So did you notice, and appreciate in part one, how some extremely savvy entrepreneurs(just like you!) are able to consistently generate, semi qualified leads, for literally pennies on the dollar?

While other, just as academically smart marketers, constantly pay retail for theirs. So what gives?

Both understand, they definitely need to constantly and strategically lead generate,right?

It’s just, they go about achieving their various marketing goals, in very different ways.(And using various, not necessarily tested strategies and or tactics.)

And it’s those ongoing marketing differences, as you discovered in part one,which can be awfully expensive, if you’re not careful.But it doesn’t have to be, right?

In part two, you’ll discover, there are even more, potential (short & long term) profit centers, which are hidden just below the surface of most lead generating efforts.This post, (hopefully), will bring them to the surface…. Continue reading

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17Dec 2015



Seven Really Good Reasons You Might Seriously Consider Starting A Newsletter!part Two

So as you previously discovered in part one, of this ongoing series, about the seven potentially profitable reasons why, you, (or someone) within your organization, should seriously consider, publishing your very own, (free or paid subscription) newsletter.

And remember, especially if you’re currently using any type of  reputable, state of the art,paid email service provider.

Because they typically provide, some really nice ready made newsletter templates you can easily customize, to your needs.

On the other hand, if you’re starting completely from scratch, (meaning), this would be your very first, attempt at publishing an offline monthly, and or quarterly newsletter of some kind.

(My friend), my absolute best advice, is to (first) hire a qualified local person,in a consultative type of capacity, that was maybe the publisher, editor and or assistant editor to a local organization, (that either) currently runs or successfully oversaw the publishing of some type of paid and or free newsletter of some kind.

Because (initially), they can be extremely time and resource intense!Especially for a first (out of the box) time newbie newsletter publisher.

And before you get in way too deep, and suddenly realize what potentially lies ahead for you, and you (discover) you really don’t have (neither) the time, nor the stomach for it!

A whole of your extremely valuable time and other extremely valuable resources can be spared! Continue reading

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12Dec 2015

Seven Really Good Reasons You Might Seriously Consider Starting A Newsletter

 (Or Strategically Cross Promoting With A Non Competing Vendor That Already Has An Established One!)

So here’s a quick question for you. (And you’ll definitely need to be brutally honest here!)Are you constantly struggling, trying to (consistently) find the time to publish at least, one fresh, “how to” problem solving blog post per week, for your niche?

What “if” it were actually possible, for you (or someone) within your organization, to change your “fresh” how to, problem solving content commitment, to just once a month. 😎

Would that type of less hectic schedule, help free up more of your extremely valuable time, and give you far more time to properly and adequately research that month’s subject, and (at least) partially relieve some of your self imposed stress!

I sincerely hope the honest answer is a resounding yes!

Because if it is entrepreneur. And this is another really big if!But if you also currently happen to be using any one of the reputable, state of the art, paid email service providers.

You, (or someone) in your organization, should seriously consider, publishing a monthly newsletter on your subject, and you just a pay for some fairly inexpensive articles, (blog post) to be written by someone.

Say maybe, (a highly rated freelancer on And have them write them for you, and you simply re-word and publish them, once a week.It shouldn’t cost more than a five to ten dollars per SEO (Search Engine Optimized) post, (maybe way less),if you buy them in batches of four or five at a time, and you can now concentrate on publishing your “problem” solving newsletter info, once a month. Continue reading

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18Aug 2015
customer satisfaction

How Some Really Tiny Gestures Can Lead To Massive Customer Satisfaction!

When is the last time you’ve had, (or someone) you really respect, told you about an  extremely bad experience they had with a particular company?

Large or small? Does any thing (and or) any particular company, on or offline readily  come to mind?

Because what’s amazing, is that often it really takes some relatively inexpensive   (good faith) gestures, in order to generate and create some truly massive customer  satisfaction!

Have you noticed that too? Typically, whenever there’s any type of dispute with a  company and or service provider, as long as someone in the upper echelon of the  company, reaches out to the temporarily disgruntled customer/client within a  reasonable amount of time.

Preferably within the first 72 hours or less, and they show some true empathy and listen to the full complaint.

Typically, the company in question can fully resolve the issue, without digging to deep into their cash flow. And by doing so, that consumer, is far more likely, to not only stick around longer!But begin recommending the business to others!

And positively talking them up on social media as well.

How’s that for a nice twist of fate.The remainder of this post will illustrate at least two rather inexpensive ways, some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, routinely go about building massive customer satisfaction, for literally pennies on the dollar! Continue reading

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