How I Accidentally Killed My Best Friend! (A Tragic True Story!)

How I Accidentally Killed My Best Friend! (A Tragic True Story!)

So how in the world can you ever possibly expect to explain (adequately) to your blog audience (and the world at large) for that matter, the tragic true story of “how” you accidentally killed your best friend! Now before we go any further, you need to understand that I was not personally involved in this particular tragic true life story.

I’m merely relaying the (main parts) of the story as it was recently told! So you can breathe a rather big sigh of relief. And hopefully you didn’t click the link hoping to discover some really sinister gory details.(About the dark side of one particular direct response marketer!)

The reason I chose to share this particular story and headline is because of the way it can and will tie into the overall theme of my blog post. Which has to do with… Well, let’s get to that in a just moment. But for now, suffice it to say, you are about to discover the really sad details of this incredibly tragic true story.

And it’s my sincere belief and hope that after reading this powerful true story, you will truly be enlightened and inspired by it.

How I Accidentally Killed Best Friend Because Of A Tragic Misconception!

So as this particular (real life) Shakespearean like tragedy unfolded (on a rather typical day), a young wife and extremely proud mother had taken her young child and left her in the master bedroom of their home and left the window slightly open, so as to help keep the fresh air flowing and to let some much needed early morning summer sunshine in the room.

And as she took care of several loads of laundry in the laundry room, she left the couples pit bull terrier in the room with her child. Just in case, any unwanted intruders might attempt to enter their home,through the window without her knowledge and or permission.

Now before you start to have any second thoughts and or question “how”‘ any responsible (not to mention) sane parent of a very small (slightly) fragile child of less than two years old, could be left unattended in the presence of a potentially vicious “pit bull!” You need to understand, for whatever reasons, this particular animal had some type of uncanny unexplained connection to this particular child!

For ex: whenever the child was crying in her crib, the dog would merely go lay down near the crib, and (according) to the parents, within minutes, without the parents ever touching or holding the child, the child within minutes would lay back down and drift back off to sleep! (And this happened on more than one occasion!)

Both the husband and wife said so! Anyway, as fate would have it, later on that morning, after having periodically checked in on the child and the dog and both were pretty much settled in!(With the child being fast asleep on the bed.)

The young mother went about folding a dried load of clothes. After about 45 minutes or so went by and sensing that something just wasn’t quite right, she went to  check once again on her daughter.

Sometimes Misconceptions Can Be Deadly!

And that’s where the beginning of this tragedy started to unfold! As she was approaching the room, the dog suddenly appeared in the door way and his entire moth was covered in blood!

And he was panting incessantly! A sure indication that some type of really violent altercation had just taken place! After her initial rush of sheer  terror and fright dissipated, she immediately side swiped the dog and looked on the bed and her daughter was no where to be seen!

Now officially in full panic mode, she realized the dog must have done something horrendous to the child!

Still in full panic mode and while screaming “non no” hysterically! She ran got a hammer and began to beat the dog mercilessly! And finally after fighting off the dog and ultimately killing it. She cried and was still practically in complete shock and total disbelief!

What in God’s name was she going to tell her beloved husband! And or their parent’s or in laws and or friends and family members etc!

Finally, as she headed toward the window (still partially) in a dream like shock,  just to be sure there was no evidence of any unwanted intruder(s!)

It was there much to her total shock, and complete disbelief lied her daughter! Completely safe and totally unharmed! (On the side of the bed lying on her back and for some strange reason remaining completely silent!)

However, there was a rather large dead bloody snake lying near her as well! Apparently, the snake had climbed through the open window and the “pit bull” had fought and ultimately killed the snake attempting to protect the child!

When the true reality of what had actually take place, finally dawned on this poor distraught woman!  You can well imagine her complete and total grief and ultimate depression!  Because she had inadvertently killed her prized pit bull (aka) she and her husbands best friend!

All because of a complete and total misconception! Oh how are tragic!Would you not agree? And as this woman retold her tragedy over the radio, you couldn’t help but feel her pain as she relived this entire unfortunate tragedy all over again!

So here’ the thing; Is not your business, goals and dreams your best friend?

And yet, when you decide not to publish that next blog post (or to not strive) to improve your business and or decided not to go that extra mile with your customer service, because you’ve convinced yourself that it really doesn’t make any difference!

My friend, you are in fact (slowly) killing your best friend , that being your life long dreams and or stifling your goals, because of a total misconception on your part!

You’ve (unfortunately) convinced yourself, that none of your efforts are worth it! And while you may not be physically using a hammer to destroy your dreams and goals! Ultimately, the eventual outcome is the same. And that’s a real shame! And a tragedy if you will!  Don’t you agree?

Please list at least two simple spin off concepts (in the comments section below) that you can apply to your business, product or service in the next 30 days or less!

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15 Responses to How I Accidentally Killed My Best Friend! (A Tragic True Story!)
  1. It’s sad that such a hero dog had that tragic end while trying its best to save his best friend, the girl. We should avoid judging before knowing, that’s for sure.
    Lily Lau would love for you to read..20 facts about animals that will make you smileMy Profile

    • That is so true Lily!

      And you are so right about that dog being so courageous in the defense
      of that completely innocent child!

      What an incredibly sad story! Thanks for sharing your
      powerfully articulate insights!

  2. Hi Mark

    Well your headline certainly caught my eye alright, but what a tragic story.

    Yes, it’s easy to draw false impressions about anything – including your business – if you act too quickly.

    Joy Healey would love for you to read..Making Squeeze PagesMy Profile

    • It really was tragic Joy!

      If only you could have heard the pain and deep regret in the woman’s voice as she
      retold her story! It really as enough to totally break your heart! I felt as I’m sure many others felt so bad
      for her!

      Glad you found some type of value!

      Thanks for sharing thoughts and for your continuous support!

      I definitely appreciate both!

  3. I can totally understand why the mother did what she did, and I can also imagine how horrible she felt afterwards.

    My takeaway is that no matter how convincing the present circumstances look, we should always take a closer look, before cutting someone off or dismissing him as a poor business prospect. And even when dismissing someone today, we should always leave a door open for him to come in tomorrow or when his circumstances change. We can’t put our time and energy into someone who is only wasting our time, or worse, doing damage. But anyone can change, so we don’t want to cut him off completely.
    Willena Flewelling would love for you to read..A Very Busy Few WeeksMy Profile

    • Wow! That’s a really great insight Willena!

      And frankly, an angle that had you not shared it, would have never occurred t me
      in a million years!LOL!

      But it’s a totally brilliant insight just the same! Than you so much for sharing it!

      Because you are absolutely right, who can say how or what circumstances may change to the point that
      what may have initially appeared as a lost cause, may in fact turn out to be quite the opposite!

      Thanks for sharing you insights and for your continued support!

      I definitely appreciate both!

  4. Hi Mark,

    Okay…I am guilty of being drawn in by the title of your post. And I did expect to ready something gory about you LOL. I am disappointed ;(

    That is a sad but impactful story and really does a good job of driving your point home.
    Rachel Lavern would love for you to read..The Four-Minute Mile BeliefMy Profile

    • That’s cool Rachel!

      Although truth told, that really wasn’t my initial intention, but let’s face it, the headline is a bit

      I’ve gotta tell you though Rachel, when that poor distraught woman was retelling her story,
      you should have heard the grief and deep regret in her voice!

      You could tel she’s probably never going to really be able to forgive herself and move past it!

      It really ripped your heart out to hear the sorrow in her voice! I’m so glad you found at least
      some value within the post!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for your continuous support! I definitely appreciate both!

  5. Well as usual you hooked me with your title – but OMG I cannot believe how awful that poor woman must have felt! I’m tempted to share this with my niece who works for a shelter and is an advocate of pit bulls but I’m afraid it would upset her too much.

    Okay, to the “business” at hand, you have made an excellent point and one that is the bane of most coaches and trainers – the person with a shrug and “just wanna give it a try” attitude.

    For me creating something – whether it’s a business or life change – is all about commitment. If you’re truly committed you’re all in and willing to do whatever it takes (like commenting on blogs at 1:30am) and if you’re not you’ll always find an excuse. Thanks for the inspiration Mark!
    Marquita Herald would love for you to read..Values: The Key to Becoming the Person You Were Meant to BeMy Profile

    • You know you are so welcome Marquita!

      Yea, (secretly) I wonder how many people, both now and in the future will
      click that link anticipating reading some extremely gory details that I reveal (confess)
      about committing some grisly accidental murder of my BFF (Best Friend For Life) when
      I was a wild & crazy teenager!LOL!

      Anyway, if only you could have heard the incredible sorrow and deep regret in this poor
      (forever) distraught woman’s voice, as she relayed this tragic accident on the radio.

      It couldn’t help but make your heart bleed for her. She got choked up several times!

      It was so sad M! Anyway, I’m so glad you enjoyed it and like me,found at least some
      value in the post.

      And who knows, maybe in time you can share it with your niece.

      As always, thanks for kind words of encouragement and for your continued support!

      I definitely and truly appreciate both!

  6. Hi Mark,

    Wow, that’s indeed is a tragic story. Wonder how she is going to forgive herself for doing such a thing. But I understand that not seeing her daughter as she first walked in, and blood coming down the jaw of the dog led to her committing that horrible act with the poor dog. Really tragic misconception.

    Anyhow, comparing that to our business!!! Yes, by having misconceptions we can kill our business if we chose to submit to our misconceptions. But the difference between our business and the tragic story is, when the misconception is cleared we can get back on track and revive our business and do the right thing but in the case of this woman, the damage cannot be cured. That’s really hard for her and I think she will live with that guilt for a looooong time. Wow!!

    Great example though Mark, thanks for sharing!! Enjoy the rest of your week and the weekend ahead.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous would love for you to read..7 Tips To Be A Leader From Where You Are!!!My Profile

    • Was that terrible or what!

      And Neamat you should have heard the incredible pain and tremendous regret in that
      poor distraught woman’s voice as she re-told her incredibly sad story on the radio!

      You couldn’t help but feel so sorry for here! At least I did anyway! And you make
      such an extremely important point, that I wish I had the foresight to mention.

      At least in the case of killing our businesses, we may in fact recovery and go to

      But in her case, her tragic over reaction, due to a horrible misconception, will
      not allow her to do that ever! That’s such a great point!

      Thanks so much for sharing it and for your continuous support! I truly appreciate both!

      BTW, I really enjoyed and simply got tons useful value out of your latest post!

      It’s getting to the point, that each time I read one of your post Neamat, it instantly turns into my favorite!LOL!!

      You really did hit this latest one out of the park! Take care!

  7. Hi Mark,

    Such a sad story and I had to really sit and think about it for a while how I could relate this to my business.

    I am learning from this post that even though you try to trust your instincts, there is still that little bit of doubt in how to achieve your dreams. If a choice you make seems to turn out wrong at a particular moment, you need to determine the reason and cause before you give up and do away with it.
    Monna Ellithorpe would love for you to read..NaNoWriMo Counting The DaysMy Profile

    • Absolutely Monna!

      That’s such a really great point! And i must tell you, that as this lady was retelling her really
      tragic story on the radio, you couldn’t help but hear the incredible regret and pain in her voice!

      She was simply crushed and devastated!

      But at least (like) Neamat points out, we can get our businesses and or purpose back on track.

      In her case, she will simply have to try and find a way to (at some point) totally forgive herself and
      somehow move on!

      Thanks so much, as always Monna, for your continuous support!I truly appreciate it!

    • That’s a really great insight Monna!

      Isn’t it amazing how many different lessons and or interpretations can be
      arrived from the same story.

      And each perspective is unique and completely valid.

      Thanks so much for sharing your incredibly valuable insights and for your continuous support!

      I definitely appreciate both!


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