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22Apr 2017
small business

Why Your Small Business Should Take Advantage Of Under Used And Or Dead Assets!Part Six

You probably think, your particular, resourced challenged small business and or service, is truly the exception, when it comes to effectively utilizing,your current under used and or dead assets, right? 

Meaning unfortunately, you think, you couldn’t possibly have and or be sitting on, potential long term gross profits, simply by pro-actively taking more advantage, of certain grossly under used, and or dead assets.

After all, who in their right -profit seeking- mind, would be that short sighted, correct? And while you say that with a straight face, you’d be totally shocked and amazed, as you’re about to discover. Continue reading

21Apr 2017
buying referrals

Buying Referrals: How Savvy Entrepreneurs Are Generating Them Without Asking!

  (And How You Can Too!)

So ‘what’ type of really bad word of mouth and or mouse, publicity, do you think, a locally based, high powered lending institution would generate.

If they literally threw a highly respected, elderly couple, (on a fixed income),who had lived in this particular town, for over 40 years.

Who have been extremely active, in various local charities and their particular church, out of their house, simply because, they were unable to repay a really small loan they had taken out on their home, less than ten years ago.

And because their health suddenly took a dramatic turn for the worse, and neither one could no longer work outside their home, and between their social security and disability payments, simply wasn’t enough to pay off this extremely small loan.

(Relatively speaking, versus the current value of their home, which they’ve lived in  close to 38 years!)

Can you imagine the avalanche of negative publicity, and non ending public outcry, (of unabashed greed a work!) when this story hits the national consciousness, and almost instantly goes viral all over social media?

Who wants that type of tsunami of negative publicity,hanging over, and or associated with their companies image, right?

On the other hand, what extremely savvy entrepreneur wouldn’t mind buying referrals, and or strategically generating waves of positive word of mouth and or mouse publicity, without ever having to directly ask their customers/clients and or patients for them! Is that not interesting? Continue reading

20Apr 2017
small business

Why Your Small Business Should Take Advantage Of Under Used And Or Dead Assets!Part Five

Are you semi convinced, your current resourced challenged small business, startup entrepreneurial venture,and or service, doesn’t have any dead or under used assets?

Lots business owners, but especially resourced challenged small business owners and startup entrepreneurs, initially buy into this myth.

Granted, larger more established companies, may have more, potentially under used and or dead assets idly sitting around, waiting to be accessed, but rest assured, underneath it all, so do you.

It’s really a matter of developing the right marketing perspective.Because an under used asset, may mean pro-actively taking advantage of current situations, which aren’t being maximized.

Lots of times small business owners and or semi cash strapped service providers, overlook certain money making opportunities, which are readily available to them, (and or) their major competitors, but because they’re not super obvious, they simply don’t see them at first. Continue reading

19Apr 2017
small business

How Your Small Business Can Definitely Profit From Working Smarter!

(Not Just Harder!)

So your resourced challenged and semi cash strapped small business and or service, has more than enough major competitors to worry about, right?

And unfortunately, some of them, are better financed than you currently are, correct?

Which also means, because their corporate pockets are a little deeper, and they also know and understand, ‘how to’ profit from both the front and back end of their particular sales funnels.

Primarily because they totally understand, their ideal customers, patients and or clients, total lifetime customer value metrics.

So maybe they’ll gladly settle for grossing a little, or a whole lot less on their front end, in order to set up grossing the lions share of their long term gross profits on the back end of their particular sales funnel.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time (nor the last), an extremely marketing savvy entrepreneur, profited from such an all too common marketing ploy.

And just doing that BTW, could constitute working smarter, and not necessarily harder. Continue reading

18Apr 2017

Why Thinking And Acting Like An Entrepreneur Can Make You Money!Part Six

You are a profit seeking entrepreneur, are you not? And while you’re obviously serious and extremely focused on better serving your particular target market, in order to profit, (at some point) on both the front and back end of your sales particular sales funnel, right?

You probably have no problem, saving a few bucks here and there, while you do so, correct? Great.That’s totally awesome and good to hear. So now comes the $64,000 dollar question.So please listen up?

If there are some proven ways, (an rest assured), there most certainly are, some proven, low cost, high impact ways, for you (to either) consistently generate, some highly targeted, semi qualified leads, (and either) get paid on both the front & back end of your sales funnel, while simultaneously helping some of your very best joint venture (JV) and or cross promotional partners do the same.

While simultaneously saving them money also, you’d certainly like to know about it, would you not?Stick around, because you’re definitely in the right place… Continue reading