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25Feb 2017

The One Critically Important Skill Every Entrepreneur Definitely Needs To Develop!

   (Because Doing So Will Pay You On Many Levels For Years And Years To Come!)

So being a profit seeking entrepreneur, means you most certainly wear a lot different hats! Especially in the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, correct? Absolutely.

And along the way, you hopefully develop some much needed leadership skill to, correct? But ladies & gentlemen, as you and I constantly evolve and learn from our inevitable mistakes, missteps and occasional blunder or two.

Throughout our entire journey and inevitable transformation, there is one critically important skill, and rest assured, it is most certainly an acquired skill over time and constant, extremely focused and dedicated effort.

Your dedicated focus on developing this one particular skill, beyond your initial headwinds, has the potential, to continually pay and or compensate you, in one meaningful way or another.As you are about to discover. Continue reading

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17Aug 2012

Sales letter copy writing.

Your sales letter copy writing skills makes all the difference!

Never Ever Forget That Your Ideal Prospect On Or Offline Is Desperately Looking For The Answer To One Simple Question!

Have you ever stopped to consider, how your sales letter copywriting skills can drastically lower your overall cost of sale? Just because your sales material answers one burning question.

Yes my friend; you correctly answer your ideal prospects # one burning question and you will forever (or at least until) one of your major competitors does it better.

Hold the key to their attention vault!

So (here’s the key for you) from now on whenever you and your team, set out to create any type of marketing material that’s intended to attract your ideal prospect/lead.

Ask yourselves this one simple question. “Does this marketing piece answer my ideal prospects # one burning question?”

If it doesn’t, throw it out and start over until it does! Seriously!

And again, it does not matter if your creating a ‘how to’ article, designing (or having a ) website/blog designed etc.(And no matter what your particular niche is.)

Be it a post card, index card, yellow page ,TV or radio ad etc. Be it your sales letter, business card and or flyer/brochure etc.

The only question that your marketing piece it had better answer for your ideal prospect is.What’s in it for me?”

Otherwise you are literally throwing your hard earned money away, not to mention you’re (repelling your prospects) and on top of that you’re wasting your intended prospects precious time! Continue reading

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