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16Jan 2018
small business

The Really Simple Mindset Shift Your Cash Strapped Small Business Needs To Make!Part Two

So as you recall in part one of this ongoing series, all profit seeking small business owners, and or service providers, definitely need to make, an extremely critical mindset shift, correct?

If they expect to systematically grow their business and or service.

They need to quickly transition from hunter, to becoming the hunted.

In other words,go from being avoided, to becoming extremely magnetic, in the eyes of your specific target market and or niche. Period.

So you’re not trying to be all things, to all potential prospects.

The marketing landscape is literally full of failed entrepreneurs, who tried to go down that particular road.

Instead, you offer specific problem solving solutions (benefits), to your target audience and they’ll eagerly beat a path to your door. Sound like something, you’d like to know more about? Continue reading

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15Jan 2018
referral marketing

How To Use Free Lead Magnets For Successful Referral Marketing Purposes!

Okay, so you kinda of sort of know, you need and or should be A/B split testing, various types of, free (list building) lead magnets, correct?

Only you just can’t seem to find the time to actually do so, right?

And you know, you probably should try and outsource the entire project, so you can laser focus, on your true end result.Agreed?

Which is why, you’re constantly looking for, some proven low cost,hanging fruit ways, of doing some type of result generating referral marketing, correct? Aren’t we all. ๐Ÿ˜€

You definitely know, you (and or) somebody within your organization, definitely should be posting some type of relevant, fresh content of some kind, to your state of the art WordPress blog, right?

Only, because you’re basically a solo-preneur, you just can’t seem, to consistently be able to find the time, right? And on and on it goes entrepreneur. But what if, simply by utilizing, the right type of, customized referral marketing strategy, you could simply cut to the chase.

This definitely might be worth looking into,correct? Continue reading

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13Jan 2018
referral marketing

The Inexpensive Way Savvy Entrepreneurs Constantly Benefit From Referral Marketing!

ย  (And How You Can Too!)

Have you had an entrepreneur/small business owner and or service provider, formally ask you for a referral or two?ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s a little awkward is it not?

And your mind sort of goes blank, right?

And typically, the vast majority of the time, these formalized methods, don’t work too well, do they?

On the other hand, (extremely savvy entrepreneur) in the making. Strategic referral marketing, is one of the most cost effective strategies, you can almost instantly employ.

To help lower your upfront out of pocket cost, while simultaneously increasing your long term profitability. Is anybody else up for that or what? Continue reading

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12Jan 2018
marketing leverage

The Really Simple Way Savvy Entrepreneurs Generate High Powered Marketing Leverage!

(And How You Can Too!)

When you hear the term “autopilot” it does sound really cool, does it not?

And unfortunately, far too many aspiring entrepreneurs, fall into the trap of (initially) thinking, they can (somehow) sit back, and (on or offline) profits will somehow magically, flow into their bank accounts.

Dream on. ๐Ÿ˜€ But rest assured, you can most definitely, implement some proven marketing strategies and or tactics, (both) on and offline, which will generate some serious, long term marketing leverage.

Many of them, for literally pennies on the dollar. As you’re about to discover very shortly….However, long before any of this can happen, over and over, for many years to come.

You most definitely need a -proven- strategic plan of action. And no it doesn’t have to be perfect, just practical and you steadily adjust as you go. Continue reading

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11Jan 2018

Who Else Wants To Know How Savvy Entrepreneurs Turn A Little Into A Lot!

ย  (And How You Can Too!)

So most small business owners, service providers, and or aspiring entrepreneurs, work extremely hard on their respective enterprises, do they not? Absolutely.

In fact, sadly a ton of them, invest the vast majority of their time, and extremely valuable resources,(including their money) working in, not on their business, right? ๐Ÿ˜€

And as a direct result, they inadvertently leave a ton of un mined gold on the table, just waiting to be accessed by their major competitors.

Hopefully this far too common occurrence, doesn’t describe you and or your current situation, dose it? Great.

But if by chance it does, here are a few proven, long range marketing ideas and or strategies, you might put in place, to help you out of the situation. Continue reading

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