18Jul 2017



How Blogging Can Help Your Business And Or Service Grow!

Hopefully, you’re not still at the point in your online marketing career, where you’re actually wondering, how blogging can help your business and or service grow, are you?

I sincerely hope not, because strategic blogging, provided it’s done consistently, at least once a week or more, can and does provide, several extremely viable opportunities, for you and I to monetize our efforts.

On both the front and back end of our customize able sales funnel. How’s that for potentially profitable marketing flexibility?

At this point, it’s no longer a matter of if blogging, and or some type of,market tested lead generating based article marketing/blogging works.It’s more a question of  how much so, correct?

You will no doubt have all or most of your answers to this eternal burning questions, by or before you’re finished reading, this particular blog post. Sound good? Continue reading

29Jun 2017

How Strategic Blogging Has A Lot In Common With Offline Power Marketing!Part Four

So hopefully after the first three installments, of this ongoing series, you definitely appreciate, all of the rarely mentioned similarities, between offline power marketing and strategic bloggingcorrect? I sincerely hope so.

Because as you take a much closer look, you’ll soon come to realize and appreciate, it really doesn’t matter, all that much, how you and I consistently attract our specific target markets right?

Provided, at some point, you’re able to consistently convert, some of those semi qualified prospects/leads, into some repeat, long term customers, clients and or patients etc.Don’t you agree?

So let’s go even deeper under the hood, to discover how strategic blogging, has a lot more in common, with offline power marketing, than a mere casual first glance, would have you to believe. Continue reading

09Jun 2017
good blogging ideas

How Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Constantly Generate Really Good Blogging Ideas!

  (And How You Can Too!)

Can you believe, it’s already that time again? And exactly what time might that be, you so skeptically ask?

It’s during this part of the day or week where extremely savvy entrepreneurs, routinely set a side, in order to consistently generate, their really good blogging ideas.

Remember? And now, it’s your turn.

But of course, as you literally dread sitting down to your computer, and or finally putting your headset on, in order to attempt, to at least stumble through another scheduled podcast and or video presentation etc.

Your stomach constantly churns and your palms get all sweaty, right?  In fact, you think you may even, be temporarily coming down with something, right?

Push it all to the side entrepreneur, because truth told,every major, highly influential blogger, guru and or guruette, you and I know and love!

Guess what? At some point, they’ve all experienced, to some degree or another, the exact same, self inflicted anxieties and or self doubts etc!

And just like my buddy, I’m about to introduce you to, in the featured video with this particular post. Both he and they ultimately overcame these temporary moments of doubt! Which means, you and I definitely can too! Are you up for that? Continue reading

21Dec 2016



If Your Business Isn’t Using Strategic Blogging You’re Definitely Missing Out!

So you already appreciate, the enormous potential marketing leverage, using the Internet in general provides, correct? And strategic blogging in particular, right?

Without a  doubt, if your company’s pockets are deep enough, you can use a combination of paid banner, solo and or Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaigns, to consistently drive targeted traffic, practically anywhere you want it to go.

But the primary challenge, with any type of paid advertising strategies is always, what happens to your forward momentum, the moment your paid ad campaigns stop? Exactly!

Of course, if you want to quickly do some type of traditional scaling upwards, there is no faster way than constantly repeating, some form of paid advertising and or marketing campaigns, to propel your business forward!

On the other hand, especially when you’re first starting out and your promotional budget is practically nonexistent.That’s how and why, strategic blogging, makes a whole lot of sense, don’t you agree? Continue reading

20Dec 2016



How Strategic Blogging Has A Lot In Common With Offline Power Marketing!Part Two

So after reading part one of this ongoing series, can you now appreciate, some of the major similarities between, offline power marketing opportunities, and strategic blogging?

For one thing, most offline -traditional- advertising campaigns, last only as long as the money which fuels them, correct?

Meaning; perhaps you’ve noticed, once your ability or willingness to pay for the ads, and or conventional promotions stops, so do the ads!Funny how that whole process works,right?

On the other hand, with a little strategic (offline) power marketing added to the mix, you can quite literally, fuel some constant, positive word of mouth & mouse buzz, for years and years to come!

And the best part is, when implemented correctly, there doesn’t have to be one additional nickel of -upfront out of pocket cost on your part, and yet, your positive word of mouth or mouse campaign can literally roll on for years!

Power blogging offers some of the same viral marketing opportunities and or possibilities.Let’s have a closer look at an instance or two. Continue reading