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07Dec 2017
email marketing

Why Startup Entrepreneurs Benefit From Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns!Part Two

So hopefully after reading part one of this ongoing series, you can now, much better appreciate, the long term money making potential, of implementing some strategic email marketing campaigns, can you not?

Great. In part two, however, what may not be even more obvious to you is, initially, while you don’t even have, a state of the art, paid email service provider.

Strategic email marketing strategies, can still help you increase, your gross front and back end profits.Entrepreneur, is this particular money making tactic, not extremely interesting? Oh yea… 😀  Continue reading

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30Nov 2017
email marketing campaigns

How Startup Entrepreneurs Profit From Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns!Part Two

After reading part one of this ongoing series, does it now make -more- sense to you, why even startup entrepreneurs, should definitely have some type of strategic email marketing campaigns working for them as well?

I sincerely hope so. In part two, you’ll be able to see, even further proof, of how some extremely marketing savvy startup entrepreneurs, can leverage their services, to attract tons of potential, high end corporate clients.

And at the same time, build some long term relationships, which otherwise, could literally take years to build. Not to mention, a ton of money as well. Continue reading

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27Nov 2017
email marketing strategies

Email Marketing Strategies: How To Profitably Use Them To Your Advantage!

Hopefully by now, it’s no longer a question, of whether or not, effective email marketing strategies really work, correct?

Instead, it’s more of a question, of how soon, you’ll be able to incorporate, as many of these proven email marketing strategies, into your current marketing mix, right?

And which paid email service provider, you should be-either- currently using, and or which paid email service provider, you should be switching over to.

Because let’s face it already, (say) you’ve got 1,500 mobile and or opt in subscribers on your main list.

You and or someone within your organization, writes an email, in ten minutes or less, and you hit the ‘send’ button.

And let’s say 25% of your subscribers (or) 375 subscribers open and read it. Entrepreneur, how could you (or anyone else!) possibly contact that many individuals, in the course of your normal business day? Forget about it! Continue reading

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24Nov 2017


email marketing strategies

How Proven Email Marketing Strategies Increase Your Reach By 500% Or More!

So have you noticed, how many offline, small business owners and or service providers, who constantly struggle, to not only pay their ongoing bills.

But they often invest far too time, money and other extremely limited resources, working in their business, instead of on it.

Have you noticed this frightfully alarming trend too?

So it makes you wonder why, any cash conscious aspiring entrepreneur, doesn’t readily embrace, the enormous, potential marketing leverage, and or long term, money making potential, they can gain, from the right type of email marketing strategies and or tactics.

After all, strategic email/mobile marketing, lets you profit from state of the art automation, segmenting your list.

Plus, for a relatively low cost, you can stay in constant contact, with your hottest prospects and or best customers, clients and or patients, can you not? Continue reading

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21Nov 2017
email automation

How Simple Email Automation Helps Increase Your Profits Fast!Part Two

Hopefully, you’re not still in denial are you?

Meaning; you can’t possibly believe, the right type of state of the art -modern- technology and or email automation, can not help your business and or service, improve your bottom line.

As you previously discovered in part one of this ongoing series, the right type of email  automation, helps you better customize and personalize, your marketing strategies and or tactics.Would you not agree?

In part two, let’s take a closer, and hopefully,,even more practical look, at how battlefield tested email automation strategies and or tactics, will most certainly, help you make more money.

And dramatically improve the overall efficiency of your marketing messages. Sound good? Continue reading

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